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All of our CPD fitness courses are endorsed and accredited by REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals), CIM SPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity), and PD Approval. You will need to demonstrate your skill and competence in front of a qualified teacher and assessor who will lead your training.

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We also successfully place over 80% of students in job roles right after qualifying; that is the highest rate in the industry. We are official partners with the Ministry of Defense, we run courses for CMU University, and also run the Academy for Sports Direct & Sweat Union Gyms and are proud partners of over 200 fitness brands worldwide.

Origin believes courses and education should be obtainable for anyone who wants to start a career within the fitness sector. We have centers that accommodate for the physically impaired, which are fully equipped with lifts, ramps and disabled toilets.

To book a course in your chosen area you will need to speak with one of the Diverse team to confirm what dates are available. You can call 01772 910 930 (North), 020 3944 4438 (South) or if you are in a hurry just simply complete the form below and one of our team will call you back. Diverse Trainers deliver the Kettle bell Instructor course in our state-of-the-art training facilities across the UK.

This CPD course is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and build your professional development. Diverse trainers have an outstanding reputation for great service and if the course dates and locations don’t meet your requirements.

Then just give an adviser a call today and diverse trainers can organize specific course dates which are located in your area. Our tutor’s mission is to ensure all our students enter their role in the health and fitness industry as confident, efficient trainers.

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The course is ideal for those that want to take their career in the fitness industry to the next level and open up new opportunities. In just 1-2 weeks you can complete the Kettle bell Instructor course based on which practical day date is selected.

There is some PRE course reading but not an extensive amount the main teaching will occur on the practical day. A minimum of a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification is required to complete this course.

Our Kettle bell instructor tutors have over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the fitness industry. Support and Guidance will be provided throughout the course to ensure you receive a personal approach.

Diverse Trainers have an extremely high first time pass rate of 99.4% on the Kettle bell Instructor Course. At Diverse Trainers, you can speak to a career advisor, or choose from our extensive range of accredited courses.

2# A fancy camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer: What I’m saying is just because you look the part doesn’t mean to say that you are an expert and the same applies to Kettle bells. There is a difference between being a strong trainer with good genetics and a good teacher! In fact on a slightly different tangent, ‘ sandbag training seems to be making it into the fitness arena.

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In fact, if you took your client to a local building site, charged them your normally fee and then hired them to the building contractor for an hour at a reduce rate it would be a win-win all round! Mass Compared To Quality: A certified Kettle bell Instructor of ours rang me not too long ago to tell me that there was a clip on the internet that I just had to see.

There must have been 30-40 attendees of the course but the thing that struck me was the 30-40 different styles of what was supposed to be a simple standard exercise. Since viewing the clip fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) I have since become aware that all of these trainers passed the course.

Everybody that turned up that handed over hard-earned money got a piece of paper saying that they are now a qualified Kettle bell Instructor and can be released upon the unsuspecting public to teach them what they have learned. Everybody that turned up (despite their capability) that handed over hard-earned money for a certificate (that’s probably not worth the paper it's written on) are now released upon the public to teach them improper and unsafe kettle bell techniques.

Now let me explain to you why I believe that a 1-day certification course is not sufficient for you if you are considering becoming a certified kettle bell professional. Level 1 Kettle bell Instructor Course covers over 30 exercises and is delivered over two full days.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, your training time has just been cut by at least 1 ½ hours. This example does NOT include the initial Health and Safety talk, introductions by the trainer, theory of the Kettle bell, circuit design, questions and answers………so, the reality is the actual time spent on each exercise is likely to be a lot less.

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Do you actually think that 13 minutes per kettle bell exercise gives you enough time to master the correct kettle bell technique as well as implement the important coaching points and recognize all the common faults to look out for?............... I’ll leave that one up to you! This statement is true to the point that ‘ anybody can attend’ a kettle bell training course but that’s really as far as it goes. So let me give you an example.

A couple of years ago we trained an individual (that I will not name for obvious reasons) to become a Level 1 Kettle bell Instructor. Prior to attending the kettle bell Instructor course he had already written articles for various fitness publications, the internet and several newspapers but couldn’t execute a kettle bell exercise using the correct technique or by displaying the correct posture to save his life.

So here was someone who was previously classed as a ‘ kettle bell expert’ but couldn’t make the grade. He had to have 1:2:1 coaching to enable him to pass the Level 1 Kettle bell Instructor course to industry standards.

YouTube can be a wonderful thing and provides a form of entertainment for millions. Senior Trainer, Guy Noble recently watched a chap using Kettle bells in his local gym.

He continued to observe this man using a kettle bell that was far too heavy and his technique was all over the place. Guy became concerned for the men safety as what he was doing was not only dangerous but was on the point of down right madness and could have landed him in hospital on the next swing of the Kettle bell.

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When Guy asked the man in question where he had learned his kettle bell technique…………you’ve guessed it, it was YouTube. So, my advice is this and the morale of the story is……… you had better be careful that the people that are teaching you to use kettle bells can actually use them correctly themselves.

These days it would appear that the internet is awash with kettle bell companies offering different courses and styles of training. Back in 2004 I was working on the ITV Program ‘Fat Families’ in which I first introduced the British media to the benefits of kettle bell training helping the family I was assigned to shed a massive 10 stone.

It's definitely worth seeking advice at your gym on the correct form to avoid injury. These compact weights are small enough to fit into even the smallest rooms and the majority of workouts require just one kettle bell, meaning you could enjoy some fat-torching training time from the comfort of your own home for less than a tenner, as long as your home has literally enough room to swing a cat (NB: don't actually swing a cat in order to ascertain this).

Those venturing out into the world of kettle bells for the first time should go easy on the weight, as the grueling sessions will prove impossible if you can't lift the bloody thing above your head. That said, opting for a puny 2 kg kettle bell could mean you're not facing enough resistance to thoroughly challenge the muscle.

If you're really short of space, you could check out the Växjö KettlebellConnect, which is a digital play on Bow flex Selected Dumbbell, offering a spread of weights in one neat package.e Where vinyl 'bells could save you a few quid, they can be prone to cracking and splitting, plus the handle seams on cheaper models can be scratchy and uncomfortable.

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They are made of cast iron and come equipped with a thick handle, the former being great for durability and the latter for improving grip. The neoprene sleeve over the cast iron body will help keeping the floors intact too.

A small pointy bit on the handle can result in a bruised palm after a grueling kettle bell swing session. They all sport flat, non-wobble bottoms, color coded handles and an engraved logo at the front of the kettle bell.

The difference is mainly felt in your wallet: while you will have to pay the premium price Tax kettle bells, the Gym reapers variety will a bit of extra money in the pocket. Signing up for stock alerts and visiting the Gym reapers website often is highly recommended.

Admittedly the Bow flex Selected 840 Kettle bell looks more like an actual kettle than a home weight, but don't let the looks deceive you. As in the case with most one-size-fits all solutions, the Bow flex Selected 840 Kettle bell is trying to appeal to all whilst fails to please the individuals; it is definitely more space-saving than having six different kettle bells lying around in your one-bed flat, but it is also rather bulky, making it a bit less convenient to work out with doing one handed moves.

In addition to this, it can be synched via Bluetooth to a smartphone app that offers a bunch of different workout guides and advice on what weight to select for individual exercises. Plus, you'll have to invest in two of these if you want the ultimate kettle bell workout (squats, two-hand overhead press etc.

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The king of suspension weight training has long sounded the bell for kettle bells, as the lumps of iron make the perfect companion to spruce up any dangling Suspension Trainer workout. It also results in that lovely, flat bottom, which makes it's easier to rest the kettle bell on the floor when switching hands during an arduous squat routine.

Tax has added a splash of color to the handles, making it simple to spy the correct weight if swapping between kettle bells mid-workout. I'd say the 16 kg unit is the one to go for if you're a bloke in reasonable shape, but there's a good spread of weights, making this one piece of fitness equipment that will likely outlast the fickle New Year's resolution to shed a few pounds.

Wilkerson Fitness has harnessed its many years of experience in knitting out the UK National Kettle bell Teams when designing and producing its range of superior quality 'bells. Modern casting methods means each bell is formed out of a single piece of metal, meaning no joins or welds, while a distinct lack of cheap plastic handles ensures they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Don't fret, if these prove a little daunting to the introductory kettle bell lifter you can always check out the slightly less hardcore range, which is still brilliantly constructed. The perfect antithesis to the digital delights of the aforementioned Växjö is a good, old-fashioned selection of kettle bells.

Rebel kettle bells don't come cheap, but they are engineered to last, fashioned from premium-grade Iron Ore, not scrap iron (as with cheaper alternatives) and using a one-piece cast mold to ensure the kettle bells feel well-balanced in the hand and built to last. The powder coated finish means they won't flake, chip or rust when covered in sweat, too.

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We don't know many professional kettle bell athletes, but we are pretty sure they are very aware of Gorilla Sports and its range of competition-spec swingers. With very strict regulations on dimensions and the aperture of the window (the handle, to you and me), these solid steel numbers are really only for the very serious enthusiasts out there.

Each solid steel unit is individually priced, with the weedier 12 kg model costing around £50. Reasons to avoid It's not always a good idea to go out and blow a large sum on workout equipment on a get-fit whim.

If you're new to the whole kettle bell thing, this vinyl number from Opt is a real bargain, with a cheap but substantial finish proving enough for most novice swingers. The 10 kg maximum mass could feel a little light in time, but for those starting out, or who don't require massive heft from their 'bells, this is great.

The compact size makes it perfect for stashing away at home for the odd impromptu session. Reasons to avoid The vinyl coating swaddling these cast iron weights is a handy addition for anyone worried about damaging their parquet, yet the unit remains robust and a much more long-term option than cheaper all-vinyl offerings.

Body power also offers a very impressive range of weights, with the option to package them up into a small set of, say, 6 kg-12kg increments. That's not a huge maximum weight, obviously, but it allows lighter users to switch between high-resistance and low-resistance/high rep workouts with ease, for not much money.

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The vinyl coating may feel cheaper than the cast iron and steel suggestions on this list but all three of these will set you back half the price of a single kettle bell from some other brands. It's simply a solid lump for lifting above your head while screaming like a hungry caveman.

It's also one of the cheaper 16 kg weights on the market, making it very tempting to splash out on a couple to create a pretty awesome home gym set-up.

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