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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 04 December, 2021
• 7 min read

This one workout tool will help you transform your entire body and allow you to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. Kettle bells, which are essentially weighted balls with handles, provide the perfect workout by increasing strength, endurance, agility and balance while also challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total body movements.

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Training with kettle bells will allow you to develop total body strength, generate fast weight loss to remove unwanted fat, restore youthful flexibility to reduce injury and improve mobility all while redesigning the shape of your entire body. Thousands of people have experienced the cardio and muscular endurance benefits of kettle bell training.

Kettle bell workouts are intended to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements. Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Ottawa, Kingston, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, North York, Ontario.

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Trade-ins are accepted at the discretion of our fitness consultants and are a great way to offset the cost of your new equipment, but are not guaranteed. Our fitness experts calculate trade-in value based on condition, age and market value of equipment.

Compact system replaces 7 barbells & 7 curl bars and fits in nearly any room of your home. The SelectTech® 4.1S Bench provides a space-saving design with premium versatility, offering over 50% space maximization when not in use.

Organize your workout space with a single place for your weights and technology. The Selected Dumbbell Stand with Media Rack is ergonomically designed to keep your weights off the floor and within easy reach.

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Replace an entire rack of weights with a compact system that fits into the corner of nearly any room. Pay over time with monthly payments on purchases with your Bow flex ™ Credit Card.

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