Can You Fly With A Kettlebell

James Lee
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 7 min read

I travel a lot for work and personal, considering taking one with me in some cases. I travel a lot for work and personal, considering taking one with me in some cases.

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I have traveled both domestically and internationally with a 24 kg kettle bell in a backpack, not fun but works. Most hotel gyms suck and I don’t have the time/energy to find a gym When I’m traveling.Some international airports get funky but overall it’s not a problem, just some funny looks. Keep in mind you won’t be able to put it above the seats so it’ll have to fit underneath. You could always gate check it.

Assuming one could reinforce a bowling ball bag to be able to support a heavy kettle bell, one could really cause problems for a bellboy trying to carry one’s luggage. If I recall, there was a backpack designed to carry kettle bells.

Just notice that many airlines do not limit only the size of cabin luggage, but also the weight (usually to 8 or 10 kg). A blue IKEA bag has a 55 pound weight limit, which suggests that one could load it up and use it for farmer carries.

Level 6 Valued Member Team Leader Certified Instructor When training for my first cert, I went to Mexico for a week with a 24 kg kettle bell in a bowling ball bag.

I was charged extra (one way for some reason) for being over 50lb on Alaska, but it worked. Focus on keeping the shoulders and scapula depressed, and retracted throughout while allowing them to medially rotate towards the spine the deeper you go into your position.

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Terminate the end range of motion when you feel the shoulders and traps begin to elevate and the elbows have to start pulling back. In fact one factor that contributes to faulty chest fly mechanics is having the mindset of achieving as large of a stretching sensation as possible at the bottom of the movement.

Contrary to popular belief this excessive stretch has little if any hypertrophy stimulating benefits as the muscles relax and go limp in order to allow this large amount of slack to occur. On a side note I have Ben performing these with kettle bells as well as with a hollow core leg raise position.

First kettle bells provide more unique and constant tension on the chest due to the hanging and lateral pulling nature of the kettelbells. This makes them very conducive for creating abduction force vectors against the shoulder joint ultimately crushing the chest fibers through more direct stimulation.

As long as the core stays activated throughout the chance of losing spinal rigidity is markedly reduced. Try this single arm chest fly on a stability ball as shown here by my awesome client Ben Lie.

As previously discussed, the kettle bell tends to produce a slightly greater pulling sensation on the chest compared to dumbbells due to the unique hanging nature of the bells that creates more torque and constant tension on the upper body. Even when performed on a bench or the floor, the single arm version crushes the core due to the intense levels of anti-rotation and rotary stability involved.

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Because of the increased core stability as well as full body tension, and slow eccentric needed to control these, the lifter automatically finds the optimal ROM which is more compact than what most coaches advocate. The average business traveler tends to have a fairly standard array of carry-on items: laptop, blackberry, cell phone, briefcase.

Business travel often requires I tote the tools of my own trade: kettle bells, which are weights with a handle designed to be swung rather than lifted. Fitness training is often likened to boot camp, conjuring the image of a tough drill sergeant counting off push ups or the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality of a Navy SEAL exercise.

There is nothing funny, however about trying to convince a stern and skeptical guard that the object you are carrying is a perfectly benign piece of fitness equipment as opposed to a dangerous device. There was one instance when I was traveling with my competition bell, choosing to bring it onboard with me in an effort to avoid the wait at baggage claim (as well as the excess poundage charge).

I was prepared for the screeners to stop me even before the bell passed through the scanners, ready to explain, cajole and convince them that my kettle bell was nothing more than harmless sports equipment. The screener’s eyes immediately met my bell with skepticism, and for a moment I felt panic over the idea of my training tool being confiscated.

While kettle bells are fast becoming the latest new workout rage, it’s not yet a piece of equipment toucan pick up at any local sporting goods store. With permission, I gave an impromptu demonstration, all but offering the bell to the screeners for them to try a few moves themselves as people passed, claiming their laptops, shoes and purses.

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Today, kettle bells are used by Olympic and professional athletes like Lance Armstrong, Hollywood celebrities like Penelope Cruz, and even senior citizens. It has hundreds of workout plans available but it is not easy to find kettle bell chest exercises everywhere.

Kettle bells are equally great in chest workouts and help users gain mass and become exceptionally powerful. Let’s learn about these kettle bell workouts to improve your body shape and strengthen chest muscles.

These kettle bell exercises are harder to perform and require better focus for the whole body. Toucan use the kettle bell workouts for a proper body weight routine and to improve your overall fitness.

Here are the best ways to improve your chest muscles with kettle bell pectoralis workouts. Chest fly exercises are usually performed with dumbbells, but they can be done in the same way using kettle bells.

The motion is going to be the same but the way of holding kettle bells for chest fly will be different. If you are up for a bigger challenge then toucan try the one arm kettle bell bench fly.

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It is recommended that you start with the regular chest fly with kettle bell and then progress to one-arm kettlebellfly after you feel comfortable. The chest press exercise is performed in the same way as the kettlebellfly workouts.

Toucan do the kettle bell chest press with more efficiency if you use light weights. Note: If you put a fitness ball under your upper back, then you will have more balance in your body.

While these are great for push ups, toucan do multiple variations with kettle bell. Because of the way kettle bells are made, toucan easily balance them against your body.

Frank Robert shows how he uses the chest push/pull exercise to create depth in the muscle and bring out veins. Next we have Kettle bell upper chest press and muscle workout exercise.

The upper chest press exercise mainly targets the shoulder muscles. It is perfect for those who want to train the upper part of the pecs and to hold them tight.

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Toucan do the same exercise with weights, but when done with kettle bells, the stabilizer muscle group will be activated. Add these exercises to your workout routine to train your pecs from different angles.

Similar to the narrow grip pull ups, Kettle bell squeeze press workout targets the pecs, upper body, triceps, and hand grips. These are perfect for all those who want to remain in great shape and improve upper body strength.

I will not be parking at the hotel, but I am wondering how it will be viewed if I am farmer walking 2-24 kg bells to my room? To be honest I wouldn't worry about how it looks, cause to those in the know, it looks bad a#@ as far as transporting them, if you have milk crate to keep them from rolling around your trunk.

Last time I vacationed with one that's how I brought it in. I'd consider just bringing one, but either way they do have handles for a reason. When carrying them longer distance I clean em and roll the body up onto my trap/top of my shoulder.

Strapped in if in the cabin (you don't want them turning into projectiles in a rollover) or in the truck. Just farmer carry them in. Most people aren't paying attention to anything but themselves and their phones and won't notice.

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I transport mine behind the front seats with the handles touching the floor and the body snugged up against the wall. It can be a small block of wood, piece of carpet, anything bulky enough to take up the room and not really heavy, as you are simply preventing momentum.

The important part is to ensure the handles are touching the floor and their bodies are snug against the walls as that “anchors” them from rolling in those directions. Imagine that you're driving at 120 kph (75 mph) with an unrestrained 24-kg kettle bell somewhere in your car.

So, the lesson is: keep your 0.50 BMG cartridges--I mean, your kettlebells--solidly restrained when you travel with them in your car.

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