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Can You Make Your Own Kettlebell

It is very easy to makeyourown homemade DIY kettle bell in under 2 minutes. It is one of the smartest tools toucan used to increase strength, cardiovascular capacity, and lose weight.

James Smith
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 7 min read
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Kettle bell swings are a great way to add in extra exercise if you only have a few minutes. Kettle bells are not cheap, especially when you consider expanding yourkettlebell collection beyond one or two bells.

If you ’re just starting out or you don’t have much cash, consider making yourownkettlebell with items you might already have at home. DIY kettle bells are easy and cheap to make, toucan purchase everything you need at your nearest home improvement store or online.

Well, why do you think dumbbell are called like that? Because they are DUMB (as in stupid) hahaha, sorry, I couldn't resist. Ok seriously, dumbbells are good and do have their benefits, but a kettlebellcan add an extra dimension to your workouts.

Isolating specific muscle groups Increasing strength Beginners learning to work out with free weights Versatile handle that allows for a greater variety of exercises Unique, off-centered design that challenges your entire body during every exercise The option to work slow “grinds” or quick, explosive movements The ability to train a wider range of motion Huge improvement in grip strength

Workout in the privacy of your home and save time travelling to and from the gym Relatively small, easy to store, and portable Train full body strength, endurance, and power all at once Cheaper than a machine and nearly indestructible (no maintenance costs!) Time efficient, full body workouts Target the core muscles with each exercise Blast calories and fat

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Kettle bell exercises also increase flexibility while strengthening the joints. Kettle bell workouts can be varied and are only limited by your — or your trainer’s — imagination.

They strengthen joint tendons and ligaments while providing a cardio workout that is easy on the joints That is, your back side, from head to toe Increases mental focus and coordination Let’s take a look at six different ways youcanmakeyourownkettlebell at home, from simplest and inexpensive to methods that require slightly more money and time.

Very easy to make The least expensive DIY kettle bell If you use water, the movement of the water will create a unique challenge as it sloshes around You can easily make two of these kettle bells and have a matching set Not only is it inexpensive and quick to make, but it’s a lighter weight which is great for those new to kettle bells.

If you are travelling and don’t have exercise equipment or access to a gym, this Milk Jug Kettle bell is a great option. Order your kayak dry bag Feel it with water and that's it!

Limited number of exercises due to the structure of the handle. The empty, waterproof bag is light and easy to transport.

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Depending on the size of the bag you purchase, you could fill it with up to 60-70 pounds of water. I would suggest buying a high quality Kayak Dry Bag that would last longer.

Choose the thickness of your handle (rope) to suit the grip size of your hand. A rope end could easily come loose, or the limp handle may cause an injury.

Make the handle by securing the two 4” pieces of pipe on either side of the “T” fitting. The handle may be uncomfortably wide, especially for shorter people as they swing between their legs.

This DIY kettle bell will be more expensive if you purchase weight plates. Gloves are recommended to protect your hands, however they reduce your contact with the kettle bell and increase the chance of blisters when the material gets pinched.

If you would rather not wear gloves, you can cover the pipe threading with tape. Check the T-Handle kettle bell frequently for wear and loose parts.

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The bottom two elbows allow for more contact area to create a stronger bond in the cement. Cut your ball open with one six inch slit that has small holes on either side big enough for the pipe handle elbows to fit in easily.

This DIY kettle bell is a fixed weight and it is determined by the size of the ball you buy. Heat the PVC pipe in an oven set at 350 °C for a few minutes until it is moldable.

Remove the PVC pipe and bend it into the shape you want for your handle. Cut into your basketball ball with a utility knife in a capital “I” shape.

Good for long-term use This handle mimics the shape of a real kettle bell and it is smooth on the hands. When heating the PVC pipe handle in the oven, do not leave it unattended.

Now that we’ve looked at several kinds of DIY kettle bells, what it comes down to is personal preference. If you desire a kettle bell that is easily adjustable, you ’ll want to stick with the T-handle with the weight plates.

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No matter which DIY kettlebellyou choose to make, you ’ll be saving yourself money while creating an amazing fitness tool. Even if you would be limited to performing only swings with your make -shift kettle bell, you will still be burning fat, strengthening your muscles, and increasing your endurance in just a few short workouts a week.

While they can be expensive when you buy them, there are alternatives toucan do to make a kettle bell of your own. In this article, we’ll teach you the different ways on how to make homemade kettle bells.

DIY kettle bells are also cheap to make so you won’t have to spend too much and toucan even use some materials available at home. If you have a deflated unused basketball at home, toucan use it to makeyourown homemade kettle bell.

Tools Hacksaw or jigsaw Heat gun or oven Bucket Small garden spade A Pair of scissors Use the hacksaw to cut the PVC to a length you ’ll be comfortable to hold as a handle.

Another alternative is to wrap it with tin-foil, place it in a baking sheet, and heat it for 350 F for about 10 minutes. Making the Kettle bell Cut the basketball open in a manner where the handle can fit halfway inside.

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You can do this by cutting a slit that will make part of the handle fit inside. Once the ball is almost filled, insert the handle at a depth that you will be comfortable to hold at.

After checking everything, wipe excess concrete with a damp cloth and let your homemade kettle bell dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours, do some finishing touches like spray paint or thorough cleaning and you can now use your homemade kettle bell.

MaterialsInstructions Fill the empty milk jug with sand or water to add weight to it. Using sand is better because you might accidentally drop the homemade kettle bell and probably make less of a mess if you use water.

Advantages of Using Milk Jug Kettle bell It’s great for beginners as the weight of a milk jug is light compared to other homemade kettle bell alternatives. It doesn’t cost money at all to make as long as you have a spare milk jug at home.

It’s a convenient option especially if you are traveling and don’t want to spend money at the gym to exercise. The rope is flexible compared to the rigid handle of a kettle bell so it might cause some accidents.

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Personally, it’s great for light forms of kettle bell workouts because if you ’re not careful and the rope loosens then you might have a destroyed appliance at home. These are some of the most optimal options toucan do to make a homemade kettle bell.

Remember to prioritize safety when making your own homemade kettle bell. In 2018, he received his Pro Card with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in Classic Physique.

Time — 36 seconds Cost — $20 or less Difficulty — Insanely easy I try to send them everything they need to be fitness nonconformity badasses, and so far it is working out great.

I knew they did not own a kettlebell, so I recommended using an old milk jug filled with sand or even a laundry detergent canister for the swings. I brought a long with me, as I always do when I travel by car, two kettle bells and a speed rope (just in case).

And they said it was a decent weight but not for high repetitions, since all of this functional fitness and kettle bell training was new to them — I was in complete agreement. Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen, I suggest building the more elaborate homemade KB’s or even purchasing your own.

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This version is quick, easy and a very cheap way to throw kettle bell swings into your training immediately. Step 3 — Remove bottom flange and add weight plates of your choice (5 lbs., 10 lbs).

Step 5 — Get in shape knowing you are not part of the fitness ‘norm’. *If you feel this is too wide for your legs, or hands, toucan buy smaller pieces for your handles.

Use duct tape to widen diameter and dampen the noise. Like I said there are more elaborate versions you could create, but this is quick, easy and cheap.

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