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Bob Roberts
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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Kettle bells are a great piece of workout equipment that gives you a lot of benefits. They are especially great for building muscles and developing strength if you don’t have dumbbells or barbells at home.

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However, if you are clueless about what to do with your dumbbells, there are plenty of apps on your smartphone that will teach you and get you started. These apps will help you achieve your goal whether it is losing weight, building muscles, or improving strength.

It has 12 simple and easy to follow training videos that are applicable to 20 different exercises. ROC certified kettle bell instructor Robert Bud shows you each exercise to help you safely perform them.

Product Highlights Easy to navigate Has a lot of original kettle bell workouts Convenient tagging system Every exercise on the app has a detailed description, photo, and video instruction.

If you are looking for an app with Tabatha timer, then the Virtual Trainer Kettle bell will help you with that. The app contains 51 kettle bell exercises shown in sharp HD quality video.

It also caters to both beginners and experienced kettle bell workouts with full body exercises in all ranges of difficulty. Virtual Trainer Kettle bell also employs a reward system that keeps you motivated and challenged.

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Product Highlights Sharp HD quality video exercises Timers for Tabatha, HIIT, and Circuit training Syncs with iOS8 Health app If you are this type of person, you should look for an app that gives you a lot of unique and original kettle bell workouts to keep you challenged.

Features • over 45 kettle bell exercises 5 unique workout programs voice coach clear HD video demonstrations works offline Adaptable difficulty We adjust your training level up or down based on your feedback.

I like that you can set the duration of workouts and an area to focus (although there’s not a ton of variety), and you don’t have to think about it much. Compared to other options on the market, this app was super straightforward and a great price.

This is a great introduction into the world of getting fit at home, on a budget. I started a New Year's resolution to get fit and lose weight and this app has a nice program to keep your workouts going.

It gives you a demo of the exercise which doubles as a rest time and tells you when to switch sides, so they equally get a workout. Two things I’d change:1) give me the ability to adjust the loudness of the app, independent of the music I’m playing in the background.

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I listen to playlists while I work out, and sometimes it’s difficult to hear the next exercise.2) update the exercise list regularly. The developer, Martin Managed, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple.

an awesome application from solo that shows you how to get an incredible workout with one or two kettle bells. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness guru, Kettle bell F.I.T.

You will learn swing, jerk, squat, press, and other kettle bell exercises. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Staff Senior Certified Instructor All the data the kettle bell collects will feed into the Växjö app, alongside intel from the company's heart rate monitor, smart scale, and external sources such as Fit bits and soon, the Apple Watch.

Watch more than 2000+ unique videos of all muscles in the human muscular system in 3D. Watch all connection points and movements that every muscle performs in fascinating animations.

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You can always visually show your clients how an exercise should be done, and you can always go back and watch the videos again and again! Our goal is to explain in simple terms some complex subjects of the human body, and make it easier for you to understand.

This extensive library of videos is a winning combination which will take you to the next level! It’s a great way to explain what’s happening in our body when we are performing an exercise or feeling discomfort.

+ Includes the Anatomy App content (2 in 1) + More than 4000 3D videos of Strength Training and Stretches. + Full Theory Chapter with 180 Video Lessons + 3D Functional Training Anatomy.

The automatic renewal is intended to optimize the efficiency of the service we provide for you. If you like the App and would like to continue your subscription, you won’t have to go through the purchase process again. We put a lot of effort as well as our reputation on the line so that you will feel completely safe and sure about your decision.

Our team analyzes new exercises all the time to give you the great information through 3D Animation that will allow you to continue learning and improve your understanding in the easiest and most comfortable way. First, you need to choose the best subscription for you of the 3 options (Monthly, Yearly, or 3-years) After clicking on “Get in Now” button, you will move to the Buy-Now page.

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First, you will be able to show trainees which muscles are stimulated during exercise, and illustrate perfect form and technique. Learn crucial nuances for every exercise through our unique library of educational videos.

Gain a detailed understanding of exactly how each stretch affects your body with our enhanced video selection. In addition to extensive information about each stretch, you can also finally show your clients how you are helping them and overcoming their muscular imbalance.

+ Function of the core muscles + The pelvic floor muscles + Exercises to maintain proper pelvic position + Neuromuscular control + Ideal postural alignment + Abdominal bracing + 3D Exercises with common mistakes! In response to your requests, we added functional exercises used in weightlifting and straps workouts.

In addition to viewing each muscle separately, it is possible to see the whole model while removing or returning layers. Each movement includes several video segments that present all the muscles from different angles.

“I find your videos very helpful in educating my athletes to avoid injury” I find your videos very helpful in educating my athletes on proper technique to avoid injury.

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Miles Viewer / High School Athletic Trainer | North Carolina, USA “When I understand concepts better I can explain and teach my players better” This user-friendly software gave me an interdisciplinary view on human kinetic movement and understanding general anatomy of the human body.

Its features of the Muscular Anatomy and Skeletal System makes absorbing the material so much easier because it’s based on cognitive learning. We all move, but this software helps us to expand our understanding in kinesiology and body movement.

“Muscle & Motion Strength Training is an incredible tool” Muscle & Motion Strength Training is an incredible tool that I find useful on a daily basis! I’ve even pulled it up when I’m working with clients who like to better understand the appropriate form for an exercise.

It’s also been useful to explain what’s happening in a client’s body when they are performing an exercise or feeling discomfort. Reading about anatomy and looking at anatomical pictures is one thing, but I find that the simplistic but detailed moving visuals provided within this program is far superior to anything I have used in the past.

Your videos are an excellent tool for me and my patients because it helps all of us understand the proper motion of each muscle. I see sport and gym related injuries all the time at my clinic and I always tend to pull up your videos on my laptop to properly explain what may have happened to them.

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Common exercises are explained in great detail, which serves gym trainers and any person to find out what muscles are they really working or should be feeling. This is HUGE as one of main mistakes people make is doing anything they find in a magazine not knowing what they’re really working.

Whether you get one month or an annual subscription the price is extremely affordable compared to other resources I’ve paid for and have not lived up to my expectations. You can tell that whoever makes this software has real passion for what they’re doing. Their attention to detail, to explain in simple terms complex subjects of the human body shows that someone really takes the time to simplify it and makes it easier to understand.

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