Best Kettlebell Shoes

Bob Roberts
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 15 min read

I’m not here to convert anyone in what I believe is the best for the body and performance, I know that everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, and that’s perfectly fine. Let’s dab a bit more into GS and throw some ideas and opinions around.

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When the heel comes off the ground to push the kettle bell into the air, the ball of the foot remains connected longer without shoes, thus being able to produce more power, and the toes are utilized for balance. With shoes, due to the stiffness of the sole, the ball of the foot comes sooner off the ground as the heels are lifted.

When receiving the kettle bell in the drop, one can lift the heels off the ground with just the ball of the feet remaining connected while spreading the toes to provide better balance. No matter how flexible the sole of the shoe, no sole is as flexible as no shoe, now, think about how the heel comes off the ground during the lift, with no shoes it will allow the foot to bend easier, allowing more force to be generated through longer connection from part of the foot to the surface, thus generating more power for longer (even though we’re talking milliseconds).

Do we need to slam our heels like we just don’t care, or is there actually a possibility we can jerk high reps with a controlled return to the ground? They cramp your toes together, remove or limit the use of them, make your feet weak by limiting the movement and absorbing impact/resistance that would normally make your feet stronger.

People are so used to it, it’s unusual to not wear shoes, and they just don’t question it. Because if they’re not, well, then their feet are probably weak and not used to ‘no shoes and might make their initial performance worse.

To me it all makes so much sense, it’s one of these things where you go “can’t you see it, can’t you see how the human body was made, and what negative impact shoes have on strength, flexibility and shape of your feet?”. The heel slam during the under squat with heavy weight is a problem, the sole of the shoe provides some relief.

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Let me clear something up, when I say no shoes, you might be picturing some hobo with filthy clothes, black cracked feet, and long toenails, but no. No shoes on in the house EVER, they stop at the door, bare feet or flip-flops in the house only, also keeps it nice and clean, no dragging in dog shit onto the carpet and other filthy crap from outside.

No shoes in the gym, unless I’m sprinting long distance or on a rough surface. As for fancy parties, the last time I went to a fancy party would be two years ago, I simply don’t do parties that require a suit in which my nuts are squashed, the shirt is so tight that it looks like I got ILS (invisible lat syndrome), I only go to places where I can dress and feel free.

One last fact, years ago when I had many issues with my feet it was recommended to me to wear insoles/orthotics for the plantar fasciitis and pronation, ooh my what an uncomfortable period of time that was walking on those orthotics, and what an expense for some plastic. It did absolutely nothing for me, orthotics are the biggest waste of money ever, they don’t get to the root cause of things, which is a weakness.

Here’s where it ends, most of the GS stuff I touched upon is based on beliefs, common sense and ingrained customs, until the day that research is done with a large test group of similar strength, endurance, and mental toughness, it’s all just talk and you decide what you believe and use. Taco Fleur Russian Gregory Sport Institute Kettle bell Coach, Caveman training Certified, IFF Certified Kettle bell Teacher, Kettle bell Sport Rank 2, HardstyleFit Kettle bell Level 1 Instructor., CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Judges Certificate, CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate, Kettle bells Level 2 Trainer, Kettle bell Science and Application, MMA Fitness Level 2, MMA Conditioning Level 1, BJJ Purple Belt and more.

Manufactured with a lightweight concept in mind together with the quality lace-up design that was featured offer your foot is therefore guaranteed with an unforgettable secure fit. Full-grain leather that was used as the upper is also breathable to ensure that your foot is protected from foot fungus.to execute a quality and a safe kettle ball shot consider piking shoes that have trod sole like adidas samba kettle bells.

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If you are a beginner looking for a quality shoe that is 100% compatible with kettle bells throwing, lifting or swinging classes then this Cross Trainer from Under Armor is an awesome pick for you this training season. For added comfort and cushioning the heel of these shoes is only 10.5 mm hence stability is a guarantee.

With a shaft that only measures mid-top from the original arch ensure that throughout your kettle bell class slip-free and comfortable ride will be guaranteed. Whether lifting or throwing kettle bells the zero-gravity feel offered by this pair of footwear was made possible by the manufacturer after integrating UA Hour which is a technology-based cushioning feature.

During kettle bell lifting classes the dual-density midsole trick which was featured takes care of shock and impact generated thus keeping your foot from heel and ankle pain. During an intense kettle bell lifting or training sessions, the rubber sole option is the one responsible for offering your foot with enough cushioning.

Apart from the anti-friction lining keeping your foot free from blisters it also ensures that heat build-up is professionally neutralized during intense kettle bell lifting competitions, trailing or throwing sessions With a breathable upper this Nordic Weightlifting Shoes is compatible with both male and female kettle bell enthusiasts.

Feeling that you need to be convinced more to pick this Nordic as your preferred kettle bell sneaker well then, the 1 fully year product warranty from the sneaker manufacturer is enough assurance that comfort, stability and proper foot cushioning are offered in bulk. We found the Nordic as the idea kettle bell sneaker as air conditioning and secure fit are not compromised.

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Getting the right pair of shoes will make the exercise to be even more enjoying regardless of whether you will be swing, throwing, pressing, juggling or even moving kettle bells.since kettle bells are 100% portable they can, therefore, be incorporated in different athletic and sports hence going for a multipurpose pair of shoes will work great. For a more comfortable ride consider going for shoe brands which are designed from a dual-density sole material.to ensure that throughout your kettle bell training sessions your foot will be offered with superior cushioning.

When it comes kettle bells exercise comfort and performance are the main things that should never be compromised over other factors such as price or product availability. Breathable shoes are also capable of keeping your foot fresh from bad odors causing microbe growth.

I have to confess that it almost took me 24 hours to come up with this best shoes for kettle bells review as on the market there both original and counterfeit shoe brands. Other kettle pairs of shoes worth giving a try include the- or the as they are backed up by a premium manufactures warranty.

If you’re a regular Cross Fitter or dedicated powerlifter, then you really will get extra benefit and lifting power from a pair of shoes that provide adequate support and anchoring to enhance your performance and reduce the risk of any injuries. As anyone who’d dead lifted will know, technique is everything and the correct powerlifting shoe will put you in the right form and position to smash those personal bests.

These Power lift 3.1 trainers from Adidas have been designed with an extra-wide fit that allows the foot to comfortably splay, providing the perfect solid base for lifting. With a mid foot strap for even better lockdown, these lightweight yet durable shoes are engineered to provide extra reinforcement and ankle support.

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Utilizing high-quality materials and featuring an air mesh collar, tongue, and lining, they provide plenty of ventilation and breathability. It provides the perfect amount of stability for power lifting sessions where form and function really matter.

The heat activated foot strap uniquely molds to the wearers shape for a truly customizable fit. A great option for dedicated weight lifters that has the added benefit of not needing multiple wears to break the shoes in.

This upgraded training shoe from Reebok offers the ultimate in stability and features a wide toe box to deliver a strong foundation. Designed with a flex weave upper, it encourages plenty of flexibility, durability as well as security.

The upper Nanowatt construction ensures breathability while inside the midsole is supported by a comfortable molded sock liner that cushions each step you take. With the addition of high-abrasion rubber outsole and forefoot flex grooves, the CrossFit NATO 8 has all the traction and grip you need to power your performance.

Claiming to be the lightest weight lifting specific shoe currently available it combines that all important stability with a secure fit and superbly flexible grip putting you firmly in control and assisting deliver excellent postural form. If you need to make quick transitions from an agile box jump to an over-head squat, these trainers will not let you down.

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Born out of the high energy world of mixed martial arts and mat sports in general, Atomic Stingray Escape shoes are ultra-light but seriously deliver on stability and offer superior support, especially around the more delicate ankles. These shoes have been specifically designed and manufactured to provide maximum support enabling you to push your physical boundaries to the limits and really increase your lifting loads.

Brand Reebok Model ROS Workout TRy 2.0-M Weight 3 pounds These provide a precision like fit to ensure minimal movement inside the shoe so that your form is not compromised just at that all important moment.

They’re lightweight and also feature a breathable mesh lining for your additional onboard comfort. Inov-8 as a company are passionate about pushing the boundaries in order to deliver truly flexible but fully functional footwear.

Combines conventional lace-up closure with additional hook and loop instep strap While it does have a little of visual appeal to it that makes you feel comfortable pairing it with casual clothes, it also packs a lot of strength.

The Lasting provides a lot of stability for hardcore training, thanks to the sturdy and flexible synthetic woven upper area. This stability will see to it that every step you take is rooted to the ground, thereby ensuring that you don’t end up slipping as you train.

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Moving on, we have a Micro-adjusting Boa Closure, which makes for a consistent hold on your feet and ankles. Ankle and feet security seemed to be a primary priority for the manufacturers of these shoes, and they nailed the feature pretty well.

Apart from ensuring that your toes are kept comfortable, it will help provide optimal transmission of power, so you can take quicker strides. Besides all the great features below, they also have a reflective No bull logo so if you are out at night, you’ll be safely seen.

They also very handily come with interchangeable soles that you can uniquely switch between soft and firm support depending upon what your workout program dictates. If you know you are going for the Personal Best dead lifting and need that extra grip and security, then be sure to pop in your firm support insoles first.

The fly wire cables and mid foot nylon strap support offer a dynamic yet stable foot position. Available in a series of color choices with the usual Adidas striped feature, Adipose weight lifting specific shoe from the master brand of all things athletic and sports orientated that is Adidas, provides that all-important blend of grip, stability and comfort too.

No matter the load, these shoes won’t let you down and will help you on your way to increasing those power reps. They’re a quality option for any lovers of powerlifting. You can't be safe enough when dangling heavy weights over your head or jumping laterally during an intense HIIT class: you need the best workout shoes to support you.

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I like to suffer for my art and if I'm not in the gym sampling the latest workout app, I enjoy being shouted at by a personal trainer in my so-far only partially successful quest for a Chris Hemsworth body. Overall, the Nike Free X Met con 2 trainer offered the most enticing package, with a super stable heel for better balance during squats and big lifting movements, as well as an exceptionally flexible sole for greater confidence during split squats or more explosive exercises.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the list that follows is roughly in an order of preference, although the look and fit of certain models will very much be down to personal tastes. Please note that while these gym shoes were tested by a man, they are largely also suitable for women's workouts.

Some models even have a wider and reinforced heel area, which copes with the excess pressure when tackling a really heavy dead lift or squat and avoids any ankle rolling, while others will be more geared towards explosive movements and high intensity workouts. Support, flexibility, a stable platform and good connection with the ground below: these are all attributes that make a great workout trainer and the Nike Free X Met con 2 features all of these in droves.

Nike's Met con range is also relatively diverse, spanning those shoes aimed at pure power lifting (see the Adidas model below) to these, slightly more versatile kicks. A CPU mesh upper encourages plenty of airflow around the foot, which will appeal to those thinking of adding some high intensity efforts to their workouts, while the boogie construction offers lots of support around the ankle, which is great for rapid direction changes, side steps and sprint training.

You won't find a high stack here, like in modern running shoes, but for the same reason, the Tribes Reign 2 is not the best choice for treadmill sessions, the sole being flat and less cushioned. This doesn't mean this workout shoe is not responsive, though: the full-length Micro G foam midsole does have a slight bounce and will take the weight off your feet when you jump around.

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Weirdly, the latest Met con shoe has lost the neoprene-esque ankle support of the model we previously adored, but it still retains the broad flat sole, which makes it great for powerful lifting moves. Updates include firmer foam under the heel for a more supportive platform, as well as additional cushioning for high impact moves.

According to its makers, this shoes is 18% more breathable than the Met con 5 it supersedes, using an improved lightweight mesh for most of the upper. There's even a removable Hyper lift insert that lets you adjust the height under your heel from one set to the next, transforming these versatile shoes from a proper lifting platform to a more energetic workout trainer in an instant.

CrossFit incorporates numerous athletic disciplines into its foundations, meaning it requires a fairly versatile shoe to ensure the fitness movement's followers don't end up with battered and blistered feet. Reebok has long supported the sport (yeah, Crossfires claims it is a sport) and its latest NATO shoe packs plenty of technology into its slim, lightweight frame, including new heel boogie construction that works alongside a molded midsole and sock liner for greater ankle support during heavy lifting.

Reebok's “Detection” adds extra durability at the front of the shoe, where some participants find digits end up popping through the outer after a few months of flipping tires etc. Plus, a high abrasion rubber sole grips the floor as you lift and forefoot flex grooves give greater flexibility and enhance balance during split squats and lunges.

The steep decline from heel to toe and beefed-up torsion bar system at the rear of this Adidas brute allows for a much more stable platform through which to push some serious power. A single instep strap provides additional rear-foot support and can be quickly and easily adjusted on the fly, mid-set, so there's nothing to stand in the way of a one-rep max attempt.

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Alas, these beefcake-makers aren't wonderful for anything else other than heavy lifting, so if you plan to throw a little treadmill time into your workout, you'll likely have to pack a separate pair of running shoes in your gym bag... or risk looking a bit silly Reasons to avoid New Balance is one of the top dogs in the running shoe game, but it has also branched out into other areas of physical fitness.

The Fresh Foam Road is arguably the most fashion-led trainer on this list, but it still features a few design tricks that make it a good gym buddy. Unlike many other NB shoes, the sole does away with the usual 'banana' design and instead offers a nice flat platform for setting feet and digging in heels during dead lifts, squats and other powerful exercises.

Admittedly, we were skeptical at first, but performing big dead lifts and squats in This is better than going barefoot, or slipping around the gym in socks. But these shoes pack rubber edges at the toe, forefoot and heel for durability in high-wear areas.

They are a little chunkier for it, but it means your toes won't end up poking through the upper if you are the type to carry out explosive leaps and strides during complex, multi-faceted sessions. The Air Zoom Super Rep has been engineered specifically for HIIT training sessions, with features designed to give you a vital boost during intense circuits.

The key feature here is the “burpee break” separating the heel from the toe sole, which provides flexibility in the shoe when distributing your weight to different parts of the foot, and the big arcs are supposed to act as “brake pads” when leaping from side to side. We were surprised to find the shoe holds up when flat (driving upwards during squat thrusters and kettle bell swings), on our toes (for press-ups and burpees) and on regular impact with its Zoom Air cushioning, handling everything we could throw at it with ease.

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New Balance has opted to hook up with Vibrant, purveyors of brilliantly cushioning soles, to create an all-purpose training shoe that's as good smashing the heavy lifts (where a stable footing is required) as it is for soaking up the impact from explosive moves. If you can get over the slightly bulky look and tight fit (definitely go for a half size up on your regular shoe), they prove really drippy on smooth surfaces and nicely stable for the classic Olympic lifts.

I have seen a lot of people on social media wearing weight lifting shoes when doing snatches, swings and other exercises. I have seen a lot of people on social media wearing weight lifting shoes when doing snatches, swings and other exercises.

The majority of lifts drive through your heel into the ground, and you want something solid under your heel. The squishy heel of a running shoe can throw you off, dampen the heel drive, and at least once in my past surprise you (wore running shoes by mistake once) to the point of a mildly dangerous technique breakdown. The majority of lifts drive through your heel into the ground, and you want something solid under your heel. The squishy heel of a running shoe can throw you off, dampen the heel drive, and at least once in my past surprise you (wore running shoes by mistake once) to the point of a mildly dangerous technique breakdown.

Level 6 Valued Member Team Leader Certified Instructor @Wienerbroed I think you see a lot of people where those when they have lots of exercises that include a “double knee bend” or “second dip” to their movements, namely “GS style” cleans and/or snatches, as well as jerks.

A) Like the stability they provide B) Have ankle mobility issues and benefit from the shoe helping their knees move forward C) Feel more comfortable with a posterior weight shift (from their hips) when wearing a heeled shoe compared to bare feet One exercise I've always felt horribly awkward at when wearing We shoes is the Turkish Get Up.

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They're designed to enable better dorsiflexion during squats, cleans, and snatches. When I train for gs I use Reebok lifters, but when I do HS I'll use those shoes I was born with.

Level 9 Valued Member Elite Certified Instructor The reason you'll find so few proponents of it around here is that Strongest is big on the concept of “rooting”.

In this you feel your feet strongly against the floor or ground, deliberately connecting by grabbing the ground with your feet or using a slight outward turn to “corkscrew” the feet to the ground, and/or a “static stomp” before something like a pistol squat or sometimes before a press... all to increase that direct connection with the ground and ability to produce force against it. I have seen a lot of people on social media wearing weight lifting shoes when doing snatches, swings and other exercises.

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