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Unfortunately, many of our pre-pandemic picks below are sold out, but kettle bell stocks haven’t been utterly devastated like those of dumbbells. To help you avoid clicking on your preferred bell only to find it’s unavailable, we’ll collect your best options in stock at the top of the page.

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The Demos kettle bells are among the better cheaper options you can find, which partly explains why they come in and out of stock so quickly. If you’re an experienced bell user then head to a manufacturer like Wilkerson, but if you just need a little weight to beef up your home workouts, these will get the job done.

One of our perennial picks, this is coming in and out of stock, but allows you to put your money down and reserve one. If that’s the weight range you’re after, however, your quids in because Mira fit makes high-quality gym equipment.

If you’re after more bells and whistles and are willing to pay for it, this neat, space-saving electronic model may be up your street. Simply press a button to choose one of six weights, pull it off its charging cradle and it’s good to go.

An accompanying app supplies workout ideas, and motion sensors in the device will track your reps. Check Argos to see if it’s stock near you or buy from Apple and wait for delivery between 25th July and 1st August.

Training with kettle bells can be an excellent way to boost both your strength and cardio fitness (just check out this kettle bell workout guide) and, like dumbbells, they’re small enough and affordable enough for you get for home use. “ Kettle bell swings, cleans and snatches are repetitive actions, so if you have a rough handle or one with a seam going down the middle, you will soon know about it,” says Lloyd.

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Cheaper kettle bell manufacturers will make no real effort to remove this nasty, sharp seam and your hands will soon tear up like you’ve done a day on a building site.” Lloyd recommends running your hands around the entire handle, especially underneath, before buying.

If you’re already in possession of a kettle bell with a raised seam, sand it down so it’s smooth. “Decent kettle bells will have handle diameters that measure about 30-31 mm, going up to around 38 mm for the heaviest bells.

My favorites are competition kettle bells, which generally have a uniform handle diameter of 33 mm regardless of the weight.” “You can tell if they are cheap as they will be covered in vinyl with a rubber bottom and a handle that looks ridiculous,” says Lloyd.

Some cheap bells can have very narrow handles that are nearly impossible to hold on to during kettle bell swings, and feel awkward for snatches.” “These are a bit more price, but if you want consistency, good progression and form then get kettle bells from Wilkerson Fitness.

The shape is a little different from a standard kettle bell, but rest assured it can be swung and racked in the same way during your workout. We have tested the 5 bestkettlebell models that will be great for both novice and advanced kettle bell lifting practitioners.

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The coating is made of wear-resistant vinyl that is not prone to breakage and tear. If you take your CrossFit workouts seriously, this model should definitely be among your fitness equipment arsenal.

It's suitable for different kinds of exercises helping you improve your stamina. The kettle bell is made of metal and has a hard-wearing vinyl coating, ensuring its high resistance to corrosion in different humidity conditions.

The set can become an ideal purchase not only for home use but also for professional gyms. The wide grip handle allows you to hold this kettle bell with both hands, making sure it won't slip off.

If you experience unpleasant sensations and discomfort in your back and neck, try a few exercises with this kettle bell. The printed kg specifications are quite large and easy to read.

The EXTREME FITNESS Vinyl Home Gym Workouts Kettle bells come in different sizes (starting off with 2 kilos), so they are perfect for beginners. Owing to the safe weight limit, they are also a good choice for kids and teenagers.

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Due to the rubber coating, you can safely put these bells on any floor type without a fear to scratch it. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.

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Reliable Assistant for CrossFit Training If you are taking your training very seriously and need the most high-quality equipment, or seek new kettle bells for a professional gym, we strongly advise going with the York Fitness Vinyl Dipped Cast Kettle bells. First, this kettle bell is a durable one-piece unit with a cast iron body and handle.

This material is known to be the most long-lasting when it comes to sport equipment, so you can be sure this item will last you for a long time even with intense daily workouts. In the end, if you want your home workouts or CrossFit training to be efficient, you need high-quality kettle bells like these from the York Fitness company.

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Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock May be out of stock ASINB00P0VTD20 York Fitness Vinyl Dipped Cast Designed to make your workouts as comfortable and efficient as possible, it will help you quickly build strong muscles and improve the sense of balance.

Starting off with the design, the York Fitness kettle bell comes with a hard-wearing vinyl coating. Not only does it make this model more stable and easier to grip, but also it prolongs its service life, making it less susceptible to corrosion and wet, so you can safely store it in your basement without worrying about humidity levels.

What's more, this model is made with two pairs of rubberized non-skid feet that will keep the product stable on the surface, preventing it from rolling. Since the York Fitness kettle bells are available in a few different weight options (from 2 to 20 kilos), each one is colour-coded, making it easier for users to tell them apart at a glance.

Thus, depending on your workout goals, you can purchase each kettle bell separately or go with a set of three or four pieces. All in all, we consider the York Fitness Kettle bells an equally good choice both for professional and home use.

Wide Handle For Secure Grip The Body Sculpture 4-12KG Kettle bells are surely one of the most comfortable pieces of equipment that will make your workout sessions more inspiring and pleasant. Plus, it comes at a bit more affordable price point compared to similar models.

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It provides a very secure grip and ensures that the kettle bell won’t slip off your hand during exercises. Moving on to the materials, this model is produced from steel with a vinyl coating.

The exterior is pretty soft, which makes this kettle bell safe for all kinds of floors. Although a steel design may not be as durable as cast iron, it still has a decent service life.

This model is available in a few sizes but lacks really heavy ones (the heaviest weight is 12 kilos). Thanks to a big handle, the model is convenient to hold, making it possible to easily perform different exercises.

Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock May be out of stock ASINB01MV0CA6J Body Sculpture 4-12KG Kettle bell With Great Weight Range If you want to try CrossFit training at home but don’t know what equipment to use, we recommend starting with the EXTREME FITNESS Vinyl Kettle bells.

It is a great piece of fitness equipment that will help you reach amazing results. You can select a 2-kilo model that is perfect for kids and beginners who want to warm up without over stressing their bodies.

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The combination of one-piece cast irons design and vinyl coating makes this model both robust and safe for home use. The other cool thing about this vinyl kettle bell is that it comes with clear weight specifications.

Moreover, the markings securely stick to a vinyl coating and don’t wear off over time. To wrap the whole thing up, the vinyl kettle bells from EXTREME FITNESS will help you start or continue weight lifting workouts and achieve great results.

Collect Your Own Rainbow If you are looking for not only effective but also attractive and stylish kettle bells, then you will probably get interested in these from We are Sports. And the wide choice of vibrant color options makes these kettle bells look modern and bright.

Also, thanks to this smart design decision, you will know the weight of each kettle bell event if the kg specifications wear off. The manufacturer offers a variety of different weights to choose from, so both novice users and experienced athletes will find the appropriate one.

As for materials, this piece of sports equipment is entirely made of cast iron with a neoprene thick rubber coating. Due to this thoughtful combination, you can use it indoors with no worries about your flooring.

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Even if you have wooden floors or tiles, you will not damage them by putting the bell down. With such high-quality gear, you will be able to prepare for any competition with maximum comfort and style.

Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock May be out of stock ASINB00IJBIS5G We are Sports Snatched Even though there is a huge variety of workout equipment available on the modern market, a kettle bell used to be and remains one of the most popular sports gear.

In most cases, kettle bell looks like a balloon with a handle for a comfortable, firm grip. Kettle bell lifting is great for harmonious body development as well as improving general health condition and your balance.

Furthermore, in addition to developing musculature, regular workouts with kettle bells can improve your respiratory and cardiovascular systems and increase stamina. As weight-lifting exercises spring all athlete’s body muscles into action, home training with a kettle bell is worth a workout in the gym.

Just keep in mind that you should err on the side of caution and exercise correctly: this will help prevent traumas and allow you to achieve results quicker. To help you with your choice, we've selected the best kettle bells that can be purchased both individually and in a set.

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If you are a real sports enthusiast and want to reach the peak of your physical capacity, you may also be interested in getting dumbbells that can become a nice addition to your workouts. In terms of design, this sports equipment is divided into classical one-piece and adjustable kettle bells.

As for adjustable kettle bells, their weight can be shifted by adding or taking away some plates. Sometimes these models feature rubber coating that makes them safe for your floor.

In fact, kettle bell lifting is a great physical activity for jumpstarting your cardio and springing into action all the muscles throughout your body. If you are a novice weightlifter, we would recommend you not to overload your muscles and heart performing exercises with too heavy bells.

When you already see that a certain weight doesn't have any impact on your body, it's high time to add more plates or shift to a heavier one-piece kettle bell. Note that the coating of a bell’s handle should be reliable not to slip out of your hands.

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