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Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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You can maximize the benefits of your kettle bell work with a proper warm up to ready your body for their unique stimulus. Anyone who trains with kettle bells on a regular basis can attest that they often feel lighter when putting them away after a workout than when you carry them out at the beginning.

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You can begin this exercise with a lighter weight to preserve the intention of smoothly moving the bell through space while maintaining control and stability. Imagine you are a rigid tether ball pole with the kettle bell moving evenly in a circle around your waist.

Go both ways: Bodies are intelligent and will automatically choose the direction that feels more easy and natural. The figure eight requires a similarly stable and static body with movement only from the arms and kettle bell.

Control the weight: Do not let the kettle bell pull you out of position as it moves through its path. The halo offers a further opportunity to move and control the kettle bell weight while maintaining a strong and stable midline.

The halo also offers a complete upper body warm up and thorough joint mobility and prep for the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Begin with the kettle bell in front of your face, holding it by the horns as you would for a goblet squat.

Begin with something light and prioritize a smooth kettle bell path and fluid joint rotation. Strive to begin with the kettle bell in front of your chin, move it just above your shoulders past your ears, and let it pass across the base of your neck.

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Stable midline: Stand tall and engage your core, legs, and butt to maintain your position and posture. Avoid these common faults by clamping down on all your core muscles through you torso, butt, low back, and upper legs.

Kettle bells do not pose a significantly heavy load to your system, but moving them effectively through space requires a completely unique skill set and awareness. Use these exercises as a warm up to optimally prepare your system for more intense kettle bell work.

Building a warm up based on principles of proprioception, engagement, and awareness will help you develop as a more capable swinger and an all-around more integrated mover. But our current Western lifestyle of constantly sitting and very little physical activity has made our bodies immobile and prone to injury.

But if you life an active lifestyle already, then warming up for 30 minutes before your workout isn’t necessary. The hollow hang will decompress your spine and open up the spaces between your vertebrae to allow your nervous system to function optimally for strength training.

Incorporating Neck Nods will loosen up your neck and shoulder area for overhead movements and exercises like Presses, Snatches & Jerks. Having a strong and good functioning center is KEY to getting stronger with kettle bells.

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Hollow Hang x 30s Jump Rope x 30s Prying Goblet Squat w/Neck Nods x 30s Dead Bug x 30s We have tested 5 bestKettlebell models that will be great for both novice and advanced kettle bell lifting practitioners.

A simple turn of the dial, built into the kettle bell, you can quickly switch between the weights. This adjustable kettle bell from Bow flex is an ideal workout solution for users that exercise at home on a regular basis.

On top of that, the kit is equipped with a handy exercise DVD that will guide you through some basic and advanced kettle bell moves. These sports tool includes a complimentary training DVD.

The Got Premium Vinyl Dipped kettle bell will be highly appreciated by ladies who lead an active way of life. A reliable cast-iron build ensures that this piece of fitness gear won't break or dent that easily even if you drop it on the ground.

The AmazonBasics kettle bell is a unique piece of gear that every fitness or weightlifting athlete should have at their disposal. The flat-bottomed design, along with a wide handle makes it easy to wield, which helps a ton during workouts.

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Owing to the flat bottom of the base, this kettle bell won't leave any scratches or other traces on the floor. The handle is quite wide, which won't be ideal for people with smaller palm sizes.

The vinyl overcoat of the bell provides additional protection to the solid-cast body of the unit that otherwise would chip away. Moreover, it reduces the amount of noise in case you drop the bell on the ground.

The Yes4All vinyl coated kettle bell is a practical piece of sports gear that will come in handy for exercising at home and at the gym. Easy to wield, lift, and exercise with, it requires little to no knowledge to work out properly.

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An improved design over the classic kettle bell includes a simple, yet convenient handle, but that’s not exactly it. First, the thing that separates this model from the regular cast iron products is the ability to adjust the weight of the kettle bell.

Moving on, the high dense plastic body of the kettle bell makes it nice to the touch, which is a big plus in our book. This allows working out longer without feeling discomfort or using special workout gloves.

The only thing that we’ve noticed is that it takes some time to get used to the unusual shape of the kettle bell. That said, in the long run, the benefits of using such an unconventional piece of fitness gear outweigh the couple of training sessions it takes to get accustomed to.

Originally, these kettle bells have been designed particularly for fitness purposes; therefore, they are vibrantly colored in order to be eye-catching. Furthermore, the weight of the kettle bell is your standard 15 lbs, so even a novice can start with this lighter bell and gradually shift to the bigger.

As you progress in weightlifting, you can move to heavier kettle bells to reach your goal in strength training. And all in all, fans of a healthy lifestyle will find these bells to be excellent for the price.

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An Essential Piece When it comes to the basics there’s a lot of options available for fitness on the market. This cast iron kettle bell model from AmazonBasics is one of those fitness gear pieces that implement design simplicity, ease of use, and an affordable price tag in a single package.

Made of cast iron it is fairly durable, yet the finish leaves something more to be desired. Secondly, the actual grip of the kettle bell, which is quite wide when compared to standard models, allows for using this particular piece for more advanced exercises with the bell.

As for the shape of the bell itself, its bottom, front, and back sides are flat, which eliminates the risks of any wobbling. Likewise, there is a lower chance of the paint chipping off in case you accidentally drop the bell on a hard surface.

Being an essential piece of workout gear, this AmazonBasics model proves that a good kettle bell doesn’t always need to be overpriced. A Model for Both Basic and Complex Workouts The CAP barbell is a cast iron kettle bell model that doesn’t introduce anything groundbreaking in terms of design, however, it is still a great piece of workout equipment, so let’s break down its features and find out why you need one.

Likewise, the solid-cast design of the kettle bell makes it exceptionally durable, and thus a great option for working out with it long-term. Moreover, the simple and functional design allows for using this piece for various types of workouts like upper body, swings, minute kettle bell, clean and press, and even snatching.

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The thing that we didn’t really appreciate, though, is the handle width that makes it a bit harder to wield for users with smaller palms. Although it is not something that can actually hinder your workout performance too much, it is important to keep that little quirk in mind.

All things considered, this kettle bell from CAP will be a decent option for workouts at home, especially if you are searching for a classic-style model that doesn’t fail. Easy to wield, hold, and exercise with, the CAP kettle bell is simple in design yet highly effective for achieving new workout milestones.

Additional Info Last updated price$80.95Stock In stock ASINB00WHIGEO4 CAP Barbell Cast Iron Easy to Use and Exercise With The Yes4All kettle bell comes as a standard model with some interesting characteristics to it that may actually make it one of the best products for home use.

First, the vinyl coating of this solid-cast model makes it a perfect solution for workouts at home, owing to the capability of the vinyl to absorb all the unwanted vibrations, ultimately negating the risk of causing too much noise while exercising. As for the drawbacks, this model has an uncharacteristically narrow bottom, which doesn’t make the kettle bell very useful for push ups.

Even though it will take some time to get used to, you will still be able to perform them once the initial awkwardness goes away and so, it doesn’t make that huge of a difference compared to classic-style products. While resembling a classic-style product, this kettle bell is more versatile when it comes to the number of ways you can exercise with it.

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Additional Info Last updated price$18.70Stock In stock ASINB0093CMYT6 Yes4All Vinyl Coated And that’s no wonder both men and women, amateur and professional athletes alike put this sports equipment among their favorites.

In most cases, a simple kettle bell looks like a balloon with a handle for a comfortable and firm grip. Beside developing musculature, regular workouts will quickly improve your respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well as stamina.

As weight-lifting exercises spring all athlete’s body muscles into action, a home training with a kettle bell is worth a gym workout. For eager sports enthusiasts that want to reach the peak of their physical capacity, it’s useful to consider dumbbells that can also be useful for your workouts.

As for something simpler, we also recommend taking a look at the best resistance bands that will help you in enhancing your overall workout performance. Although there are a lot of different variations to a standard kettle bell design, there are only a few main types of sports gear.

To start off, in terms of design, this sports equipment is divided into classical one-piece and adjustable kettle bells. Alternatively, you can always opt for vinyl-coated products that offer the same or an even higher level of protection to solid yet fragile cast-iron kettle bells.

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Sometimes these models feature a rubber coating that makes them safe for your floor. In fact, kettle bell lifting is a great physical activity for jumpstarting your cardio and springing into action all the muscles throughout your body.

If you are a novice weightlifter, we would recommend that you not overload your muscles and heart performing exercises with bells that are too heavy. When you already see that a certain weight doesn't have any impact on your body, it's high time to add more plates or shift to a heavier one-piece kettle bell.

Note that the coating of a bell’s handle should be reliable so it doesn't slip out of your hands. To add to it, take into consideration that some kettle bell models feature a vinyl shell.

To get the most from the exercise and to avoid potential trauma you should always keep your feet firm. Likewise, if you intend on doing swings but have some issues with hunching or leaning it is recommended to switch to lighter weights.

Advanced Techniques and How to Increase Grip Strength Once basic exercises are out of the way, it is never a bad idea to spice up your workout routine. As you lower it down move from the hips once again (the trick is to not simply bend but to push firmly with your feet to keep your stance stable).

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For best results, it is recommended to use low-weight weight plates first, and then gradually increase the load by lifting heavier ones as you feel more comfortable performing the sets. First, stand up with the weights in each hand, gripping them tightly with your fingers.

Dumbbells would be good for this exercise too, so don’t hesitate to use them when you need to develop better grip strength.

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