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Best Kettlebell Youtube Channel

One of the most common question sent to my email is how to develop a kettle bell workout routine. I recently outlined the top 30 bestkettlebell workout YouTube videos.

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 18 min read
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Fitness Blender YouTube channel is my bestkettlebell workout channels on YouTube. If you are looking for a great way to develop kettle bell training routine, this is the best channel to get you started.

You can also check this kettle bell workout DVD that is good for beginners. Bodysuit is a great kettle bell workout channel with high quality videos and good for beginners.

Befit is a channel that is worth your time and it is one of the best places you learn how to use your kettle bell. Underground gym is another great channel for beginners to get started with kettle bell workout.

You can also check out these top 30 kettle bell workout YouTube videos. http://kettlebellsecrets.co... — Kettle bell workouts are some of the easiest and fastest ways to get in shape and lose fat quickly.

Here are 3 reasons kettle bell workouts produce faster results: Kettle bell workouts are easy to do from the comfort of your own home without ever having to go to a gym.

kettlebell woman exercises
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No more sitting in traffic and schlepping your stuff back and forth to your local health club and having to wipe off other people's sweat from the machines. You can do your kettle bell workout to lose fat, put on a little of muscle, and improve your heart and lung health all at the same time.

You no longer have to go to step class or go pounding the pavement running, or even use any of the machines down at your local gym — you just need to use a kettle bell. Subscribers are people that choose to receive updates from a specific YouTube channel.

In other words, a group of engaged subscribers can increase your Watch Time and amplify your content, which gets your videos in front of more people. In other words, your channel page can turn more random viewers into subscribers.

So double check that your icon is unique and clear, like the icon from Father Jake : Video Structure: Most people will skim your videos before deciding to subscribe. Instead, display your best content at the top of your page (in the form of playlists) so that people can quickly find your best stuff.

A strong community not only increases engagement signals on your videos (which can lead to higher rankings), but it can help you boost your YouTube subscribers. But if you’ve ever commented on a video, and received a response from a creator, you know how powerful this is.

kettlebell exercises arm
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For example, Jeff Rose increased his subscribers by nearly 100k in 6 months. And Jeff states that replying to comments is a big reason that his channel grew so quickly:

Most channels struggle because they don’t have a specific niche. In fact, if you ask most people about their channel, they’ll say things like:

So if you’re someone that’s socially awkward around your colleagues or boss (or you just want to get ahead at work), you know right away that you’ve found the channel for you. And because this channel has a specific niche that you can identify with, you’ll hit that subscribe button like there’s no tomorrow.

For example, the end of this video has a clear verbal and visual call-to-action to subscribe. To make your call to action even more effective, combine it with YouTube features that make subscribing a cinch (like end screens and branding watermarks).

Every single channel on YouTube has certain videos that do a great job of converting viewers into subscribers. First, login to your YouTube Studio and head over to the “Subscribers” report:

kettlebell workouts workout cavemantraining certified designed
(Source: www.cavemantraining.com)

This will show you the videos from your channel that do the best job of converting people into subscribers. Basically, anything you can do to get more people watching your Winning videos will ultimately lead to more subscribers.

In other words: If you can get people to watch multiple videos from your channel (vs. just one), you’re going to convert more viewers into subs. First, check out your “Average views per viewer” number in the Creator Studio:

This varies a lot depending on your niche and the type of videos you put out. End Screens: Showcase another video from your channel as a “Next Up” or “Watch Next” in your End Screen: Create Playlists: Because playlists automatically play all the videos in that playlist, they can dramatically boost “Average views per viewer”.

To increase the odds that people watch your playlists, make sure to show them off on your channel page: That’s why a convincing about section can be a powerful way to convert browsers into subscribers.

You can even include a call to action in your Channel Art that points to your subscribe link, like this: My wife howled like it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen…

kettlebell training kettlebells fitness workout channels strength exercises workouts weight dreaded gained daddy pregnant wife shtf
(Source: www.praverb.net)

She wasn’t looking at cute baby photos of me… My sister had just snapped the photo at a big family dinner…

And head trainer of the fastest growing kettle bell -based YouTube channel in the world… And in just a moment I’m going to share how a humiliating picture... led me to discover a “blue collar” fitness solution… specifically designed for hardworking American men …

That reawakens aggressive fat burning hormones in your body that were in full bloom in high school… So that you automatically burn fat nonstop throughout the rest of your busy day…

And in less time than it takes to grill a steak or listen to “Free Bird” on the radio. I’ll also share how this same protocol helped me pack on head-turning and functional muscle faster than ever…

WITHOUT slaving away on the treadmill… or living in the gym... or trading beer and pizza for eating like a rabbit. So if you’re a busy guy who wants a simple solution to get and stay in attention-getting shape…

kettlebell adjustable kettlebells
(Source: www.youtube.com)

One that doesn’t leave you lying on the floor in a pool of sweat… miserable with achy joints… or even make you that tired… And allows you to quickly “get it over with” in just 6-minutes so you can get on with the things in life that matter to you most… then the workouts you’re about to discover will be worth their weight in gold.

Listen— I know what it’s like to work long days making a living for the family… Plus, I’m a dad and the last thing I want is to neglect spending time with my son… Or have him grow up with a father that puts long hours in the gym instead of chasing him around the living room floor and making him feel like a million bucks…

And I sure as hell would rather go for a hike, hunt a deer, sit in a boat and catch a big of’ bass that I can mount on my wall... than spin my wheels on the treadmill like a hamster in a cage… And squeeze every bit of juice out of life instead of living like a gym rat or eating rabbit food for 3 square meals a day…

Certified badasses like Navy SEALs, the Marines and the Army have adapted this exact form of training… to become a new breed of strong and agile “super soldiers”... And UFC fighters like Nick Diaz and Joe Roman swear by it… because it’s the perfect exercise to become quick on your feet and handle your own if you ever had to defend your family in a street fight…

Or stick up for yourself if some young punk takes a swing at you… which is totally possible in the explosive culture we live in. And squeeze every bit of juice out of life instead of living like a gym rat or eating rabbit food for 3 square meals a day…

kettlebell exercises
(Source: www.youtube.com)

Certified badasses like Navy SEALs, the Marines and the Army have adapted this exact form of training… to become a new breed of strong and agile “super soldiers”... And UFC fighters like Nick Diaz and Joe Roman swear by it… because it’s the perfect exercise to become quick on your feet and handle your own if you ever had to defend your family in a street fight…

Or stick up for yourself if some young punk takes a swing at you… which is totally possible in the explosive culture we live in. Have gained weight after getting married, sitting at a desk job, raising kids, or any other life events and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror… Don’t have hours to spend in the gym each week… Have a hard time staying consistent with long training programs that don’t give you fast enough results… Have noticeably less energy to keep up with your kids, be productive at work or give your lady the stamina and drive she craves in the bedroom… Don’t want to wake up at the butt crack of dawn just to go to the gym before work… and are too exhausted by 4pm to even think about training… Are tired of workouts that leave you sore and achy for the rest of the day… (maybe even the whole week) ... Are sick of having to give up your hobbies or foods you love or revolving your life around awkward COVID-19 gym hours just to look good…

That will NEVER run low as long as you keep up with this easy ritual a few times a week. Seeing lines in your abs for the first time since high school… and you may even show off a gasp-worthy six-pack that makes every other dad at the BBQ jealous and has your wife showing you off to her friends… Your proportions are better… you have a thick, wide chest and shoulders with a small waistline… giving you that head-turning “V shape” that screams “alpha male” ...

Your clothes fit much more comfortably and look better on you… your arms are hugging your sleeves, your belly isn’t pressing against your shirt, your ass actually looks great in a pair of shorts… (by the way— if you think women don’t check out a guys' ass... you’re dead wrong. I’ve gotten “cat called” a few times when walking through town in a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans… and I promise you... a guy who’s got a butt that looks like it’s carved from stone instead of a flat pancake… is an instant chick magnet) You look younger and overall healthier… with a rock-solid chiseled jawline, vanishing body fat, and that look of determination in your eye…

But my favorite part of the job is helping regular hard-working guys who want to take health and fitness into their own hands again… But before I reveal how you can access a new group of almost endless high octane kettle bell workouts designed specifically for men 30 and up…

kettlebell ironmaster adjustable
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It was back on that unforgettable night when my sister was walking around at family dinner… And saying things like, “Look how chubby his cheeks are…”

And commenting to my wife, “You married an overgrown chipmunk...” It looked like I was an overgrown squirrel smuggling acorns in my cheeks for winter…

I even caught myself breathing heavy at the dinner table for no reason… After I got married my body and fitness ended up on the back burner.

By the afternoon, I’d crawl to the coffee pot for a cheap energy boost that didn’t last more than a few minutes… Hardly moving all day was starting to show quickly on my waistline…

I started getting random aches and pains in places I never had before. My elbows even started to bug me when I’d do a quick set of push ups...

(Source: www.youtube.com)

I was quickly becoming the out of shape guy I used to laugh at in high school. Like trust fund babies … guys with a sugar mother … or bachelors who are just plain scared to grow up …

Which is why in just a moment I’m going to show you how to unlock an almost endless supply of fun, quick and powerful 6-minute workouts that don’t suck... That shed fat, build muscle, boost testosterone and accelerate metabolism without having to put anything else in life on the back burner.

In fact this new kettle bell protocol is so quick and effective it will help you get in shape FAST and get on with whatever else you actually want to do with your time… Like fry up a steak on the grill… then kick back and relax on your recliner with a drink and cigar in your hand…

Basically what happens is people who train with kettle bells notice amazing improvements in other random areas of life… And the next time they went to the pull up bar, they could crank out 8 in a row.

And could go as long as she wanted without getting tired or running into “little man problems” during sex anymore. Pickup heavy boxes from the ground smoothly and without tweaking anything…

(Source: www.youtube.com)

Work in the yard without aches or pains in your back or joints… Be able to grab ALL the groceries from the car in one go (because no man takes two trips)

In fact, traditional gym workouts typically leave you bulky and unbalanced. And you’ll notice incredible changes to your body and life almost overnight.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or if you haven’t trained in a while… Or even if you’re stuck at home during any kind of quarantine or anything like that…

Without having to set foot outside your own living room if you don’t want to. But harmful when it’s released into the bloodstream in large amounts… and for long periods of time.

Cortisol accelerates aging and causes you to get weak, sore and fat … It even weakens your immune system and causes throbbing inflammation.

kettlebell adjustable kettlebells
(Source: www.youtube.com)

And shockingly one of the quickest ways to flood dangerous amounts of cortisol into the body… One of the worst things you can do as the years pass by is keep waking yourself up early to train for 60-minutes before heading to the office…

And you can destroy stubborn body fat, build attractive lean muscle, boost testosterone levels and get all the benefits of the “what the hell effect”... And I’ll show you where you can access an endless supply of these workouts in just a moment.

Have you ever heard that Greek myth of a king who was forced to roll a boulder up a giant hill for eternity… Only to watch it roll back down the hill after it reached the top?

The scary truth is you likely dumped a huge amount of burnout hormone into your bloodstream… Which causes your body to store fat, feed on its own muscle mass, and can even shave precious years from your life.

Longer workouts have been shown to increase hunger and cravings… so you just eat away the hard work anyways because your body tells you that you earned it… Is enough to burn hundreds of calories at a time… Fire up fat burning hormones, so they stay active 24/7… Reduce stomach fat… Boost metabolism and keep it running at teenage-like speed… Elevate growth hormone and testosterone … And so much more… 3

kettlebell mass exercises building
(Source: www.youtube.com)

You’ll also add hours to your week by cutting back on long workouts… I’ll show you how to access a boatload of new and exciting High Efficiency Cycle Workouts in a minute.

Because running long cardio is taxing on your joints and causes inflammation in the body… Plus, running long distances doesn’t improve your entire body’s fitness.

And will NEVER look as good with your shirt off as you could with a different style of training. Studies show that cortisol levels don’t elevate within the first 10-minutes of exercise…

Meaning you’ll engage your core, glutes, arms, chest… And give you a damn impressive physique in only a fraction of the time it takes most people to lose a measly pound of fat.

And as an added bonus— Elite Swing Training has also been shown to reduce inflammation, protect joints and muscles from injuries and rejuvenate the body… So that you function like a true stud in every area of life… 5 6

kettlebell exercises sand woman
(Source: www.youtube.com)

Instead of living with one foot already in the grave like your friends and co-workers… who have let their body’s turn to mush, have no energy, and probably aren’t having any sex either. And the hundreds of new kettle bell style workouts that I’m about to give you access to…

Replaced fluffy marshmallow body fat with a rock hard physique… Sometimes I just fit-in these quick workouts during the commercial break of Seinfeld reruns...

Like driving 30-minutes in traffic just to get to the gym... or waiting for the guy texting his buddies on the bench press to get the hell out of the way, so I can lift. And gives you a convenient, gym-free solution to get and stay in amazing shape.

Turn back the dial on “father time”... Without having to spend an hour working out… rubbing shoulders with sweaty dudes in a crowded gym… you may not even break a sweat at all!

To enjoy youthful energy, extreme fat loss and head-turning muscle… Rock star mojo that she’ll love between the sheets, the mobility and athleticism of your teenage self and the confidence that comes with being the fittest guy in the room.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

A brand-new series of the world’s fastest fat-burning workouts that’ll ignite your body’s most explosive fat burning hormones so you can show off a head-turning physique in just 6-minutes per day… Super safe and powerfully helpful workouts that boost mobility, athleticism and flexibility in just a few minutes… and shrink your belly, love handles and all those other stubborn fat areas that have given you fit over the years… The most convenient workouts ever combined into one training solution specifically for hardworking men like you who deserve lightning fast results. (No more early mornings if you don’t want… no more commute to the gym… no expensive gym memberships… you’ll get head-turning fat loss results from the comfort of your own home almost overnight!)

Access to wickedly effective kettle bell workouts every week. These will be your “straight line” to help you make strength gains, reach new levels of leanness, and boost your performance month over month… just follow the path I’ve laid out for you and you’ll reach your goals quicker than you likely imagined possible.

A new kettle bell workout delivered to you every morning so you can knock out your kettle bell training and enjoy the “what the hell effect” whenever is best for you… Fat-loss firing workouts that flood your veins with gobs of your body’s most powerful fat burning hormones in just 6-minutes… Heart pumping kettle bell workouts that unleash your “fountain of youth” hormones so you unlock energy like you had in your teens, reverse visible aging on your face and physique, and keep you looking younger and fitter than your buddies… The BEST training tool that actually makes you “real world” strong… not just “gym strong.” (Plus— there’s nothing boring about these workouts… they’ll keep you entertained, excited, and pumped about getting in the best shape of your life!) “Back pocket workouts” that you can take with you anywhere you go so you never miss a workout if you don’t want to… (Because kettle bells are like “carrying a gym in your hand” you can do these on vacation, in a hotel on business, or anywhere else you want to sneak in a quick 6-minute workout.)

Workouts that exercise scientists claim “cure’s lower back pain.” (Just by following along with these training videos, you’ll put your body on autocorrect … and keep your joints, tendons, even down to the tiniest muscle fiber healthy at any age.) The three-headed monster training technique that’ll rev-up your metabolism, add slabs of lean muscle to your frame, and stimulate natural growth hormones that’ll set you up for fat-loss around the clock… You’ll be amazed at how fast the fat falls off your body even when you’re lying around doing nothing… The ONLY training technique you can do in the morning that won’t suck your energy levels dry for the rest of the day… The true blue-collar American made kettle bell training style specifically created for hard-working men over 35 that can be done in just 6 minutes from the comfort of your own home… and have you feeling like a young stud in his glory days again… give you crazy stamina and drive in the bedroom… and transform your physique faster and easier than any traditional workout ever could…

And with the 30-Day Warrior Shred Diet you’ll unlock the fastest yet most delicious and enjoyable way to show off a ripped physique. Inside I’ll reveal every single detail you need to shred belly fat, shrink love handles and ditch the dad bod once and for all…

(Source: www.youtube.com)

A complete 30-day done-for-you meal plan so all you have to do is plug-n-play and watch the weight and inches melt right off your body … (no matter how stubborn they’ve been in the past.) How to fire up your most powerful fat-burning hormones for jaw-dropping fat loss… featuring a “special sauce” you can dump on any meal to switch on your lazy metabolism and make it run like it did in your teens when you could eat whatever you wanted without regret… The #1 thing you should avoid doing in the morning if you want to kick start your day with a surge of testosterone… (this eating trick also increases fat loss, boosts energy and makes hunger cravings vanish in the afternoon.)

The diet secret of 6-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady to battle against inflammation and stay young… what you should do 30-minutes before each meal to make unwanted weight and inches fall off your body … 12 “high testosterone snacks” you can munch on at any time throughout the day completely guilt-free… how to trick your body into burning fat for several days in a row… and much more! One of the fastest ways to boost your testosterone levels and get your edge back is by simply adding a select group of foods to your day…

And inside the Top 27 Anabolic Foods I’ll share the BEST foods that you should always have stocked in your kitchen that’ll take your “fountain of youth” hormones to the next level. The #1 vitamin that 77% of men are completely missing from their diet… that’s been proven in studies to ramp up testosterone almost instantly… (it’s basically a natural growth hormone “wonder drug” if you take it before bed).

The world’s most powerful aphrodisiac food that’ll ramp up the sexual attraction between you and your lady with every bite you share… (save this one for when the kids are out of the house because there’s a VERY high chance you and her are going to want some privacy … How a few hunks of a special sharp aged cheese topped on your salad or Salisbury steak can supercharge testosterone levels and calm inflammation in the belly… (Plus an ingredient inside this flavor-filled topping has been shown in studies to potentially increase your size “down there” so she can enjoy the total package.) Why the 3 foods that make up the all-American breakfast combo are quite possibly the best way to start your day with a massive blast of testosterone… plus unbeatable muscle-building nutrients that’ll make it easy to dominate your 6-minute kettle bell workouts and show off a ripped physique sooner… The best 2 beverages you can drink each morning that’ll boost your metabolism and start shredding body fat with every sip… a list of “super fats” that amp up energy levels and accelerate recovery after a workout… the only fruit juice you should ever drink for soaring testosterone… the best greens for warding off embarrassing “man problems” like E.D.

Sleep is the most important “activity” you can do to “reverse aging”, boost testosterone levels and keep them as young as possible for as long as possible… So you can feel like the best version of yourself no matter how many candles are on the birthday cake.

exercises kettlebell
(Source: www.youtube.com)

Plus sleep is that one part of the day when your body can focus completely on recovering after workouts, “resetting” your hormones, and releasing tons of testosterone and growth hormone to come through for the following day. The #1 activity you should never EVER do in the bedroom that basically sucks important sleep hormones right out of your body and puts a huge roadblock in the way of your testosterone levels… My EXACT bedtime protocol that I do every night while I wind down for bed to set my body in the perfect testosterone boosting environment… The best window of time to sleep each night (yes timing matters) ... and how you can use this specific time to manipulate your fat loss hormones and get leaner hour by hour without even trying!

How to trigger muscle recovery hormones while you sleep… 2 spices you can dump on a hearty steak and potato for dinner that’ll boost your libido in the bedroom and help you fall into a deeper sleep almost instantly when it’s time for light’s out… an “old-fashioned” chocolate dessert that’ll improve blood flow all night long… how to get stronger while you sleep … and so much more! You’ll receive an email from me where you can create your personal login for the Kettle bell Warrior Academy and BOOM … you’re in!

If you join now and find that you aren’t liking the workouts, or the exclusive group coaching calls or #Sandler sessions… And start receiving exclusive emails that’ll help you lose fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism, skyrocket testosterone…

And experience the “what the hell effect” that makes you better in every area of life. Without being strapped to a gym or hour long workouts each day.

And you’ll gain instant access to your first batch of fast and effective, user-friendly kettle bell workouts and all the other features of the membership. And those long marathon training sessions can actually lead to embarrassing “man problems” like erectile dysfunction, bloating, “man boobs”, and accelerated aging.

kettlebell training channels exercises
(Source: www.pinterest.com)

You use it doing endless mind-numbing exercises that give you little results and can be downright destructive to your health and physique… And as a result— you’ll become more worn down, tired out and frustrated with the man you see in the mirror each day…

All because traditional workouts simply aren’t practical for a busy, hard-working American man. Honestly, brother— there’s no reason to revolve your life around long gym sessions…

Or pay for an expensive gym membership you hardly use… or buy a bunch of bands, dumbbells, and other at home equipment that only collects dust... Option #2 is to join the Kettle bell Warrior Academy membership site right now today for just $1…

You’ll replace those flabby areas of your body with lean cuts of muscle… You’ll never have to worry about falling off the wagon again… and having to start back over for the hundredth time…

It’s a bond more powerful than a football locker room and you get to be a part of that. Because you’ll be stronger, more athletic and overall way more balanced and healthy.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

But because your hard work, discipline and confidence turn her on like nothing else can. And you’ll be the “fit dad” that their friends can’t stop talking about.

Or stick to some boring, bland diet just to lose an ounce of fat… So you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get and stay in the best shape of your life at any age.

If you just take 6-minutes to follow along with the new and exciting workouts inside the Kettle bell Warrior Academy… I’ve helped thousands of guys with the Method 6 kettle bell training method…

And you’ll gain instant access to your first batch of fast and effective, user-friendly kettle bell workouts and all the other features of the membership. The Kettle bell Warrior Academy membership site is specifically designed for busy men 30 and older who want an endless supply of kettle bell workouts to help quickly burn stubborn body fat, build lean muscle, rewind years on your metabolism so you can eat what you want and still lose weight and skyrocket testosterone levels so you can perform like a young stud in the bedroom again.

Every workout you’ll receive as a member of the Kettle bell Warrior Academy can be done from home in 6-minutes. You’ll finish your entire explosive, fun, fat-blasting and muscle-building kettle bell workout in the same amount of time it takes most people to drive to the gym.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

All you need to complete your exclusive VIP workouts in the Kettle bell Warrior Academy is a single kettle bell and a laptop or smartphone so you can follow along with each workout. When you sign up for the Kettle bell Warrior Academy, today, you’ll get:

A brand-new set of powerfully effective MetCon-6 kettle bell workouts that only members will get Daily Brotherhood-only emails to help accelerate fat loss and muscle-building, and boosting metabolism and testosterone 30-Day Warrior Shred Diet Top 27 Anabolic Foods Anabolic Sleep Guide Exclusive group coaching calls with me & #Sandler sessions to get all your questions answered After that, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can safely complete your order.

Then, I’ll email you where you can create your personal login and get started right away. You won’t have to sign any contract to start your Academy membership.

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