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From workouts for beginners to more intense exercises for those of you who can confidently swing a kettle bell, we have reviewed all the bestkettlebell DVDs. All of these workouts are specifically designed to teach you everything you need to know about training with kettle bells while also helping you to build strength and get fit.

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Two Upper Body sessions, each of which is 10 – 11 minutes long and designed to strengthen your arms, chest, and back. A Lower Body session that is 11 minutes long, and focuses on strengthening your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

A Core section which is also 11 minutes long, and is designed to strengthen and define your abdominal. After you have completed your workout, the DVD also includes a cool-down session, where Ellie will take you through how best to stretch out your muscles to prevent soreness and injury.

However, if you fancy more of a challenge, it is also possible to increase the intensity and difficulty of the workouts by using a heavier kettle bell. This makes this DVD a great option to stick with as your fitness and overall strength improves.

Kettle bell training is perfect for engaging your entire body, which is why Kathy Smith’s workouts are so effective for both building strength and burning fat. Whilst this is a great kettlebellDVD for beginners, it is easy to increase the difficulty if you are in need of a more challenging training session.

Simply increase the number of reps you are performing for each movement or use a heavier kettle bell. Designed by Hollywood personal trainer, Paul Tatami, this kettlebellDVD workout moves at a fairly slow pace and is focused on teaching you the correct technique.

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The workouts are all focused on providing an in-depth introduction to kettle bell training by teaching the correct form and technique. The second then puts those movements into some simple drills and combinations and, lastly, the third workout is a little more intense, focusing on helping build core strength.

Once you are comfortable with all the workouts, it's really easy to increase the intensity by adding more weight and repetitions. Lauren Brooks is a renowned female fitness coach who specializes in kettle bell training and is dedicated to helping people get in the best shape of their lives.

She has released a number of different workout programs, but ‘ Kettle bell Body’ is the ultimate kettlebellDVD for men and women who want to build strength and power. Kettle bell Body focuses on the quality of your movements, which is why the DVD comes with a 30-minute demonstration video that teaches you the correct form and technique for each of the exercises.

KettleSculpt: this is a 22-minute-long, strength-focused workout that will help to sculpt and tone your body. KettleButts: this is a glute workout, which is also 22 minutes long and helps to build strength in your lower body.

And if that’s not enough, this DVD also comes with a mobility warm up and cool-down section so that you can stretch out your muscles and prevent injury. Michael's has dedicated her career to helping people reach their fitness goals, regardless of how or where they like to work out.

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What’s good about these workouts is that you can modify the difficulty or intensity of them by switching up the weight of your kettle bells or varying the speed at which you perform the exercises. Kettlercise Lean in 14 is one of the bestkettlebell workout DVDs for weight loss on the market.

It is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels who are looking to burn fat from the comfort of their own homes. Disc 1, led by Kettlercise instructor Stacey Waite, is arguably the bestkettlebell workout for beginners DVD on this list.

The workouts are both 30 minutes long and are designed to introduce you to the Kettlercise ‘Lean in 14’ system. On disc 2, the intermediate workouts are taken by renowned fitness trainer, Anoosha Moore.

Disc 3 contains the advanced workouts, which are run by the creator of Kettlercise himself, Guy Noble. These two 30-minute workouts contain a series of intense complexes which are specifically designed to help you burn the maximum number of calories possible.

Lastly, disc 4 is the ‘Instructional Program’, where trainers, Guy Noble and Mandy Cooke, take you through each movement, showing you the correct technique and form to ensure that you get the most out of the ‘Lean in 14’ workouts. Together, they offer a progression of kettle bell workouts, from beginner to advanced level so that you can buy one DVD to see you right the way through your exercise journey.

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The reps in this workout are not high and you are given plenty of rest time between sets, which is perfect if you’re more of a beginner. Kettle bells the Iron Core Way Volume 2 is 45 minutes long in total, with a 6-minute introduction, a 3-minute warm up, and a 39-minute main workout.

The reps are low and there are plenty of opportunities to take breaks, but if you want to make it more challenging you can use a heavier kettle bell. Iron Core Boot camp is a shorter workout, coming in at just 30 minutes long.

One of our favorite things about this product is that it's suitable for people of all abilities as there is a range of beginners, intermediate, and advanced workouts. The programs include a great range of workouts, so you can guarantee that there will be something suitable for you regardless of your fitness or strength abilities.

Their ‘Scorcher Series’ is one of their most popular programs and has been used by many happy customers to help them achieve their goals. Kettlercise describes itself as ‘the single most effective Kettle bell fat burning workout, designed to shape and sculpt your body in as little as 20 minutes’.

It prides itself on catering to people of all different abilities so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their fitness goals through using Kettlercise. However, arguably the most popular program on their kettle bell workout DVD is ‘Kettlercise Ignite’.

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Created by former Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jujitsu champion Joey Alvarado, Kettle Jitsi Revolution is a kettlebellDVD workout that provides an 8-week fitness and conditioning program. The program combines both kettle bell and body weight training to give you 8 balanced, challenging, and effective workouts.

On the first disc, there is an introduction and a joint and mobility warm up, both of which will help you to limber up before you launch into the main training session. On the whole, the workouts can last anywhere from 19 to 33 minutes and are suited to those who have prior experience using kettle bells in their training.

Bob acts as a trainer in this DVD, explaining the correct form and technique for each and every exercise. This is a really great kettlebellDVD for beginners to kettle bell training because Bob gives in-depth advice on technique and on screen, he has another person alongside him who demonstrates the moves, too.

Kettlercise Unplugged is great for both building muscle and burning fat so it is no surprise that this is one of the brand’s most popular programs. These workouts will tone you up, slim you down, and help you to get long-lasting results in a record amount of time.

The third and final workout comes in slightly longer at 50 minutes, and this one is called the ‘Incinerator’. All of these workouts can be very challenging at times and so may not be suitable for those who are complete beginners to kettle bell training.

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These workouts are all designed to help you reach your fitness goals by improving your power, cardio, strength, and flexibility. This includes a short warm up and a 25-minute training session which is focused on building strength and a cool-down at the end.

This is another intense 30-minute full-body workout that targets every muscle in your body in a way that is fun yet challenging. This is a great kettle bell workout DVD for weight loss and is guaranteed to make you break a sweat.

However, if at any point you find any of the movements to be too difficult, there are 2 other trainers who do the workout with Brook but demonstrate slightly easier modifications to all the exercises. If you've found a great DVD for beginners, feel free to come back to our guide if you ever want to move on to ONR of the more advanced options.

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