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Ava Flores
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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Personal trainers, fitness pros and sports coaches who incorporate kettle bells into their traditional training programs have experienced a sudden growth in their client base. Previous clients that had been disengaged have called to start training again.

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With this single piece of equipment, you can create incredible overall strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance when used to its fullest potential. Your clients are going to love training with you because you’ll be teaching them fun and effective exercises, and Nest is honored to offer you the most affordable and comprehensive certification program for this niche.

No matter how you define fitness, kettle bells should have a place in your training and conditioning. Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your client’s training routine, or as a stand-alone tool (and business model), you will benefit greatly by registering and completing this course.

This program is intended to give you the knowledge and skills to successfully implement and instruct kettle bell training with your clients and athletes. In addition, you will be able to articulate the major joints and muscles involved and why the proper technique is so essential in kettle bell training.

Learning Format: Self-paced, 8 hours of comprehensive and easy-to-follow online training videos, informative lectures, color graphs, easy-to-understand charts, and a detailed, printable workbook. After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Certified Kettle bell Coach” on your certificate.

Learn all the important things about kettle bell training and lay a solid foundation upon which you can safely progress without injury. Covers the basic and fundamental exercises of kettle bell training.

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Learn all the important things to teach your clients and how to progress them safely. Covers the basic and fundamental exercises of kettle bell training.

Whether you want to learn how to create better workouts with kettle bell exercises that you’re certified for as a personal trainer or whether you want to make sure you know how to safely progress your clients with a kettle bell, this is the certification for you. For personal trainers, this course adds a ton of new exercises and also lays a clear progression for clients.

This course takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about the kettle bell clean and jerk to being able to perform many reps of unbroken clean and jerk, either for competition or for at-home workouts. Whether you’re a cross fitter or kettle bell enthusiast that wants to be able to high rep snatches without ripping the hands or bruising the wrists, this course will take your snatching from zero to the next level.

For trainers, this course will provide a clear progression and also variations of the snatch to use in programming. CAVEMAN ROM is for athletes, Brazilian Jim Jitsi and MMA fighters, Cross fitters, Kettle bell enthusiasts, and everyday people.

Customized plans, courses, and certifications are also available upon request. Attend or host a live kettlebellcertification or purchase a virtual certification to learn how to move safely and effectively.

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Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others. Attend or host a live kettlebellcertification or purchase a virtual certification to learn how to move safely and effectively.

Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others. A flow is an exploratory way of moving through as many, planes, patterns and combinations as your abilities (knowledge of movement and physical) will allow.

At one of our recent certifications we were honored to have some beginner as well as experienced kettle bell lifters attend and be able to teach new techniques to both! Move in front, back and lateral planes of motion by starting with foundational movements and advancing.

Sign up for one of the existing certification here or fill out the contact form to host one at your facility, ask a question or be notified about new locations! He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses.

Full price for 2 Day Certification is normally $899.99, save with early sign up options and flexible attendance plans! Kettle bells are a great tool for developing strength, mobility, and conditioning, but many people are still clueless about how to properly use them.

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The bestkettlebell certifications out there if you are looking to further your knowledge for personal reasons or so you can help teach techniques to others can be found below. It is simply a list of potential certs that you may want to look into if you are trying to further your kettle bell knowledge and be more qualified to teach and use them.

If you don’t know basic movements, this will give you first-hand experience with a quality instructor. It was designed by Pavel Tsatsouline, who is well-known for his KB and strength and conditioning knowledge.

You can find out more information about the physical test here as well as a calendar of upcoming SFG Level 1 courses. If you are looking into taking the SFG or ROC course, Scott Marcella has an excellent post about 10 Critical Rules for Success with these certs.

It consists of a 3-day course and you must demonstrate proficiency with the Hard style Push up and the Snatch. CrossFit has continued to increase in popularity in recent years, and they offer many specialty courses for trainers and coaches.

Their CrossFit Kettle bell Trainer Course requires a CrossFit Level 1 cert and attendees are taught how to perform and instruct exercises, motor-skill development, and how to design KB programs for clients. The American Sports and Fitness Association (Asia) has an online certification for Kettle bell Instruction.

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The Kettle bell Athletics Level 1 course is for fitness and strength and conditioning professional who want to further their knowledge of KB's. This course focuses on balance, stability, coordination, power, endurance, stamina, and injury prevention.

The International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association, or ISFA, offers 2 different levels of KB certs. Their Level 1 course focuses on program design, teaching movements to beginners, primary exercises and their progressions, and more advanced concepts.

If you are a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach, learning to become an instructor will be and extra tool in your box to help you prepare your clients and athletes to perform at a higher level. After 7 years of training and developing customized kettle bell courses and workout programs for professional athletes, celebrities, and personal clients, Eric set out to create the perfect program.

PC is designed to give anyone access to first class training while helping people have fun and transform their bodies with proven, effective, full body kettle bell workouts at an affordable price. The course provides anyone the opportunity to achieve the same results as they would gain if training with Eric in person.

Though popular for centuries, more people use kettle bells today than ever before for fast, effective results. Proven to burn massive calories, build muscle, and enhance flexibility.

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Shred unwanted fat, build muscle, gain strength, get fit, & transform your entire body into an attractive physique that’s envied by co-workers, friends, & neighbors. It was a real challenge and I actually feel so much stronger thanks to what this course has provided me.

I run, ride mountain bikes, play basketball, do resistance training & compete in Spartan races. Eric's given his primal flows and format in a stylish doggy bag (almost Flyers colors, too).

Enjoy 150+ High Definition Instructional Videos Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Levels Safely Master Movements & Exercises Discover & Enhance Mobility & Durability Movements Understand & Reveal Preparation & Breathing Techniques Master The Fundamental Functional Movement Patterns Discover How To Sequence Your Own Complexes & Flows Access The Course Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7 Explore & Learn Decompression & Cool Down Methods Get Eric’s Primal Kettle bell 4-Week Workout Program Exclusive Access To Eric’s Private Course Group Gain Instant Access To The Members Only Content Area on EricLeija.com Upload Over 25+ Videos Of Yourself Performing The Fundamental Functional Movement Patterns.

× We share your passion for fitness, health, diet, and overall total human optimization. We are confident that Eric’s guidance, Primal Kettle bell Course and other training content offered will exceed your expectations and will help you gain the results you’ve been seeking.

Our system will help you be more organized and productive with both you're training and in your personal life. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied at any time within the first 14 days of your purchase contact and we will work to resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

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We commit to providing the best quality training available while delivering and organizing it for you all in one place. Understand & learn why you should be incorporating kettle bell training into your workout routine.

Learn the proper safety precautions you should be implementing when using kettle bells. Also, learn the proper grips and ready positions that should be performed when using a kettle bell.

I will give you examples on how to properly maintain your structure, brace your core, and prepare you for your kettle bell workout. Upload videos of yourself performing the exercises from this section if you purchase the premium option.

Kettle bell complexes are 2 or more exercises strung together to form a circuit or workout. A kettle bell flow is 2 or more exercises, string together & performed one rep of each movement back to back in a fluid sequence (differs from complexes because complex exercises are broken up individually & performed for more than one rep at a time & not as fluid in transitions between exercises).

We’ll train to adapt our bodies/muscle tissue to be able to move better, faster, & be stronger. Learning proper decompression & cool down techniques will improve your training & overall well-being.

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One of Eric’s most frequently asked questions is what his favorite kettle bell exercises are for each specific muscle group. You will have the opportunity to complete a short written assessment to test your knowledge and what you’ve from the Primal Kettle bell Course.

For men, a good starting weight usually ranges between 16Kg-24Kg and can be higher depending on fitness level. Upload over 25+ videos of yourself performing the fundamental functional movement patterns.

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