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• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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So, rather than single out just one kettle bell exercise for weightless I decided to list 7 starting from the easiest and progressing to the more technical. Almost every muscle in the body is activated during this kettle bell exercise, plus it is very cardiovascular so will raise the heart rate quickly.

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The kettle bell squat also acts as a pumping mechanism driving blood around the body and lubricating our joints with healthy nutrients. The thighs must drop to parallel with the floor in order to properly activate the buttock muscles.

The kettle bell swing would have been my first choice as bestkettlebell exercise for fat loss but it’s quite technical for complete beginners. Kettle bell swings for fat loss, like the squat and press, work most muscles in the body but has more of an emphasis on the back.

The hamstrings, buttocks, lower, mid and upper back all work hard during the kettle bell swing for weightless. As with the squat and press the feet do not need to move so impact is very low and minimal space is required.

The kettle bell clean and press is based off the dead lift movement pattern which simulates how you should pick anything heavy up from the floor. The legs, hips, buttocks, core and back are heavily involved in the kettle bell clean movement.

Beginners should start with just the kettle bell clean and when mastered add the press to the movement. Again the feet do not need to move so it’s an excellent kettle bell fat loss exercise for small spaces and for those trying to avoid impact.

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You also get a huge amount of cardiovascular output from the kettle bell lunge which often surprises many people. The kettle bell lunge has lots of cross over for sports and improves hip mobility for daily life.

The kettle bell lunge must be mastered first before attempting to add the overhead press to the movement. As with the squat the depth of the movement is very important in order to fully activate the fat burning buttocks.

Watch a video of the lunge and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: The kettle bell clean, squat and press is certainly not for beginners and seriously challenges your technique throughout the movement.

Again the feet are not moved during the whole exercise so only a small space is required along with minimal joint impact. The movement should flow from one exercise to the next making it a pleasure to perform if not very challenging on the heart and lungs.

Watch a video of the clean, squat and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: It is important to keep a nice straight wrist, a good grip, and a high elbow in order to complete the movement correctly.

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Watch a video of the high pull kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: Again this is not for the beginner and you will need to have mastered the swing and high pull before attempting this kettle bell exercise.

The feet stay planted so not much space is required and the impact on the leg joints is very low. It’s a super cardio exercise as the kettle bell is practically pulled from just above the floor to straight overhead.

Watch a video of the snatch kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: Now I’ve listed my 7 bestkettlebell exercises for weightless you may be wondering how you can put all these together into a weightlossworkout.

A good fat loss exercise is a full body movement that uses hundreds of muscles while raising your heart rate at the same time. All 7 of the kettle bell exercises listed above will generate some amazing results for fat loss.

Are kettle bells good for fat loss Yes kettle bell workouts, when programmed correctly, provide a full body mix that will increase your metabolism and generate fat burning hours after your workout has finished unlike conventional cardio methods. A lot of people enjoy working out with this piece of equipment because it offers a full body workout.

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Around 15 years ago, no one outside the former Soviet Union knew much about kettle bells. The term kettle bell comes from the Russian word girl, a cast-iron weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle.

Unlike with traditional dumbbells, the center of mass of the kettle bell is extended beyond the hand. This allows for fast, swinging motions that combine cardio, strength and flexibility, engaging the whole body at once.

Weightless workouts used to involve long, slow cardio training, such as running or cycling. Although running is definitely effective for weightless, after a certain point at least some weight lost would be muscular.

This is because aerobic exercise elevates your levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). Therefore, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is proven to be very effective for burning fat.

These short, intense bursts of power repeated several times with little to no rest between sets have a more anabolic or muscle building quality with little or none of the catabolic effects found in long-duration aerobic training. You can either follow the program exactly or you can change the weight, reps, sets and duration of any exercise to fit your goals.

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With experience, you’ll have more confidence to create some of your own training programs. Finally, change the tempo of the movement and switch directions several times.

A lot of people love the way it makes the shoulders feel and use it as part of their warm up. For this exercise, firstly hold the bell by the sides of the handle at chest height using both hands.

Finally, the weight should drop lower as it comes behind you and rises again as it moves back up in front. The kettle bell dead lift mainly targets the lower back, glutes and hamstrings.

Keep your chest lifted as you sit back with your hips until your hands reach the handles. Grab the handles with both hands and stand up, pressing your feet into the ground until your body is fully upright.

The squat is one of the most important strength and conditioning exercises for all round good function and health. Firstly, hold the kettle bell in front of you, just above chest height, in both hands.

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Rotate all major joints, including shoulders, hips and neck. Perform these by moving your joints in circular motions both clockwise and anticlockwise.

Then sit back with the hips and grab the handle of the kettle bell with one hand. When the kettle bell reaches its endpoint, stand up completely, extending the ankles, knees, hips and torso.

To perform this exercise bring the weight to your chest into the rack position. As you recoil to the downward compression, press the kettle bell directly up until your arm is fully extended.

The kettle bell falls directly down the center and all the way down to the hip and back to the starting position. The workout featured in this post is aimed at those use kettle bell for the first time.

However, Kettle bell Training also features a kettlebellworkout for weightless for intermediate and advanced exercisers. Hi, I’m Hannah, marketing assistant and one of the bloggers here at Human Kinetics Europe.

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