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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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Thought I'd share my experience with the 10,000 KBS challenge. My glutes and forearms felt way stronger by the end and my times were way better (see chart).

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I was pretty worried about getting blisters since I couldn't take a day off, so I used gymnastics grips from the beginning. Have been doing kettle bell and ring workouts for 9 months or so 5 × a week (pandemic left me with only a 28 kg KB and a set of rings).

I decided to do the challenge 19 days before leaving for vacation. Started with the usual 10-15-25-50 x5 scheme with 1-2-3 reps of the supplemental movement.

I preferred that rep scheme, so I mostly stuck with that the rest of the challenge. Those last 5 days were awesome because I was beating some of my earlier times while doing an extra 100 swings.

Subscribe to the largest kettlebellYouTube channel for workouts, tutorials, complexes, and more. The Best 3 Kettle bell Grinding Exercises For STRENGTH : Kettlebell_trainingPress J to jump to the feed.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts These kettle bell exercises are great for the shoulders, hips, thoracic, and so much more.

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If you had to choose three of the bestkettlebell exercises, the three that provide the biggest bang for your buck, which would it be? If you're doing high-volume work especially with double kettle bells, then you want to save your shoulders.

Copyright Caveman training This second illustration below demonstrates how to keep the elbows under the weight and pull them down. This complex requires you to have good squat flexibility, back strength, the ability to remain static in certain positions, and much more.

Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind. This Kettle bell HIIT Challenge targets your whole body while torching fat and building muscle.

HIIT has become an extremely popular type of workout because it is quick and effective. This workout is specially designed to target your entire body, allowing you to burn fat while building muscle.

In combination with a healthy diet, this routine will firm and tone in all the right places. Once you’ve completed all 4 rounds (50 reps total of each exercise), you will move on to the second pairing (complete 4 rounds) and then proceed to the third and final group of exercises.

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Getting a great workout in doesn’t have to take up a ton of time! You can burn calories and build muscle in as little as 30 minutes with this quick and effective Kettle bell HIIT Challenge.

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Head below for deals on athletes tape, Fitbit, Bluetooth headphones, bike racks, outdoor apparel, camping gear and more: The most popular workout programs incorporate functional training as a central part of their make-up.

Functional training is all about simulating activities you do in everyday life or on the sports field. It prepares you for challenges you that you’re likely to encounter in your day-to-day living, such as changing a car tire or lifting a heavy suitcase.

It is this real application crossover that gives functional training its unique power. Functional Fitness was inspired by the training regimens of Japanese ninja warriors.

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It typically involves combining open space exercises with indoor skill and strength training. Most conventional weight training exercises target a specific muscle group.

Functional training involves compound movements that include an explosive element that works a number of large muscle groups together. This exercise is very similar to chopping wood with an ax or smashing boulders with a sledgehammer.

It maximally involves the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and thighs. The majority of people have developed hunched shoulders, rounded spines, and a weak posterior chain.

Functional strength training works the posterior chain (all the muscles at the back of your body) together. This allows you to strengthen the lumbar spine, pull your shoulders back, and align your postural position.

The dynamic movement patterns that are integral to functional strength training rely on the muscles of the core to stabilize the spine. The principle of specificity of training tells us that the best exercises for sports people mimic as closely as possible the movement patterns of their chosen discipline.

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Exercises are often done with cables to simulate the swinging or throwing motions of the game. Some manufacturers have even made functional training equipment that simulates the movement patterns of certain sports.

The typical sedentary Western lifestyle promotes bodily imbalance. Functional Fitness addresses this imbalance by forcing the opposite sides of the body to work together synergistically, rather than isolating individual muscle groups.

The following 5 moves will give you a great introduction to the world of functional strength training. The Croquet Smash is a great functional move that simulates chopping wood.

As well as developing core strength, it will strengthen the entire posterior chain. Try doing it for a minute straight, counting the number of times you hit the tire.

Position yourself a few feet away from of a large tractor tire and take hold of a sledgehammer with one hand towards the end of the handle and the other close to the hammer head. Swing the hammer around behind your head in an arcing move and then down to smash into the tire.

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The squat snatch is an old-school weight lifting exercise that combines explosiveness, balance and flexibility. Now snatch the weight up to a fully extended arm position overhead.

Make sure that you stay in a neutral spine position throughout the movement, with your chest. Keeping the weight locked out overhead, complete the movement by pushing out of the squat to a standing position.

Cleans are another old school powerlifting move that is seldom seen in gyms today. Stand with feet shoulder width apart in a neutral spine position.

With the weight resting across your upper body, you will be required to do a lot more balancing and coordinating. You’ll also have to recruit more frontal body muscle to execute the move properly.

Approach it and grab the bar with an underhand grip, elbows pointing forward. Keeping your chest up and while maintaining a neutral spine, descend into a full squat.

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Wall Balls are an effective low-impact plyometric move that will train both your explosive rebound skills and your follow-through recuperation. Load your body with a slight squat and then push upward to release the ball towards the wall.

You’ll be building on the moves you’ve already completed to develop functional power in every muscle group. As with the last group of movements, it is important that you progress slowly, giving yourself time to perfect each move before adding resistance.

Be sure to maintain a neutral spine throughout and to keep your kettle bell arm locked out at all times. Lift slightly so that only your right foot and left shin are touching the floor.

The final move to an upright position involves pushing off the rear thigh. To complete the repetition, reverse the movement, step-by-step, to return to the start position.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge and Rotation: Strength, Balance and Core in One Movement As well as improving your lateral movement, it’s a great way to target your love handles.

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By combining the deep breathing of yoga with the functional movement of squats, this exercise provides an effective total body stretch along with quad and glute strengthening. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, chest up and back in a neutral spine position.

The Kettle bell Halo is a rotational functional movement that works all the muscles of your torso and arms. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding a kettle bell in front of you with both hands.

It requires the upper and lower body to work together to complete a task, relying on the power of the hip drive to accelerate the overhead punch with the kettle bell. Perform a standard lunge, cleaning the weight to shoulder height as you come up.

The moves that you have now learned can be combined into a full-on 20-minute routine to develop total functional strength.

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