Can You Use A Kettlebell As A Dumbbell

David Lawrence
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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There are a TON of exercises that toucan do with a kettle bell, and they work well for muscle engagement, strength building, and cardio. You can convert a dumbbell into something that works very much like a kettle bell by using a piece of equipment called the Kettledrum.

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There are also many other exercises, like dips and overhead presses that can be done effectively with both kettle bells and dumbbells. The instructor explains the moves with dumbbells to start and then kettle bells.

Some exercises like the kettle bell snatch aren’t as easy to do with an unmodified dumbbell. In this case, there is a great piece of equipment on the market called the Kettle Grip.

This product seems a bit weird when you first look at it, but the construction is good and it does exactly what it says it does and provides a solid kettle bell grip onto almost any dumbbell. TIP: If your dumbbell has a straight handle, the Kettle Grip will work.

Here’s another short video showing some different kettle bell moves with a dumbbell that has a Kettle Grip handle. Overall, the Kettle Grip is a solid choice for turning dumbbells into something close to a kettle bell.

When using the Kettle Grip it’s important to remember that the weight distribution is a bit different from a traditional kettle bell, but the workouts that can be achieved with the Kettle Grip conversion are quite similar. Even though toucans a dumbbell in place of a kettle bell for many exercises and toucan extend its functionality even more with a Kettle Grip, these two pieces of equipment are not the same.

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Toucan also modify how you use a dumbbell for many kettle bell exercises. I personally love Bow flex equipment because of how easy they are to use and the quality of the products.

Overall, the most important thing toucan do is some level of resistance training. Whether you ’re at the gym or buying weights for home fitness, it’s important to know the differences between kettle bells and dumbbells.

The weight is displaced evenly on either side of the handle and sits at the same level as your hand. You ’ll find, though, that what seem like small details make a huge impact on how you use them.

In kettle bells, the weight sits behind your wrist and creates a slight torque in your joints. The slight bend from kettle bells can exacerbate ongoing tendonitis or carpal tunnel in ways that wouldn’t happen with dumbbells.

On the other hand, if you ’re interested in building wrist and grip strength, a kettle bell is a great way to do so. Because the weight of a dumbbell sits at your palm, toucan maneuver them with a straight wrist throughout.

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While the difference is slight, some fitness fanatics may find this relevant for their specific goals. Another big difference between kettle bells and dumbbells is that the location of the weight affects the movement and power toucan generate with them.

There are a lot of dynamic exercises toucan do with kettle bells that involve your ability to create and stop momentum. Kettle bell swings are a particularly popular exercise because the moving center of gravity activates your core as well as the intended shoulder and arm muscles.

It’s also easier to progressively increase the weight with dumbbells, as fewer muscles are involved. The lighter the weight, the less you ’ll notice these slight differences in feel between kettle bells and dumbbells.

However, in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you may find kettle bells are slightly easier to pick up and use. The wider handle makes it easy to grab a kettle bell quickly and with both hands if the exercise requires it.

Lastly, as mentioned above, the weight location of kettle bells makes them slightly more challenging using. Switching out dumbbells for kettle bells in your normal routine will engage your core and snap your muscles out of autopilot.

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I've put together a quick video to show you how to swing your dumbbells from the end plate. You'll feel a lot less like you're missing out because your gym lacks kettle bells and you'll reap the same benefits.

If you're looking a for a great simple addition to your training for better work capacity and conditioning try adding 100 swings a day. Plus we'll send you a copy of Brian's Push Ups & Tacos, Your guide to fun & fitness in San Diego.

Weights, though, aren’t as straightforward, which is why the question of when you should grab a kettle bell versus dumbbell to check off your strength training is often cause for confusion. When you hold a weight, the mass is on either side of your hand, while with a kettle bell it’s directly underneath with a space in the middle.

“With a kettle bell, there is a space between your hand and the actual load, and this added distance acts as an additional lever arm,” says Kelvin Gary, founder of NYC’s BodySpaceFitness. This, he explains can make the load feel either lighter or heavier, depending on its position in space.

“The added benefit here is that its more stimulus for your body to have to adapt to, thereby increasing the need for coordination and stability and ramping up the effort,” says Gary. Squats, lunges, rows, and presses can also all be done with both types of weight, but you may have an easier go using the kettle bell because of the grip.

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If the answer is no, you should take things down a notch; if it’s yes, you ’re on the right track (and if it’s yes, but you feel like you could do at least four more, grab something heavier). Dumbbells are easier to use than kettle bells, which makes them a great choice if you ’re just getting started in the weight-training game.

Even if you ’re an advanced lifter, JackieVick, CSS, a trainer at Gold’s Gym notes that dumbbells are usually the better choice for moves that require “pressing and pulling,” because dumbbells help you feel more stable. Renegade rows: In a high plank position with dumbbells in each hand, row one arm at a time, pulling your elbow toward your back and keeping your core engaged throughout the move.

Dumbbell push-press: Standing with your feet hips-width distance apart a set of dumbbells at your shoulders and your knees slightly bent, drive through your lower body to lift them straight over head. Squeeze your core and glutes at the top before lowering back down.

Farmer’s carry : Hold equally weighted dumbbells in either hand, and walk across the floor holding your shoulders back and keeping your core tight. “Kettle bells offer a slight edge in design effectiveness and energy usage during functional movements,” says Pick, adding that they’re better for moves like swings, cleans and snatches because of the way the load is distributed.

However, they can be slightly harder to use than dumbbells, so if you ’re new to weight training you may want to build up to kettle bell moves. Single arm swings: Standing with your feet hips-width distance apart, hold onto the kettle bell handle with one hand.

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Bending your knees slightly and keeping your back straight, swing the bell in between your legs with control. Explode up, and use the momentum to lift the kettle bell to your shoulder and flip it over your wrist.

These help with hip extensions, and allow you to hit multiple planes in a single move, says Gary. Goblet squats : Hold a kettle bell by the “horns” (aka the side handles), and turn your feet out.

Sink your hips all the way down to below your knees, and explode back up to the top. You look like someone who loves free workouts, discounts for cult-fave wellness brands, and exclusive Well+Good content.

Sign up for Well+, our online community of wellness insiders, and unlock your rewards instantly. Dumbbell training can be greatly improved by applying kettle bell program design.

Unfortunately, most men and women don't use dumbbells to their full potential, and miss out on the true muscle building, fat burning and fitness improving benefits. Ironically, the rise in popularity of kettle bell training has provided the means for resurrecting dumbbell exercise.

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This seems to go against popular exercise programs that change weights according to the muscle group they are training. Using only one weight, people training with kettle bells are forced to use their imagination and ingenuity to create workout programs to improve the entire body.

(This is similar to the challenge facing body weight calisthenics, where the weight of your body stays the same.) Using only one weight and one kettlebellyouCAN simultaneously improve all-around fitness, build a strong, athletic body and burn off ugly, unwanted fat.

You see, the effectiveness of kettle bell training proves that the commonly help belief that you need a room full of equipment and a large quantity of different weights to create your best performance body. So, using the same methods of kettle bell training with dumbbells, toucan get a great full body workout that improves muscular strength, power and endurance while SIMULTANEOUSLY boosting cardiorespiratory endurance and burning large quantities of fat.

Fitness is a combination of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness. Applied to dumbbells, kettle bell program design builds fit, lean, strong, athletic bodies.

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