Do Kettlebell Swings Burn Belly Fat

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Created by Ross Edge and extracted from The World's Fittest App, this circuit fuses four movements into one giant 'flow'. Your task is to make it through every rep of each in one quick complex, only resting after each complete round.

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You've got four to do in total, for a workout that engages the huge muscle groups of your lower body to torch as many calories as possible. Begin the movement by hiking the weight back between your legs, bending only slightly at the knees.

Forcibly extend your knees and hips to propel the weight upwards to eye level. Control the return along the same path back between your legs for the next rep. After 20 reps, go straight to the next move.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the kettle bell by the sides of the handle and tucked under your chin. Keep your back muscles switched on and fight the urge to lean forward.

Tense your core and press the kettle bell directly overhead, until your arm is straight. From the team at Men’s Health UK and athlete-adventurer Ross Edge, The World's Fittest App puts 4 individual 12-week training plans at your fingertips.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Over the years, he developed several training programs that helped athletes reach peak performance and build overall strength.

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Powerlifting world champion Brad Dillingham, for instance, experienced major improvements in muscle size by training with kettle bells. They're ideal for both cardio and resistance training, offering a challenging workout that will skyrocket your heart rate.

Whether your goal is to get leaner, build muscle or increase your power and strength, kettle bell training will do the trick. Additionally, these fitness tools don't force you to move in a predetermined path in the way that gym machines do.

Due to their odd center of gravity, kettle bells engage your stabilizing muscles to a greater extent than other pieces of equipment. Since they recruit multiple muscles at once, they trigger an acute hormonal response and lead to faster gains.

Plus, kettle bells allow you to do unique exercises that melt away fat while increasing power, agility and strength. With every rep, your core muscles will work hard to maintain your balance and generate force.

Use a mix of kettlebellswings, snatches, dead lifts, Russian twists and power planks to burnbellyfat and keep fit. The back muscles help maintain the spine in a neutral position, while your quads extend the knees to create the power needed to swing the kettle bell.

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This movement will activate and strengthen your core muscles while giving your back, shoulders and biceps an intense workout. When combined with clean eating and resistance training, this core exercise may improve ab definition and strength.

With regular practice, it builds core stability and strength, tones your arms and boosts your metabolism. Every muscle in your body works hard to maintain your balance and generate the force needed to lift the kettle bell.

Plus, it improves cardiovascular conditioning and aerobic capacity to a greater extent than circuit weight training, leading to enhanced physical performance. Although it may seem like a new and trendy weight-training device, they have a long history dating back several hundreds of years in Russia.

They were originally used in Russia as handled counterweights to weigh out dry goods on market scales. They were used by Russian athletes and military for training and in 1948, they became the Soviet Union's national sport.

Since the kettle bell swing requires somewhat of an explosive movement from the hips and knees, it is wonderful for Power HIIT. Stand with a shoulder-width stance while holding a kettle between your legs with both hands using an overhand grip.

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Keeping your back flat and your head up, squat down allowing the kettle bell to lower between your legs. Immediately drive your heels through the floor to explosively extend at the hips and knees to stand upright as the kettlebellswings in front of you to about face height.

The momentum should be generated by the explosive extensions of the hips and knees, which is performed by the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. I suggest you start out light and as you get more comfortable with the swing and it becomes easy to do, gradually increase the weight.

Two studies from Truman State University show that the kettle bell exercise is fairly comparable to running for cardio. Their next study was presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

They found that heart rate increased similarly when the subjects did the kettle bell swing or ran on the treadmill. They did report, however, that treadmill running increased calorie burn a bit more than the kettle bell swing did.

That's because the kettle bell swing involves weight, which means that it will keep calorie burn higher for longer after the workout is over than running will. Remember, this is one of the main reasons why HIIT (high-intensity interval training) works better than steady state.

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While kettle bells do offer unique exercises that can be done with them, the belief that they are better than barbells and dumbbells is a bit extreme, and recent research from California State University, Fullerton shows why. The barbell group followed a per iodized routine using 80% of their 1 rep max on each exercise for the high pull, power clean and squat.

Of course, kettle bells also have a place in a strength-training program, alongside barbells, dumbbells, cables, machines, bands, suspension training, etc. The real key to making the best progress is to not limit the tools you use to just one type, such as a kettle bell, or even a barbell.

While the hammer is great for banging nails in place, it sucks for cutting wood. Use kettle bells for variety especially on explosive exercises, such as snatches and cleans, or when combining weights with cardio, such as with kettlebellswings.

“I’ve laid the groundwork for you by doing the research in the lab to find out what really works, designing the programs and systems, creating the content, and developing the technology. A portion-controlled, healthy diet free of trans fats, refined grains and added sugars is an important strategy in losing weight.

Cardiovascular exercise, particularly in the form of interval training, is another effective tool in the battle of the belly bulge. A portion-controlled, healthy diet free of trans fats, refined grains and added sugars is an important strategy in losing weight.

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This type of training involves all-out bursts of effort that raise your heart rate to near maximum for intervals lasting between 10 seconds and four minutes. Moves such as kettle bell snatches or swings can raise the heart rate to near maximum, found a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise in 2010, which makes them ideal for intervals 2.

Bend at your hips in order to grab the Kettle bell with both hands and an overhand grip. Start with both feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart and your toes well pointed out.

Now, stand up by driving through the heels as you keep your chest up and head forward. Start with both feet hip-width apart and place the Kettle bell in each hand with an overhand grip.

Breathe out slowly and raise the Kettle bell above the head while keeping your elbows bent. Lastly, circle the Kettle bell around your head while you keep your elbows bent and a neutral wrist.

Be sure to hold on to the Kettle bell near your chest and keep your head up and eyes forward. Change sides by completing 1 rep and then moving forward using the other leg.

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Multiple studies reveal that performing Kettlebellswings workouts can help boost weight loss by a significant margin. In addition to the above, Kettlebellswings exercises also promotes weight loss as they help in boosting your metabolic rate as well as Epic for your body to burn more calories and fat.

The Kettlebellswings workouts are not just suitable for weight loss but are also proven to be effective in relieving back pain caused by tight muscles and posterior strain on the spinal disks. Studies also reveal that regular practice of this exercise can help reduce the occurrence of back pain in the body.

Diabetes is often caused as a result of the body’s inability to process sugar, specifically glucose, which could damage your liver, kidneys, and other vital organs when you have excess of it in your body. When you do this exercise regularly, it will help regulate the level of insulin in your body simply by transporting glucose into the cells to be converted into energy, which in turn could help control diabetes and its symptoms in you.

On the plus side, kettlebellswings are very beneficial to the lungs as they help in making the organ stronger, healthier, and more efficient. Energy intensive exercises like kettlebellswings targets core regions like the muscles, heart, and the lungs.

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