Can You Lose Stomach Fat From Kettlebell Exercises

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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Kettle bell training can be a serious calorie burner if you do high-intensity moves such as swings, around-the-body passes, figure eights and snatches. A portion-controlled, healthy diet free of trans fats, refined grains and added sugars is an important strategy in losing weight.

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A portion-controlled, healthy diet free of trans fats, refined grains and added sugars is an important strategy in losing weight. This type of training involves all-out bursts of effort that raise your heart rate to near maximum for intervals lasting between 10 seconds and four minutes.

Moves such as kettle bell snatches or swings can raise the heart rate to near maximum, found a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise in 2010, which makes them ideal for intervals 2. Workouts are some of the most effective ways to get rid of body fat and keep fit.

Kettle bell routines are great exercisesyoucan do to lose a good amount of weight and tone your abs. We have come up with 10 kettle bell exercise routines that will help you burn fat all over your body.

Another great thing about our selection of kettle bell exercise routines is that it also conditions all the muscles you engage. Choose a combination of these kettle bell exercise routines on different days to add some variety to your workout.

This will keep things fun and you will be able to work many muscle sets to achieve an all-round and lasting weight loss. This is an awesome kettle bell exercise routine if you are looking to lose some weights fast.

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It is also a great cardio workout as it helps to pump blood through the body while lubricating your joints 1. Now, lift yourself back up and then raise the kettle bell up above your head until your elbows lock.

If you also need to correct your posture along with losing weight, this kettle bell exercise routine for abs will do that for you. This routine will work your entire leg muscles, your core, your abs, and your back.

Hold a kettle bell in your right hand and slowly lift your left leg off the floor. Lean your torso downward while keeping your back straight and in line with your left leg.

Keep leaning downward until your back all the way down to your left heel is straight. By now, only your right leg is on the floor with the kettle bell hovering above the ground in your outstretched right hand.

Slowly return to the starting position to complete one rep. Do this kettle bell routine exercise for 12 reps on each leg. This simply means that you will be using a lot of muscle sets to accomplish this workout.

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Raise it to shoulder height and then twist your wrist and lift it above your head in a swift movement. Bring it back down by reversing the process and finish it off with a squat placing the kettle bell on the floor.

The reason simply is that it engages almost all the muscles in your body turning you into a fat burning machine. Your buttocks, hamstring, and your entire back muscles are put to work during this exercise.

Kettle bell swing routine, however, is a bit technical so it might be a little tricky to get your form right for a beginner. Lower your torso towards the floor while keeping your back straight.

This kettle bell exercise routine will put your arms and pecs to work. Grab the handles of the kettle bells instead of placing your palms on the floors as with traditional push ups.

Now lift one kettle bell off the floor towards your side while retracting your shoulder blade. This is a good kettle bell exercise for chest and it will also put your shoulders, arms, and pecs to work.

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Grab the kettle bell with one hand while the other is firmly on the floor and perform a push up. This is another great kettle bell exercise for arms and will also involve all the muscles in your body.

Hold the kettle bell in your hand close to your shoulder with your elbow pointing to the ground. Now, lower yourself into a lunge putting the corresponding leg of the hand holding the kettle bell backward.

Bring your hand back to your elbow to complete the rep. Repeat 10 of this routine to make a set. Your upper torso gets a full workout with this kettle bell exercise routine.

Even though you are seated and much of the muscles from your midsection downward are not really getting worked, this is still a good workout. So, get your butt to the floor, keep your back straight, and stretch out your legs wide apart.

Slowly lower the kettle bell back to the starting position to complete the rep. Do 10 to 15 reps of this to make one set. This workout mainly targets your back muscles and also strengthens your core and legs.

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If you are a beginner, you might want to rest your free hand on something to help you maintain a good form. Lower your torso at the hip while keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent.

Grab the kettle bell with one hand and pull it up to your side in a smooth movement. Lower the kettle bell without it touching the floor to complete one rep. You will do 10 to 15 reps of this (depending on your fitness).

This extra workout is a kettle bell exercise routine for a stark beginner. This routine teaches you the way to bend at the hip and not arch your lower back.

Stand straight and hold the kettle bell by the base of the handle with both hands. Lower at the hip till your back is almost parallel to the ground.

Toucan rest assured if you do these exercises the right way, you will start seeing results sooner than later. Commit to these kettle bell exercise routines and you will soon be burning calories round the clock.

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Over the years, he developed several training programs that helped athletes reach peak performance and build overall strength. Powerlifting world champion Brad Dillingham, for instance, experienced major improvements in muscle size by training with kettle bells.

They're ideal for both cardio and resistance training, offering a challenging workout that will skyrocket your heart rate. Whether your goal is to get leaner, build muscle or increase your power and strength, kettle bell training will do the trick.

Additionally, these fitness tools don't force you to move in a predetermined path in the way that gym machines do. Due to their odd center of gravity, kettle bells engage your stabilizing muscles to a greater extent than other pieces of equipment.

Since they recruit multiple muscles at once, they trigger an acute hormonal response and lead to faster gains. Plus, kettle bells allow you to do unique exercises that melt away fat while increasing power, agility and strength.

With every rep, your core muscles will work hard to maintain your balance and generate force. Use a mix of kettle bell swings, snatches, dead lifts, Russian twists and power planks to burn belly fat and keep fit.

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The back muscles help maintain the spine in a neutral position, while your quads extend the knees to create the power needed to swing the kettle bell. This movement will activate and strengthen your core muscles while giving your back, shoulders and biceps an intense workout.

When combined with clean eating and resistance training, this core exercise may improve ab definition and strength. With regular practice, it builds core stability and strength, tones your arms and boosts your metabolism.

Every muscle in your body works hard to maintain your balance and generate the force needed to lift the kettle bell. Plus, it improves cardiovascular conditioning and aerobic capacity to a greater extent than circuit weight training, leading to enhanced physical performance.

Women are especially susceptible to storing fat in the belly area. Kettle bell workouts provide a challenging way to reduce dangerous fat by strengthening muscles and burning fat from the entire body, including the belly.

Using the correct technique for kettle bells is imperative to avoid injury and get the most benefit from your workout. Get instruction from a fitness professional who is qualified to train in kettle bell technique and exercises.

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Practice using kettle bells after you have received instruction, gradually transitioning to heavier weights. The kettle bell swing exercise not only helps burn body fat by stimulating your metabolism, but also improves hip strength and trims the buttocks.

Hold the kettle bell using both hands with your palms over the handle, pointed down toward the floor. Grasp a kettle bell in each hand and then push your body back to a standing position.

Place your foot inside the handle of the kettle bell and straighten your leg to lift the weight off the floor about 12 inches.

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