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Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Ever been stuck in a “meh” workout routine or exercised super hard but felt like it did NOTHING? Pro Kettle bell training is the fun, “smarter, not harder” workout for the win.

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You'll get incredibly STRONG without the dangers of lifting max weight, and a fantastic CARDIO workout without ever running a step. We'll teach you everything you need to know to use kettle bells safely and get superfast changes in your body from our classes, open gym or personal training.

Open floor space, lifting platforms, stretching area, wood way curve treadmill, concept 2 row machines, squat rack, gymnastic rings, pull up bar, versa climber, assault air bike, and literally tons of kettle bells. But the decision we made to do just that means at last count we had over 12,000 kettle bell classes under our belt.

We're pros, and we get our members safely performing the most technical kettle bell exercises (which some trainers take weeks to teach) in only two hours. If you answered yes one or more of these questions, how would you feel about: Learning from experts at one of the best kettle bell clubs in the entire world.

Running faster, climbing higher and riding farther within weeks of starting. CRAVING your workouts and leaving the gym feeling relaxed and recharged.

Come on in and check it out in person or sign up online now and get started this week. A pro kettle bell workout doesn’t require you to use heavy weight.

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The result is long, lean muscle which yields amazing strength and muscular endurance. Interval training and lifting kettle bells in a high-intensity (but low-impact) manner like we do at Sky elevates your metabolism and provides a post-workout after burn.

This means on top of the massive calories you burn during a kettle bell workout (one ACE study reported over 800 calories/per hr) you’ll continue to burn at a higher rate than you normally would up to 14 hours after you’ve finished. Lifting kettle bells pro-style does a remarkable job of increasing bone, tendon and ligament strength.

Ligaments and tendons take twice as long to adapt to the stress of weight lifting, so our pro-style light-weight/high-volume approach is the safest approach to increasing weight lifted; especially for people over 30 who begin to lose strength in these areas unless they proactively train them. The strength and cardiovascular training that occurs during an intense kettle bell workout helps regulate blood pressure and lowers your resting heart rate.

A lesser known but super-beneficial aspect of pro kettle bell lifting is its effect on the central nervous system. You’re working out your nervous system by constantly and quickly alternating between tensing and relaxing your muscles.

The main functions of the central nervous system are sensory, communicative, integrative and motor functions, so don’t be surprised if after using kettle bells you find yourself more coordinated, and thinking more quickly and clearly. Here you will find a list of the top kettle bell athletic performance training centers, gyms, and coaches in the USA.

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You can have full confidence that training at any of these facilities will be a world-class experience! Owners Jim and Alicia Barton's life mission is “we are committed to positively impacting the lives of everyone we come in contact with”.

It is an oasis that provides something for all ages, including chiropractic, nutrition, weight lost, CrossFit, gymnastics, massage, acupuncture/acupressure, birthing classes, yoga, Pilates and a large health food store, i.e. The Ice Chamber is an internationally renowned performance fitness center (as featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Magazine, and ABC News) open to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Home to competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike, the Ice Chamber provides a unique convergence of elite performance training and general physical preparation. The Ice Chamber serves as the premier fitness hub to the surrounding communities of Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, Richmond, and Pinhole.

SBF focuses on building and improving each client's Core Strength and Functional Mobility. Marc is the featured Tax, Kettle Bell and Athletic-Fitness Workshop Instructor for the World Fitness Association, a Personal Trainer school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Hell’s Belles & Beasts Kettle Bell Club, Douglasville, Georgia, based out of CrossFit Sweetwater, is a functional training group for everyone no matter what your fitness level or age. Training always includes Mobility Culture, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning and a Finisher plus cool down Yoga.

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Results have been amazing reversing Metabolic Syndrome Diseases including getting athletes off their meds and onto a Primal Life. Rock fit is also the host of the annual international competition the Chicago Kettle bell Classic held each June.

Jamie is a kettle bell sport competitor and one of the few coaches certified by multiple training organizations. Involved in Kettle bell Sport since 2003, Moses Dung ca teaches the techniques and coaches the progress to build strong lifters at any age.

As founder of the Las Vegas Kettle bell Club, he has developed a fun group of competitive lifters. Owner Aaron Lassie is a fitness fanatic, and has been active his entire life.

His passion is helping people achieve their fitness goals and kettle bell training is the focus of his highly successful results based programs. Founded by David and Katherine Vincent-Crowson to provide vital training to members of the community to help people protect themselves.

David and Katherine are dedicated to improving lives through teaching people crucial self-defense techniques and self-awareness and through helping others achieve better personal fitness. Joe can be contacted at (856) 899-9082 for private, group or online kettle bell instruction, athletic performance and rehabilitation therapy.

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He creates personalized strength training programs for individuals interested in progressing in overall ability and physical fitness. Kettle bell workouts were only introduced in the United States a short time ago, but Russians have used this type of strength training since the early 1900s.

201 Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 349-3773 www.fitbyred.com Located on Western Avenue between the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Bell Street, Fit By Red is an independent fitness studio run by an instructor best known as “Red.” She is a Russian Kettle bell Certified instructor and a Certified Kettle bell -Functional Movement Specialist. Flow Life Fitness 1617 Boston Ave. #U Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 794-0513 www.flowlifefitness.com Flow Life Fitness’ Tyler Oakley is not just an enthusiastic personal trainer, but also a Certified American Kettle bell Club coach.

Also known as the girl, kettle bells may be used to provide athletes with more stamina and endurance, a stronger body core, and strengthen cardiovascular and muscular systems. Walk has been working with kettle bells for more than seven years and said she believes in offering workouts to her clients that effectively relieve pain and stiffness in addition to building muscle and achieving weight loss.

She also believes kettle bells are one of the simplest and most efficient forms of fitness, incorporating fun, strength training and cardio moves into each workout. Kettle bell classes at this CrossFit location are perfect for anyone just starting out in this type of fitness, as instructors design each workout to suit every athlete individually.

While kettle bell workouts are not included in the free trial session, your trainer may provide additional information to you about these exercises. Then choose your preferred fitness option and schedule the classes you want online through the company website or by calling in.

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Founded by Katie Gould, winner of Philly Magazine’s 2017 Best Personal Trainer,” KG Strong is already blazing fitness trails as one of the hottest and most popular boutique fitness studios in Philadelphia, earning a coveted spot on the Best of Philly” list. Our strength-training and yoga experts provide one-on-one guidance to help you reach customized fitness goals, all at a pace that works for you.

Build a closer community at work by sharing the power of small group training with your coworkers. Fitness and yoga retreats combine world-class luxury with the workout you crave for an unforgettable travel experience.

Start your day on the right foot with a refreshing, energizing Yoga session led by award-winning personal trainer Katie Gould. A great Yoga session that features breathtaking views of Philadelphia’s dazzling skyline at sunrise.

He believes in mastering, progressing, and constantly honing the basics; as well as cultivating a “think lifetime, act daily” mentality. He has managed a staff of trainers at a New York City luxury gym, coached an all-women powerlifting team to new personal records, and believes that the proper strengthening and care of one’s physical body is a transformative act of self-worth.

He is a South Philly resident, total kitchen nerd, and will stop and pet a cat on the street under any and all circumstances. × Noah Maxwell CSS, SFG TL has more than 20 years’ experience as a Strength and Fitness coach.

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With an extensive background in martial arts and strength training, Noah makes an effort to do everything he asks his students to do. Amy is also passionate about her other gig as a speech-language pathologist, actively competes in local softball and field hockey leagues, and thrives on learning new things to bring to practice.

Katie has been an athlete all her life and studied functional strength training and Yoga early in her career. She is a seeker of adventure and challenge, who seems to always have a competition, trip to a foreign country, or party planned in the near future.

Cherie strives to continue making that connection stronger, always challenging her mind and body, by learning new activities and exercises from other fitness professionals. × Julie Read is a personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, artist, and writer living in Philadelphia.

When she’s not working Julie enjoys exploring the Philadelphia food scene, traveling, and spending time with her teen-dog, Rosie. × Elaine DiFeliciantonio got into strength training as a way to continue to challenging her body after her athletic career ended.

Through continuing education Elaine wants to enhance her clients performance in the major movement patterns while unlocking the stability and mobility to make training a lifelong journey.

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