Can You Do Kettlebell Swings With Tennis Elbow

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
• 9 min read

If you want to stay fit, it is always a great idea to challenge your body and try new exercises every once in a while. Doing the same exercises in the same order, over and over again is not challenging to your body and you will not result as fast.

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This type of training is gaining more and more popularity and toucan usually find someone in the gym using ketltlebells. Toucan achieve your strength and muscle goals using this weighted object.

There a lot of people who have elbow pain and stopped Kettle bell training altogether. First let’s address the 3 common training mistakes that people make using kettle bells.

Holding the bell near to your shoulder or chest is called the Rack. This is a common position as it is the beginning point in most of the Kettle bell exercises.

As a result of this, it causes pain in your forearm leading to further problems in your elbow. This is because when they are performing Snatches, they catch the kettle bell the wrong way at the top of the movement.

The huge belly of the kettle bell will smash with full force into your forearm. As a result, it causes surface bruising and deep contusions.

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Your starting position is with your forearm and hand pronated at the bottom of the swing. So at the bottom of the swing, your palm is facing to the sky and the back of your hand positioned downwards towards the ground.

This is difficult for some people to not hold tension in their arm at the bottom of the clean. As far as clean is concerned, the timing of the hips moving back are different, as the arm is against the rib cage when preparing to re-clean the kettle bell, hips move slightly ahead of the arm.

An important tip to keep in mind is the goal is to maximize loading of the hips. It makes your wrist stabilizers stronger and improves forearm muscular strength.

Hold the handle with your fingers and clean it to shoulder height. Tennis elbow is an injury that heals with minor treatment but it requires time and rest.

When you use your arm in recurring movement, the extensor carpi radials breves muscle might develop small micro tears. Moreover, the tears can lead to inflammation and might put a strain on the rest of your arm.

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As a result, it becomes difficult and painful to grip or lift items. In case the tendons and muscles are stressed, small tears develop near the later epicondyle.

Some other causes include tree-cutting, carpentry, playing musical instrument and painting. All those activities that put a strain on the elbow joint causes tennis elbow.

What sort of tests or diagnosis tools canyon expect when you visit your Doctor? Using anti-inflammatory drugs, local cortisone injections, bracing the elbow will take care of the symptoms.

But none of these will resolve the root problem, as they are no substitute for rehab exercises. This includes dysfunctions throughout the body, high volume, and intensity training.

After the inflammation has decreased, you must start joint mobility exercises to ease the tension. Along with this, you must do some stretching exercises in order to restore balance among the hand extensors and flexors.

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It is essential to maintain balance amid the hand extensors and flexors in full mobility strength. As a result, it will enhance the link amongst the brain and kinetic chain.

You must select 2 exercises that will help you strengthen your grip and forearms at the end of your workout. The reason behind this is that the tendons become less flexible and even damaged with the passage of time.

Complaints in the beginning were mostly about fatigue and torn hands, reflecting the underdeveloped techniques used in the sport back then. But kettle bell sport has gone from a strength discipline to a highly technical endurance one, and many of the injuries I see now are from overuse.

In kettle bell lifter's elbow, the initial lift from the floor may feel fine, but pain is felt in the catch. Kettle bell sport involves high repetition sets of repeated pronation and supination that place powerful loads onto the forearm tendons.

With careful and progressive development in a kettle bell lifter’s training, this repeated pronation and supination isn’t a problem. In this series of articles, we’re going to look at the common kettle bell injuries this inflammation causes and their methods of treatment.

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Tennis elbow is felt as pain on the outer side of the elbow, over the lateral epicondyle bone. Kettle bell lifter’s elbow feels sore, hot, and sensitive.

For kettle bell sport athletes, the initial lift from the floor may feel fine, but the twist of the elbow in the catch is a real issue. The best prescription for kettle bell lifter’s elbow is rest, but when I suggest that to an athlete I’m usually met with withering looks and comments on my sanity.

The good news is we can also reduce the use of the elbow and manage the symptoms with some solid treatment techniques. I’ve shown the correct way below, with the larger bulge on the outer side of the arm.

Put the brace in place and then rest your arm on your thigh to steady the band. Don’t wear them at night, and if your elbow issue isn’t resolved after two weeks, seek appropriate advice from a qualified health professional.

Localized icing can be very effective in the first few days of kettle bell lifter’s elbow coming on. Apply the ice for a maximum of five minutes and follow-up by massaging your arm from your elbow to your wrist.

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These are mobility drills that work the wrist extensors to alleviate the pain of kettle bell lifter’s elbow. Once you reach a point of strong pull, but not pain, hold for twenty seconds.

Using the other hand held across the palm, bend the fingers and wrist back as far as is comfortable. Specific mobility and recovery drills sometimes miss the wider issues of overall function in the body, so don’t get too hung up on mobilizing the afflicted area.

Indian clubs, meets, yoga, and tai chi drills are excellent for this. Later in this series, we will look at the common thoracic spine, thumb grip, lower back, and shoulder injuries I see in kettle bell lifters.

Hello Mani not a pro but ethnic is the most important for me so I learned some tip here and there from great teacher You should seek professional help for your movement, dysfunctions, and pain.

I'm hoping the pain in my left trapezium muscle will get better (it appears to be). When that pain goes away, I'll try to gradually increase the frequency of my workouts and see what happens. I'd love to get professional help, but it just is not an option right now.

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You will get professional help one way or the other...better to make it the easier, cheaper kind than what the health system offers! Many have offered to help you with your form if you'd post a video, that's always an option.

Many have offered to help you with your form if you'd post a video, that's always an option. I am speaking from up close personal experience. That being said... I totally agree with Geoff Chafe and his suggestions.

I've had mixed results from voodoo floss, but it's worth a shot. Edit: I didn't mean to never imply do swings again, just figure out what the root cause of the pain is before you enter into the world of doing possible damage.

Most of it likely coming from not pushing the ruckus back far enough at the bottom of the swing and it puts added strain on the elbow. Personally I have never found wraps to offer much for this, but a good old-fashioned ice bag at the end of the day can work wonders over time. Consistently applying it every day and correcting the cause = big help.

Level 9 Valued Member Elite Certified Instructor This is a second-hand anecdotal recommendation, but a friend of mine (kettlebeller) who suffered with tennis elbow that was originally caused by overuse on home improvement projects went probably a year or more with the problem.

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There are definitely subtle form issues that can lead to or exacerbate elbow pain (medial or lateral). In my experience, the biggest culprit is having your arm slightly bent under partial tension. As far as treatment, the voodoo floss or something like the Armand (basically an easy way of treating trigger points in the forearm, albeit expensive for a one-trick pony) can help, but as several posters have pointed out, the problem can also be related to issues upstream, in the neck, pecs, and/or around the scapulae.

Hunting around with a lacrosse ball can often help with this if toucan find the right spots. Unfortunately, elbow pain is a pretty common side effect of strength training and tends to be very persistent.

I will throw in a form check would be beneficial...if you have “T-Rex” arms or just enough of a bend in your elbows at the top of the swing, that could be one of your contributing factors. I've gone to my chiropractor over a few flare-ups of tendonitis (mine is usually golfers elbow) and sometimes the cause is my shoulder or my neck.

You have to listen to your body and back sometimes off...it's easier said than done, but use those opportunities to work on another skill/exercise that will allow that area to heal.

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