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Think fitness devices like cable machines, boxes for jumps and even some free weights, specifically kettle bells. To me, kettle bells always seemed too clunky and heavy and I couldn’t fathom how to stash them in my living room — my workout area — in a way that would be both stylish enough and functional enough for my preferences.

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 7 min read
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All that aside, kettle bell workouts also just didn’t seem necessary since I have dumbbells and resistance bands to cover lots of fitness routines. However, given the inherent difficulty of attending gyms right now with a face mask and the potential risk of exposure, I decided to shake things up and took the plunge: I ordered a kettle bell.

If you’re likewise looking for the best kettle bells to buy, you’ll quickly find lots of options and some might seem very similar to others. I’ve found a lot of value in even basic exercises, which challenged my body in gym-worthy ways, an especially significant value in workout gear as we head into winter.

Other fitness pros I talked to had predictably different takes on the best approach to equipping your home gym with kettle bells. Peter Bahia, director of personal training at Athletic Development and Performance Training, told me he realizes a kettle bell can be a substantial investment for some, but still considers it a unique piece of equipment that can build functional strength and improve range of motion — both worthwhile endeavors in the work from home reality many of us face.

It’s easy to use and ultimately gives you unrivaled flexibility with what weight size you want in your kettle bell given you have the appropriate dumbbells to match with it. Heidi Pocono, a personal trainer and manager of training at GYMGUYZ, recommends a vinyl coated cast iron kettle bell.

“This is my go-to piece of equipment, no matter where I’m training,” Pocono said, noting the “comfortable” cast iron handle glides smoothly in her hand whether she’s performing a kettle bell swing, snatch or a windmill. Former gym owner and personal trainer Alicia McKenzie said that a kettle bell is always one of the first pieces of equipment she recommends for anyone attempting to start a home gym — it took me more than eight months of in-home workouts to find the motivation to test a kettle bell.

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I used the CAP brand when I owned a gym and their equipment can really take a beating,” McKenzie said. Are you worried about bringing such a heavy piece of equipment into your home and the associated risk of denting your floors?

“It is durable, can withstand general wear and tear — but most importantly, it isn't going to damage your home or hurt (as much) if you slam it into your foot.” The handle on this kettle bell is relatively large, too, which gives you plenty of grip space for two-handed movements like a kettle bell swing. Kettle bells challenge your balance because they change your center of gravity, turning regular exercises like lunges and squats difficult.

Forget dumbbells and let us introduce you to this underrated workout tool that you will easily find in the gym. If you have noticed these unconventional workout tools at the gym but have been too scared to try them out, you have come to the right place.

This workout tool features a hard cast iron ball attached to a handle. This creates the need to stabilize and counterbalance during your workout, enhancing core strength.

The vinyl coat not only protects the metal core but enhances the appearance of the workout tool. Color coatings are often used to differentiate weights in the gym not to mention, they protect the floor from damage.

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The kettle bell features a chrome finish that ensures the handle is perfectly smooth. This results in a better grip that eventually leads to a more efficient workout session.

This type of kettle bell is shock absorbent and strong, perfect for an intense workout session. Men with moderate strength and fitness levels (ideally those who can perform 40 push ups) can start with a 20 kg kettle bell.

Women with average fitness levels who are used to training with barbells can start with a 12 kg kettle bell. Men with excellent fitness levels who have trained extensively with dumbbells and barbells can start with a 24 kg kettle bell.

Women with excellent fitness levels and experience can start with a 20 kg kettle bell. For a comfortable workout session, it is imperative the handle feels right in your hands.

Steel handles that offer a bit of roughness are ideally your best option. Powder coated and painted handles can be difficult to grip in the later stages of the workout session.

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Wondering why you should skip conventional workout methods and opt for kettle bell training instead? That’s right, kettle bell training means you don’t have to worry about expensive gym memberships and leaving the comfort of your home.

Kettle bells are compact workout tools that can easily fit inside your bag. Not to mention, kettle bell training does not require much room so you can work out in your cozy apartment.

Kettle bell training tones muscles and burns fat at a faster rate. Most kettle bell exercises improves posture and counteract the effects of modern day living and sitting.

Postural muscles are often neglected while working out but kettle bell training will drastically improve results. Unlike dumbbells that might strain your arms and other workout techniques that have a high risk of injuries, kettle bell are comfortable to use and do not pull on your muscles too hard.

In fact, the weight of the kettle bell will rest comfortably in your forearm, without feeling too heavy. Some manufacturers have come up with weird kettle bell shapes and sizes hence beware of products that are not designed with proper safety in mind.

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If the handle spacing is too large, the equipment will lie uncomfortably on your forearm. Keep these important factors in mind the next time you go shopping and avoid purchasing kettle bells with the above-mentioned features.

Kettle bell workouts are highly effective and are sure to deliver fruitful results if performed properly. Kettle bell workouts not only burn calories but target multiple muscle groups.

If you are having trouble, consider going to your local fitness store and seek advice from the sales associate. Stay clear of poor quality workout equipment and investment in bell that is molded from one continuous piece of material.

Follow these simple guidelines for maintaining a neutral spine position: Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your arms down the sides.

Focus your gaze on a point 6 feet away from you on the floor, keeping your head and neck position neutral. Breathing properly is essentially no matter what kind of exercise you perform.

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In order to protect your spine, you need to use your breath to tighten your abdominal muscles. If you are not able to comprehend video tutorials, consider seeking the help of a personal trainer.

In addition to maintaining proper form, ensure you are using the correct weights for your exercises. Using heavier weights can automatically compromise your form, leading to serious injuries.

Safety comes first so carefully select the weight of the kettle bell to reduce the risk of injuries. However, your clothes shouldn’t be too tight either or else it will restrict movement and not allow you to move freely.

Wearing shoes with raised heels will push weight to the front of the body, making it difficult for you to balance yourself. Wearing flat shoes will help activate the right muscles, resulting in a more effective workout session.

Additionally, with the right shoes, you will be able to maintain balance which means you won’t have to worry about bouncing around with weights. Leave your wedding band and wristwatch at home or pack it safely in your workout bag.

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Wearing rings will cause problems when holding a kettle bell, resulting in calluses and skin irritation. Your fingers are also likely to be marked and damaged, hence it is best to remove all kinds of jewelry before training.

Wearing wrist bands is optional and depends on your level of comfort. Some people like wearing sweat bands on their wrists for extra protection, especially when holding kettle bells in the racked position.

Unlike other forms of exercises, you won’t be moving around too much and will not require too much space. Wristwatches may be a distraction and might get damaged while you are exercising so don’t use a timer on your wrist.

Additionally, the flat, wide base ensures the weight of the kettle bell rests firmly on the floor without rocking. Weighs 13 pounds and features gray handle Constructed using powder-coated, machine-finished cast iron Flat, wide base that retains balance Features color coded handles for easy sorting

The Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettle bell Set have been manufactured whilst keeping quality standards in mind. These kettle bells are great for easing back pain and can also be used for building stability, power and strength.

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Additionally, the shiny vinyl coating prevents damage and results in a shinier appearance. Cast iron material encased in vinyl to protect your floor and reduce noise Wide, textured handle for better grip Suitable for indoor use only Weight set includes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lbs.

The PRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettle bell has been designed whilst keeping high quality standards in mind. Not to mention, the sleek design is suitable for beginners and offers equal weight distribution.

Offers a brilliant combination of fun and functionality for efficient and exciting workouts Builds and enhances muscular strength, endurance and power while burning calories Encased in durable vinyl coating that prevents floor damage and offers durability Features color coded handles for easy sorting

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