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Kettle bells are a great piece of workout equipment that gives you a lot of benefits. They are especially great for building muscles and developing strength if you don’t have dumbbells or barbells at home.

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
• 7 min read
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However, if you are clueless about what to do with your dumbbells, there are plenty of apps on your smartphone that will teach you and get you started. These apps will help you achieve your goal whether it is losing weight, building muscles, or improving strength.

It has 12 simple and easy to follow training videos that are applicable to 20 different exercises. ROC certified kettle bell instructor Robert Bud shows you each exercise to help you safely perform them.

Some of his kettle bell workouts combine body weight exercises, Tax, rowing, yoga, and Pilates. If you are curious about what the training videos consist, they include some following exercises:

Product Highlights Easy to navigate Has a lot of original kettle bell workouts Convenient tagging system Every exercise on the app has a detailed description, photo, and video instruction.

You can even share the results of your workout on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Product Highlights Compatible with Health app Provides 5 difficulty levels Contains 135 total unique workouts

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If you are looking for an app with Tabatha timer, then the Virtual Trainer Kettle bell will help you with that. The app contains 51 kettle bell exercises shown in sharp HD quality video.

It also caters to both beginners and experienced kettle bell workouts with full body exercises in all ranges of difficulty. Virtual Trainer Kettle bell also employs a reward system that keeps you motivated and challenged.

Product Highlights Sharp HD quality video exercises Timers for Tabatha, HIIT, and Circuit training Syncs with iOS8 Health app If you are this type of person, you should look for an app that gives you a lot of unique and original kettle bell workouts to keep you challenged.

Best Kettle bells for Working Out at Home — InsideHook My gym officially closed this morning. Our wellness institutions have reached the correct, sobering conclusion that they can now only do more harm than good.

It’s hard to believe, reflecting on all that’s happened since last Wednesday night, to think that I was swinging bars and bells around at my gym early last week. With a lengthy period of social distancing ahead, doctors and medical professionals have encouraged people to hunker down, nestle in and find some level of comfort within their homes.

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There’s simply no reason to be hitting a bar right now (if any are even still open in your neck of the woods). Assuming you’re practicing good quarantine etiquette, this can be a bizarrely effective time to hit the reset button on your fitness.

A Peloton would be nice, and that company, alongside other at-home trainers, will probably make a buck this spring. You’ve finally got time to learn them properly, so make some room in the apartment, or head to your garage or driveway, and try out the six-move workout that we picked up from Chris Hemsworth and the other fit folks at CENTR.

Lord knows they don’t need help like other institutions will the next couple of months (so if you can safely buy kettle bells locally, look into that), but the e-commerce giant makes a perfectly reliable, glossy black enamel set in 10 different casts. I’d recommend picking up a super light one for practicing form, a heavy one because certain moves should be low-rep, high-challenge, and two goal, “working weights” that you can use for multi-bell rows.

Not been: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits. We've gotten pretty good at working out at home this past year, but if you're still using your footstool for a box step, or wine bottles for weights, it might be time to upgrade your home workout kit.

If you're going to invest in one item right now, make it a kettle bell says Phillipa Gillespie-Eyles, Kettle bell instructor at Everyone Active’s leisure center in Ulrich, London; 'This simple piece of equipment can develop muscular endurance, strength, power and cardiovascular capacity — all of which contribute to making you a better runner.' AmazonBasicsamazon.co.UK If you're really looking to step up your cardio indoors, we've rounded up the best fitness bikes and the best treadmills for runners, starting at £100.

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If it's weights and resistance bands you're after, we've rounded up the best home workout kit in the Amazon Prime Day sale here: This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Knowing what equipment you need to work out at home can be daunting — is a set of 10 different dumbbells and a selection pack of resistance bands really necessary? Worthington suggests that any wellness program should be balanced to cover all aspects of fitness, which incorporates muscular strength, mobility, work capacity, body composition and emotional well-being.

“It allows us to be resilient enough to do the HIIT class or run; creates the stability for yoga, Pilates or a dance workout; allows for the preservation of lean tissue; and is empowering, fulfilling, and makes everyday tasks easier.” So in order for a routine to be as effective as possible, resistance training should be the focus, with extra exercises making up what Worthington calls the “side dishes” to complement it. Whether you exercise in your living room daily or are simply dipping a toe into the world of home workouts, the trainer walks Vogue through the equipment worth investing in.

You can attach one end of a long loop band to a fixed object and this will open up a wide variety of rows, pulls and chops that allow you to work all of those important (and often forgotten) muscles of the upper back and core that you can’t see in the mirror.” Worthington suggests buying two lighter resistance bands that you can double up in order to make them stronger, or to use them for bigger exercises like squats. Step or bench : “This piece of kit will open up a variety of single leg exercises such as step ups and split squats, as well as giving you the ability to perform single or double legged hip thrusts for your glutes.”

“Although the skill and timing can initially be tricky, once you have found your rhythm, you can use a jump rope for interval (start/stop) training, as well as longer, steady-state exercise.” A Tax will allow you to perform a full body resistance workout in a limited space, and it will fit in a drawer when you’re done.

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Power blocks : Quite simply the best at-home alternative to dumbbells which, in their traditional form, take up a lot of room. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to add chest presses, shoulder raises and more directly targeted arm work to your routine.”

Barbell and weight plates: Although these are expensive, Worthington believes they make the range of exercises available to you almost limitless. “Used creatively, a barbell can serve all of your needs for resistance training and is the most effective way of building and maintaining lean muscle,” he says.

“Barbell and weight plates allow you to add a wide variety of squats, presses, rows and lunges to your routine, as well as being very specific about the resistance for every exercise.” Worthington also recommends investing in a landmine” attachment for your barbell, which takes up a little less space and means you need fewer weight plates. With access to live-streamed classes as well as thousands of on-demand sessions that link to the screen on the spin bike, it’s a lockdown essential.

They are also completely weight supported, so ideal for anyone recovering from an injury or who suffers from back or knee pain.” Full body strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and non-stop core engagement — that’s what this 30 Minute Kettle bell HIIT Workout for women is all about!

All words and opinions are my own; thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love; making the content you see on this blog possible. Which is why I’m excited to bring you this Kettle bell HIIT Workout in partnership with Schuyler Shoes and New Balance.

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I love a full body strength workout that ALSO raises my heart rate. This workout specifically targets your power generating muscles — your legs, hips and glutes.

That means changing the movement patterns, the weights used, the timed work intervals — basically anything to make your workout ‘new’ and keep your body from getting used to the same exercises. Cross-training is also great for injury prevention as you avoid putting the same stress on your joints and ligaments.

I’m a big fan of cross-training and mixing up your workout routines. Your body is smart, and learns to adapt to an exercise program within approximately six to eight weeks.

One of the best ways to prepare your body for a marathon or race day is to cross train. Provide muscular stability to better tackle inclines, declines and different running terrains.

Just over one year ago, I ran a marathon in Haiti to raise awareness and funds for clean water. I attribute my cross-training, like this kettle bell workout for women, as the reason I was able to finish the mostly uphill marathon.

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I’m using a 25 lb kettle bell in this video, which is heavy for me and made this workout very challenging. If you don’t have a kettle bell you can always substitute one heavy dumbbell, I suggest 15-30 lbs.

I’ll be sweating with you through each kettle bell swing, providing form cues and motivation. Strength: Kettle bell Pick Up Squats Power: Clean + Front Squat + Overhead Press Strength: Split Lunge + Bicep Curl Right Power: Staggered Stance Kettle bell Swing Right Strength: Split Lunge + Bicep Curl Left Power: Staggered Stance Kettle bell Swing Left

Strength: Curtsy Lunge + Narrow Squat + Pass Power: Curtsy Lunge + Around the World Strength: Staggered or Single Leg Dead lift Right Power: Tap Back + High Pull Right Strength: Staggered or Single Leg Dead lift Left Power: Tap Back + High Pull Left One of the most frequently asked questions that lands in my Instagram messages is ‘what shoes are you wearing for this workout?’

I’m wearing these New Balance 880 Cross Training Shoes in this kettle bell workout. They transition from shorter runs to strength training and group fitness classes with flexibility and comfort.

The closest store to me personally is the newest Schuyler Shoes location, Maple Grove. The Maple Grove store has officially MOVED to a NEW LOCATION — 11400 Elm Creek Blvd (across from Costco).

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If you’re in the area be sure to stop by to register for a chance to win FREE shoes and more. All words and opinions are my own; thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love; making the content you see on this blog possible.

Shift your body weight into your heels as you press your butt back towards the wall behind you. Drive through heels, as you powerfully press your hips forward, squeezing your glutes and swinging the kettle bell upward.

Remember your legs, glutes and hips are doing the work, your arms are just a vehicle for moving the kettle bell. Let the kettle bell descend, shifting weight back into your heels while again hinging at the hips and loading both the hamstrings and glutes to prepare for another rep.

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