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Ava Flores
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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I was always quite fit, playing multiple sports, going for runs, and, for 1-2 years, getting in 3-4 gym workouts per week. Then, after COVID-19 slowed down a bit in July, I stepped in a gym for the first time in forever.

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I was floored: I could not do a single dip, barely finished a hand full of push ups, and then hung off a bar like a dead fish when trying to perform a pull-up. The most commonly recommended progression was using bands + doing some accessory work like Australian pull-ups.

When studying the recommended routine, I noticed it integrates negative pull ups instead of bands. After performing my adapted routine for only a couple of weeks, my back strength had increased significantly.

And then today, I finally pulled up my full body weight, from a dead hang to chin over the bar. Banded pull-ups are crayfish when starting out from scratch, but negatives proved to be far superior in gaining strength.

Still, if you’re stuck in your banded pull-up progression like I was, I highly suggest giving negative pull-ups a try. We all know that there are very few people who exercise religiously from their childhood as a habit ingrained in their life just like any other required biological activity.

As we age series of health problems start to creep up due to long periods of inactivity. Most of us started working out (again) after some epiphany or after facing severe/irritating health issues or whatever.

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Never expected this post to blow up in such a short time. As the title suggests, I have gotten in up the morning and felt wonderful which made me think today might just be the day, follow along.

For background, I have done some powerlifting in the past (for those of you who don’t know, it’s the squat, bench and dead lift) and never focused on body weight exercises. I started with just doing random push ups and some stair running, no more than 1800kcal a day.

At first obviously I tried and failed, so for a few weeks I focused on scapular pulls and dead hangs. After 1 month of those I tried the negatives, but they gave me tennis elbow, so I decided to do Australian pull-ups which I didn’t find had any transfer to the pull-up.

I decided to drop pull-ups for time being and focus on chin-ups to get some pulling strength. Grease the groove method worked its magic, from being able to do 1, to 2 then after a couple of weeks I cracked 6 out.

Tl:Dr 3 months after training body weight, focus on chin-ups has led me to 2 pull-ups Hello BWF, I started doing by training about 7 months ago, I was severely overweight, probably just getting into the obesity range.

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I used to have an issue with pull ups, I felt a nerve in my right arm moving and it did hurt a bit. But during that time with grandma I found out the issue was that I had my elbows pointing forward.

Now it's been about 2 weeks, I'm on weightless again and haven't lost much (about 2 pounds more or less) still got a long way to go. I did 8 but I felt a few more in the tank, yet I was losing form and I didn't want that.

I then transitioned over to calisthenics / body weight two one month after I started. (currently focusing on achieving Blanche, ruminated muscle up and handstand push-up).

I talked to some friends who are gymnast and said handstands would greatly help with the balance portion of the Blanche and overall being able to hold yourself up with pure strength. I trained bench, then muscle ups then spent the rest of the 45 minutes doing handstand progressions.

Don’t throw yourself into it if you can’t hold an assisted one for a good amount of time. I believe I only achieved it so quickly because I was already fairly strong from 5 months of body weight training.

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Thanks for this great Subreddit, hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to learn a handstand. Feel free and safe to post.

Subscribe to the largest kettle bell YouTube channel for workouts, tutorials, complexes, and more. Thought I'd share my experience with the 10,000 KBS challenge.

My glutes and forearms felt way stronger by the end and my times were way better (see chart). I was pretty worried about getting blisters since I couldn't take a day off, so I used gymnastics grips from the beginning.

Have been doing kettle bell and ring workouts for 9 months or so 5 × a week (pandemic left me with only a 28 kg KB and a set of rings). I decided to do the challenge 19 days before leaving for vacation.

Started with the usual 10-15-25-50 x5 scheme with 1-2-3 reps of the supplemental movement. I preferred that rep scheme, so I mostly stuck with that the rest of the challenge.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind.

This is the Iron Man Workout which consists of a 100 kettle bell swing buy-in followed by a 30-minute AMQ RAP of military press, hang clean, and squat with two kettle bells. Yes, 30 minutes is a lot, so, pick your weight wisely, these are thirty minutes of quality work, we want as many quality reps as possible (AMQ RAP).

This workout is truly a full-body workout but in particular, it will hit your Delta, the whole area around the shoulder blades, the hip abductors and adductors, obliques, quadrats lumber, and so much more. Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind.

Those weird looking weights are called kettlebells, and they’ve been used by Russian strongmen for over two centuries to “become strong like bull.” If you’re ready to experience one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment known to man and get the workout of your life, read on. Kettle bells have been a staple in Russian exercise and physical culture since the 1700s.

Called the “King of Kettle bells” Karloff was a circus and strongman performer during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Soviet army also incorporated kettle bells into their strength and conditioning programs.

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Every Soviet military unit had a gym called the “courage corner” where kettle bell snatches and swings were performed. The strength and conditioning that Soviet soldiers developed through the use of the kettle bell made them the envy of other countries.

Lt. Gen. Gifford Martel, a commander in the British army during WWII, noted that “the rank and file of the Red Army was magnificent from a physical point of view. AOM reader and Orthodox priest Father John A. Peck continues the tradition of Eastern strength training.

While American strongmen have trained with the kettle bell since the late 19th century, it wasn’t until fairly recently that they achieved mainstream use. Former Soviet fitness instructor Pavel Tsatsouline and his book Enter the Kettle bell has played an important role in bringing the kettle bell to the masses in the United States.

In addition to getting your muscles jacked and your heart pumping, kettle bell training also increases power and explosiveness, particularly in the hips. Consequently, many powerlifters are incorporating kettle bells into their training to help with the hip explosion necessary to properly perform and maximize the dead lift and the squat.

The sumo dead lift is great for loosening up the old hip flexors as well as strengthening the quads and the abductor muscles. Pick up the kettle bell with both hands, making sure to keep your arms straight.

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When you’re in the standing position, your body should form a straight line. It’s a great auxiliary exercise to increase the hip explosiveness necessary for the dead lift and squat.

Stand above your kettle bell with your feet shoulder-width apart and the bell between your heels. Lower your hips as if you were going to sit down in a chair and grab the kettle bell with both hands.

Pop your hips forward to get the kettle bell to swing out in front of you a bit. To give you an idea of the motion I’m talking about, you basically want to “hump” the air in front of you (credit goes to my high school football coach for this phraseology).

Straddle the kettle bell with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and slightly pointed out. Squat down and grasp the kettle bell ’s handle with one hand in an overhand grip.

Position your shoulder over the kettle bell while keeping your back straight and looking forward (Fig. Inhale and pull kettle bell up off the floor by bringing your hips forward.

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Once kettle bell is off the ground, vigorously pull it up with your shoulder, allowing your elbow to bend out to your side. When the kettle bell reaches about chest level, rotate your elbow under the bell (Fig.

Catch the kettle bell on the outside of your arm; wrist is straight and knees are slightly bent. Some folks (like me) like to do a full-on front squat instead of slightly bending their knees.

I prefer this method because it gives my quads a nice workout. Inhale and explosively press the kettle bell off your arm and straight up to lockout over your head.

Bend your right leg at your knee so that your right heel is back near your butt. Place your left arm out to the side, with your palm face down on the ground.

Keep your right arm fully extended above your head and your eyes on the kettle bell. Begin to lift your right shoulder off the ground and come up and rest on your left elbow.

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You should now be in a bridge position with just your left hand and both feet on the ground. Now it’s time to follow the steps above in reverse and return to the starting position on your back.

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