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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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This flow consists of the following kettle bell exercises: Wide Stance Swing Snatch Straight Legged Wide Windmill Lateral Clean High Windmill Backflip Snatch into OH Reverse Lunge Swing/Switch Repeat on… This kettle bell complex consists of the following kettle bell exercises: Swing Clean Press Row Hang Clean Perform 6 times on one side and switch.

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Yes, it is beneficial for you as the grip required works a whole new set of… Learn all the important things about kettle bell training and lay a solid foundation upon which you can safely progress without injury.

Covers the basic and fundamental exercises of kettle bell training. Learn all the important things to teach your clients and how to progress them safely.

Covers the basic and fundamental exercises of kettle bell training. Whether you want to learn how to create better workouts with kettle bell exercises that you’re certified for as a personal trainer or whether you want to make sure you know how to safely progress your clients with a kettle bell, this is the certification for you.

For personal trainers, this course adds a ton of new exercises and also lays a clear progression for clients. This course takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about the kettle bell clean and jerk to being able to perform many reps of unbroken clean and jerk, either for competition or for at-home workouts.

Whether you’re a cross fitter or kettle bell enthusiast that wants to be able to high rep snatches without ripping the hands or bruising the wrists, this course will take your snatching from zero to the next level. For trainers, this course will provide a clear progression and also variations of the snatch to use in programming.

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CAVEMAN ROM is for athletes, Brazilian Jim Jitsi and MMA fighters, Cross fitters, Kettle bell enthusiasts, and everyday people. Customized plans, courses, and certifications are also available upon request.

Whatever your shape, size, age or background, we are committed to YOU as you redefine your fitness beyond what you’ve ever thought possible. Reclaim your health, banish pain and build superior strength and cardio conditioning with kettle bells, dumbbells and your body weight.

Shari Wagner is the most experienced kettle bell instructor in the Denver Metro area. She is the only ROC Team Leader and Level 2 certified instructor in the Denver Metro area.

Meet Shari Kristen first heard the word kettle bell in 2012, and they quickly became the first type of exercise she enjoyed and wanted to stick with. Meet Kristen John first heard about kettle bells from his acupuncturist in 2016 while being treated for recurring back pain.

It covers the science and benefits behind kettle bell training with foundational movements that can be progressed and regressed for clients and athletes of all levels. Participants also learn how to use the kettle bell to deliver a dynamic full body workout that can be integrated into client and athlete training programs.

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COURSE LOCATION DETAILS: Because facilities, locations and services are unique, Kettle bell Athletics is able to customize our Kettle bell Athletics One Certification for Fitness Professionals to meet the needs and demands of your facility. We can accommodate and work around busy floor hours, class times and staffing schedules.

Please communicate your unique situation with Jason C. Brown when discussing dates and times for your Certification. Our 12-hour nationally recognized kettle bell certification course includes personalized instruction, verbal and visual teaching cues as well as partner exercises to maximize safety and promote high quality movement and instruction.

Exercise science, biomechanics and functional anatomy are address through a comprehensive presentation and an in-depth instructors manual that includes illustrations and descriptions as well as performance tips to maximize the effectiveness and safety of each kettle bell exercise. There are so many aspects to kettle bell sport that I have truly enjoyed, and found extremely valuable, attending this workshop for the 3rd time.

Every time I have walked away with new, helpful, tools that I can’t wait to put into practice. Abi is an excellent coach and has an amazing ability to break down technique that translates quickly into form.

Both as a lifter myself and coach of a team, I brought back more tips, tricks, and adjustments than I knew were available! Abi broke down the lifts in a way that made it easy to relearn and start to break bad habits as well as to be able to coach and cue new lifters into them.

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I felt as though I had gone through a multiple day re-certification with a hand on 1:1 element usually only provided in singular sessions. I would strongly recommend anyone considering attending this type of workshop to not hesitate and seek out Abi for a host.

Today was very useful for me, this is the third workshop I have attended and every time I come away with loads of useful tips. I particularly enjoyed the teaching on breathing as I am sure it will help me to survive for longer in competition.

I have come away from today with some fantastic tips to work on and develop, I really enjoyed the workshop so thank you to you all for sharing your knowledge and expertise in the sport. Lots learned and new things to work on to improve technique further & hopefully identified what has caused my wrist problems.

Having an outline, so we had a rough idea of where you wanted to take us a group for the visual learners (like me) was very helpful. Your cues and metaphors are great for auditory learners and of course all the movement practice and relatively small group allowed for a lot of individual attention which was great for kinesthetic learners to practice and get instant feedback.

This is your most affordable and fastest way to become a highly qualified certified personal trainer. Learn how to teach group exercise classes in a variety of formats.

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Instantly increase your job and career opportunities with this popular professional credential. Learn cutting-edge techniques for increasing sports performance, reducing recovery time, and enhancing the overall well-being of your clients.

You can make a difference in reducing childhood obesity and diabetes by applying the principles in this course. Learn how to make youth nutrition games, fun food choices for kids, and how to overcome objections to certain food likes and dislikes with 0ur Kid’s Nutrition Specialist course.

Learn how to identify and solve your client’s emotional, behavioral and physical challenges. Understanding biomechanics, human movement, and joint function gives you skills that quickly make you a high-level fitness expert.

Your clients will benefit by receiving better training, improved performance, and a reduction in injuries. You will learn how to improve your clients’ range of motion, flexibility, and body awareness.

Learn advanced core training principles, concepts, and programming. This course includes an in-depth and engaging science lecture covering the anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics of the core.

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Our Metabolic Conditioning Coach course is the #1 training system that will help your clients burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, improve cardio and quickly get into the best shape of their lives. Learn how to design fitness training programs to target your clients ideal heart rate zones.

Our Heart Rate Performance Specialist course will teach you how to monitor, asses and design the appropriate Fitter (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Rest/Recovery, and Rate of Progression) variables with helpful tutorials and specialized “plug-and-play” forms. Understand how to apply different coaching strategies, depending on your client’s unique needs and capabilities.

Developed by legendary coach and strongman, John Brookfield, the originator all the Battling Ropes Systems. Coaches certified through this program have trained UFC World Champions.

Multiple options for small budgets to big box gyms and all points in between. It’s our objective is to establish Revolution Running as the most recognized and respected running education brand in the world.

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