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• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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Whether it is your first time using a kettle bell in a full workout or you are looking to develop your skills, an instructional DVD is the best way to go. Even if they are a successful fitness instructor, using a kettle bell is a whole other level of training.

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Many workout DVDs will use a famous face to attract buyers. Sometimes a DVD can seem expensive but end up being a bargain due to the amount of instruction included.

Reviews will often mention how much of the time is filled with useful workout routines. High-quality DVDs will include useful tips on choosing the right style and weight for your specific needs.

For all of those who have heard of Dasha Li bin’s training classes and her workouts will know that this DVD is serious. Dasha is famous for leaving her class more exhausted than they have ever been before but buzzing from the workout, she has managed to translate this effect over into DVD form.

The biggest reason to choose this DVD collection is the sheer amount of workout routines that are included using your kettle bell. At the end of each of the four sessions you will be drenched in sweat and know exactly why this is the number one kettle bell workout DVD.

For all of those Jillian Michael's fans, you will certainly have heard the fitness trainer praising the use of kettle bells in her workouts. For beginners, and even for more intermediate kettle bell users, the instructional section of Shred-It With Weights is extremely useful.

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It will give you great tips on positioning, holding the kettle bell correctly as well as having full control. There is large difference between the two in terms of difficulty, which means Shred-It With Weights will be a favorite of both beginners and more advanced kettle bell users.

The first two DVDs in this four part set are instructional and this is where you will find the talents of Sarah Lure are particularly helpful. This trainer knows exactly the kind of information that both beginners and more experienced kettle bell users need.

The third DVD is a Boot Camp styled challenging workout that will add an edge to your work out. For the final challenge there are two workouts on the fourth disc, Iron Core Warrior I and II.

A kettle bell can be used to do a wide variety of exercises that can target every single muscle in your body from top to bottom. Another fantastic part of working out with a kettle bell is that it combines different forms of exercise to give you a really comprehensive workout routine.

With an average kettle bell circuit, you are forced to lift a decent amount of weight, hold various poses for a short period of time, and you never stop moving either. Also, fitness experts and professional athletes can work out with a really heavy kettle bell and add more reps to the routine.

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Another thing that is so neat about kettle bells is that they add great variation to a usually monotonous day of exercising. They don’t cost that much to buy, and since they give you a comprehensive workout, it eliminates the need for an expensive gym membership.

This is without a doubt the best, most comprehensive, and affordable kettle bell workout DVD set that we could find. It features 9 different DVDs that include 16 fantastic workouts to tone your body, build muscle, and train your cardiovascular system too.

All it takes is 2 hours per week for you to go through the workouts and together they work to sculpt your whole body from top to bottom. It’s great for beginners and experts, plus it will train your cardiovascular system, increase mobility and flexibility, and tone your muscles too.

Comes with a nutritional guide Covers all the basics Slowly works its way up to really intense routines Taught by a very inspirational teacher Targets your whole body from top to bottom Only requires 30 minutes per day, 4 times per week 16 different kettle bell routines It is a 5- DVD set that starts with a simple introductory routine for beginners that will teach you the basics.

Not to mention that Michael Song is an amazing motivational teacher that really makes you want to push yourself to the limit. With these DVDs, you can get an intense cardio routine that includes a weight training aspect as well.

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It will train your whole body from top to bottom, tone your muscles, strengthen your core, and give you an amazing cardio workout too. It’s a good DVD set because you can easily change the tempo of the exercises as well as the size of the kettle bell to suit your specific needs.

Value for money While this 5 DVD set is a little expensive, coming in at over 40 dollars, it is also very comprehensive and will work out your body from top to bottom. The Song System gives you all the info that you need to get started with kettle bells, plus it works its way up to some of the most intense routines you have ever seen.

This DVD set is great for beginners and experts too because you can adjust each of the workouts to your own needs. The Song System is a comprehensive full body workout that can be done in a short amount of time.

Targets all muscle groups in your body Combines cardio and weight training in one Ideal for both beginners and experts Great and easy to follow instructions Lets you adjust the workouts to your needs High-intensity level that will sculpt your body It doesn’t cost much, the workouts don’t take too long, and it is totally directed at beginners who are just starting to use a kettle bell.

It consists of 3 separate 25-minute long workouts, all of which are meant to introduce the beginner to the kettle bell. It costs under 10 dollars and gives beginners a good idea of what working out with a kettle bell is all about.

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Plus we really like the fact that Paul Tatami is teaching us these things because we get the impression that he really knows his stuff. It’s a comprehensive workout that will burn calories, tone muscle, and doesn’t require too much time either.

This kettle bell workout is designed for all sexes, ages, and fitness levels too, plus it combines weight training, muscle conditioning, and cardio too. Value for money We really like the Iron Core Kettle bell Workout DVD because it targets every muscle in your body, burns calories, doesn’t take much time, is suitable for all fitness levels, and costs just under 10 dollars.

Design Jillian Michael's is a renowned fitness buff, and she delivers the heat with this intense kettle bell workout DVD. We really love the fact that this DVD lets you lose up to 5 pounds per week, all for under 10 dollars.

It’s a really affordable DVD that lets you save money and lose weight at the same time. This kettle bell workout DVD is ideal for both men and women, as well as beginners and experts too.

Jillian Michael seven gives us a modified option for total beginners and a really intense version of the advanced routine too. This is great because you can start with the beginner routine and slowly work your way up until you have the most advanced circuit under your belt.

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On a side note, this DVD also includes a small tutorial on how to use a kettle bell, something which is great for people who have never used one before. It costs under 10 dollars and gives you two full 30-minute long cardio and weight training routines that will tone your muscles and burn some serious calories.

It gives you tips on how to use a kettle bell, it’s ideal for all fitness levels, and it will help you burn some serious calories. The simple tool that is a kettle bell will train your muscles, make them bigger and stronger, increase your cardio, and they are convenient to use as well.

To get a good idea of how a kettle bell works, plus finding the motivation to use them, is done a lot easier when you have the bestkettlebell workout DVD. If you don’t know who she is, Dasha is a well-traveled martial artist who also has a career in fitness expertise and writing.

A few quick scans on the internet will reveal rave reviews from long-term fans and new customers alike. Your body can really feel the benefit, and you won’t have to spend hours every day to get the most out of this DVD.

At the very least you’ll look and feel better, and if you do have an audition that requires a lot of cardio, then you’ve already trained hard because of Paul. One thing that sets Paul apart from the rest is he will meticulously go through each move multiple times so you can focus on just 1 for a minute or so without having to switch to another.

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His highly touted “Clinics” are perfect for beginners and experts alike, if you need a brush-up. If you’re a bit worried or anxious about being able to do kettlebellworkouts like I was in the beginning, then this would be a great place to start.

The DVD itself is six different workouts ranging from six to ten minutes long by Keith Weber who is a physical therapist and certified Kettle bell instructor. With this being a kettle bell workout and very hardcore you shouldn’t expect yourself to do the whole DVD in one go as just twenty minutes worth can really be taxing on your poor body.

If so, Kathy’s Nutrition Solution Guide is also included, so all the hard work of what you can eat is done for you! By the time they were finished, and the bathroom was free, I‘d worked up a sweat and was ready to wash it all off.

Are you a beginner that has never picked up a kettle bell before, or are you looking to target a specific area with your workout? All of these questions are things you should ask yourself when buying the bestkettlebell workout DVDs.

You can find DVDs to match any workout desire but sifting through all the options can be a daunting process. Most consider this workout to be for the intermediate, but she includes options for both beginners and the advanced user who wants a more intense session.

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This video was designed by Paul Tatami, a personal trainer in Hollywood. In this DVD set, you will be working on cardiovascular conditioning, endurance, flexibility, and strength.

This set of nine DVDs includes sixteen 30 minute works outs designed to be done four times a week. The exercises focus on kettle bells, but also include some additional variety of workouts to mix it up.

This package also comes with a complete nutrition guide to help you along your fitness journey. Men's Health Kettle hell: KettlebellWorkouts ... One kettle bell can do everything dumbbells can do…plus a lot more.

Men’s Health ... Eric Lava specializes in kettle bell training courses with his unique style that fuses challenging... Every 20-minute circuit works your entire body, gives you an incredible fat-burn, will make you... Ideal for beginners yet to master their techniques, they’ll introduce you to a number of kettle bell workout routines, helping you achieve your fitness goals with maximum efficiency.

There also a great choice for the more advanced users looking to hold in on a specific area i.e. body conditioning. They are for intermediate users looking to mix cardio workouts with fat burning weight training.

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Pros: Jillian Michael's as the instructor may be a pro or a con, depending on your preference! Cons: There is a lot of scrutiny around Jillian’s form, making this a poor choice for beginners.

She also creates her own words to describe exercises that don’t match up to traditional lingo. Pros: You get four DVDs at a great price that will push you and help you reach your goals.

Pros: The instructor gives excellent tips on proper form and techniques for using the kettle bell. Because of the lightweight kettle bells included in this package, females and beginners will benefit the most from using it.

Pros: You receive a nutrition chart and an exercise wall poster along with the DVD and kettle bells. This 50-minute kettlebellDVD definitely for intermediate- advanced practitioners looking to improve cardio function and endurance.

Pros: You will work up a good sweat with this lengthy, challenging workout. Other times, he stops altogether to explain form or technique, putting the user on hold.

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Pros: Amy Bento gives excellent tutorial advice that help new kettle bell users feel safe and comfortable. All fitness levels can use this five- DVDkettlebell program; it works for beginners and athletes alike.

Cons: Some moves are repetitive, and the system can get boring after frequent use. This kettlebellDVD combines kickboxing moves with kettle bell weight training, and it is designed for females only.

Cons: The instructor talks non-stop throughout the videos, and the moves she instructs do not sync with the music. Designed for all fitness backgrounds and ages, this kettle bell workout DVD works best for beginners and intermediates thanks to its tutorial and joint mobility section.

Pros: The fact that Lauren included a joint mobility section is a huge pro. Cons: Despite having a great tutorial at the front of the video, the workouts do not include detailed instructions.

Pros: This workout is very intense, with burpees included, to really challenge advanced practitioners. Designed for those wanting to master classic strong-man moves, this kettlebellDVD is appropriate for those focused on lifting.

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Pros: You receive excellent instruction for how to build strength using class strong-man exercises. Created to mimic the functional strength of Greek goddesses, this kettle bell workout is for women of all ages and backgrounds.

Pros: This DVD offers a comprehensive 30-minute tutorial for beginners or those who want to improve technique. Cons: The instructor gives long rest breaks, so it is not a very challenging workout.

Kettle bells offer a wide variety of benefits, from fat burning to muscle building. Compound, functional movements that kettle bells require are superior for strength training and weight loss efforts alike.

Engaging multiple large muscle groups demands that the body quickly adapt. You also work on improving joint integrity and core stabilization, which are key components to optimal health.

From beginners to seasoned kettle bell enthusiasts, you can find a training DVD that will improve your kettlebellworkouts. There are even specialized kettle bell workout DVD programs that can help you work toward specific goals.

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The stigma around being suitable only for beginners needs to end; anyone can benefit from a professional’s advice! Accountability and structure in the DVDs allow you to get more from your valuable time and achieve your goals faster.

But ultimately, knowing your own fitness goals will help to identify the bestkettlebell workout DVD for you. You need to really research and outline what type of kettle bell workout DVD will support your goals.

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