Can Kettlebells Build Muscle

Over 35,000 people now receive my weekly newsletter and one question I get asked a lot is about building muscle with kettle bells. So, in this quick article I want to outline the 5 things you need to know in order to build muscle with kettle bells …

Earl Hamilton
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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To build muscle you need to ensure you are working within the correct repetition range … So to build muscle with kettle bells you need to ensure that every set challenges you between 7 – 15 reps.

If you want to build muscle with kettle bells then you need to focus more on the “grind” based exercises … All the ‘grind based’ exercises above can, and often should, be performed with 2 kettle bells to save time and overload the body.

Providing you use 2 exercises that target different movements it is possible to get twice as much done in half the time. Plus, you will increase your heart rate considerably and get some great fat burning in there too!

It is very important to balance all exercises to improve your posture and avoid injury. Muscle tissue needs time and good nutrition to regenerate.

Good quality protein should be consumed to help regenerate muscle tissue. If your heart rate is higher than usual then you should probably take another days rest.

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Above I have provided a quick rundown of what is needed to add muscle using kettle bells. Make sure that you are using: the correct sets and reps, the right kettle bell exercises, optimizing your workouts, and monitoring your recovery and diet.

Kettle bells are round, weighted objects, with a handle on top for your grip. The way the weight is displaced requires you to utilize your core to counteract the weight and efficiently lift or perform kettle bell swings, making it required to use multiple muscle groups at once.

These are compact tools that are a great addition to your home gym and can give you a full-body, aerobic, and strength training workout (all at once). Whether your goal is to build muscle mass and strength, or you enjoy gains as a nice added benefit of working out, kettle bells are a dynamic workout that will make your muscles scream.

A healthy workout routine has a mix of cardio, strength, and—you guessed it— rest. The beauty of the kettle bell is it can give you a powerful cardio workout and build your strength, which we all need to focus on as we age.

You will be forced to work on balance, mobility, range of motion, core strength, and you will be able to challenge yourself with higher weight once you have your form down. When you are building strength with kettle bells, you will typically be completing a functional movement.

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They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place demand on the body’s core musculature and innervation.” Meaning, basically, the movements that you used to function, such as walking, lunging, core rotations, and the like. Because this equipment requires you to move and engage your muscles differently than with a regular weightlifting workout, it is essential to perfect your form to avoid injury.

You can find kettle bells in most gyms across the USA, or online to have them handy for your at-home workouts. So, find a spot with ample room, and try these moves for beginners, or look up other resources online.

Using barbells or kettle bells to create the stimulus is an afterthought to most other factors in the equation like food, sleep, execution of the movements and intensity. Now that the obvious question is out of the way I hope you enjoy the details which lead to this statement.

When it comes to exercise I always like to pose this question and dig a bit deeper than the first answer. If you put the question Can kettle bells build mass” to me I like to know “Why do you want to build muscle.

That was when I was put on a mass building program lifting weights and getting creatine. If you had cancer like my mother, you might have been lying in bed for several months and lost a lot of muscle mass.

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This inhibits you from living a healthy life so you have to get back your strength to feel whole again. Before choosing your tool for building mass in the gym take a look at the big picture and whether you have ticked all of these boxes first.

Contrary to common belief you can stuff yourself with crappy food to build muscle and even to look like a bodybuilder or get strong as hell. Fletcher, one of the more illustrious powerlifters on YouTube with his hardcore style of personal training, took pride in his best days as a powerlifting world champion to have camera crews follow him around and record how many McDonald's meals he can eat a day.

This and other factors lead to him being forced to have bypass surgery, which was the low point of his life. However, do not expect to look like Sylvester Stallone or Jean Claude Van Dame with this regime.

If you go out of the gym and there was no sweat, not a bit of excitement or fear in the session you might as well have stayed home. The intensity part is important as it is often not taught by gyms as they are afraid of liability cases when you get hurt.

Good programs work with 50% to 95% of your one repetition maximum and apply the principle of linear progression to make you stronger and build mass. Before we come to the tool the last thing to consider is what kind of rep scheme you follow.

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It depends on whom you ask in which part of the year and whether the full moon is shining or not, but that is the consensus. Technically the kettle bell is a tool to trigger the body to build mass, but of the many levers you can pull, it is one of the smallest ones.

If you follow all the outlined basic principles for building mass, you will get bigger using kettle bells. The only caveat is here that kettle bells might be a better tool for advanced lifters to build mass rather than for beginners.

If you try certain exercises like cleans, overhead presses and dead lifts you will generally find that it is a lot easier to do the same weight with a barbell than with a kettle bell. If you load a barbell front squat with 2.5 kg on each side client's usually perform if they have the mobility to execute the movement.

Most exercises which are recommended to build mass with kettle bells are for advanced practitioners. If you scan the internet for templates that use kettle bells to build mass you will find the following mentioned often

There are also variations on the 5×5 template for more advanced lifters like mad cow 5×5 or the Texas method. There have been studies and observations across the board which report that while you gain mass on GVT you might decline in strength.

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I personally think that GVT is to be recommended to fit individuals who have training experience under their belt and not to beginners. My reasoning for that is outlined in my German volume training review for cross fitters.

The main point is fatigue management and knowing when to quit before getting injured which makes this a no-go for beginners. A habit which you should strive to eliminate as a beginner especially rather than magnify the effect actively.

I can not overstate master the swing and get up first at least, maybe even a 100 kg barbell squat for good measure, before attempting this. You can progress to the next kettle bell when you do negative splits (meaning you need less time to recover than doing the exercises).

Barbells have the advantage of added stability which lets you move bigger weights than kettle bells. Also, once you progress you will have it easier with barbell training as heavyweights are more readily available than heavy kettle bells.

Whether kettle bells or barbells are the better option for mass building I would be hesitant to say myself and is a different question from the one we started out with. I lack the experience of mass building training templates as my main focus is strength.

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I find strength training to be the ultimate tool for that as it is very objective, demands discipline, grit and consistency. The general strength community will not hesitate to point to the barbell as the superior tool for building mass.

An additional locker room undercurrent of kettle bells being “pussy” does not help. On this, I think there is not enough empirical evidence out there with heavy kettle bells and there is also not a lot of structured studies to be expected in the future due to the perceived higher risk of injury and availability of the tools and knowledge to conduct proper mass building with kettle bells.

There are fewer examples of success for this to work as for training with barbells as the base of use cases to pick from is smaller. To find good instructions and equipment if you travel down this path will be harder as it is less readily available as for barbell training.

If you can state that you build your 120 kg Herculean statue only with the help of kettle bells it will turn more heads than achieving the same goal utilizing barbells and dumbbells. Since I have been using kettle bells my body feels more balanced, agile and resilient in all walks of life than when I did barbell training only

If building muscle in the fastest and most effective way is the topic of discussion, then barbell training will always reign as king. Incorporate high volume and intensity into your routine Train to or close to muscle failure Have no shortage of explosive movements within your routine More grinds than ballistic movements Have rest periods of 30 seconds to a minute.

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If you’re a beginner to the world of fitness, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not adequately stressing your muscles out — at least not enough to stimulate them to grow. It is essential to understand that you’ll need two kettle bells if you want to add mass to your muscles.

As a result, you will be performing lots of double kettle bell exercises in an attempt to stimulate muscle growth through ultimate recruitment and activation. If you’re adding kettle bells to your regimen for more versatility, it will help you cut down on the fat, making your muscles stand out even more.

Moving up in increments of 5 to10 pounds is an excellent way to build your strength when training, especially if you’re just starting out. Huge muscles naturally correlate with a person’s ability to exert immense force in a single movement or lift.

In other words, incorporating explosive movements into your kettle bell routine is of great importance. Grinds refer to movements whereby the kettle bell is being lifted and down, such as presses, squats, windmills, and get-ups.

Rest periods of about 30 seconds to a full minute are most desirable to facilitate muscle growth. This approach to muscle building is proven to work because it maximizes hormone release and allows for the highest possible volume to be achieved.

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Let there be no question whether exclusive kettle bell training can build appreciable muscle mass. Kettle bells are as versatile as a piece of equipment can get, and it’s evident in its ability to condition, burn fat, and build muscle.

Just remember, you’ll really have to challenge yourself because you will need to bring the intensity during these training sessions to get the most out of your workouts. Building muscle isn’t easy, but you can achieve the body you want with hard work and dedication.

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