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Best Kettlebell Circuits

I thought it would be helpful to share with you my 25 bestkettlebell workout routines. When I teach kettle bell classes I do not use just random kettlebellcircuits, each workout is part of a kettle bell workout plan usually lasting 12 weeks.

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
• 7 min read
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You can also use these workouts as a kettle bell Won (workout of the day) but you will need to be careful not to overdo things as many of them are rather intense and may require at least a days rest. Double Handed Swing — 20 reps Push Ups — 10, 9, 8, 7 etc.

A super simple home kettle bell workout and great kettle bell Won that hits almost every muscle in the body using only 2 exercises. Perform 20 Double Handed Swings and then 10 Push Ups.

At the end of the routine you will have completed 200 Swings and 55 Push Ups. A workout movement ladder that adds a new exercise after each rest period.

If you are feeling brave you can then come back down the ladder by removing an exercise every round. Climbing both up and back down the ladder is very challenging!

You can test yourself every month and see how your strength and fitness is improving. For the Snatches and Lunges switch sides every 10 reps.

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A fun kettle bell routine that adds a new exercise every round. A double kettle bell routine that will work both your strength first and then your cardio.

Next perform the second block for 20 reps each side. Start with 60 seconds of Swings on both sides and then perform 10 Push Ups during the 3rd minute, rest for the remainder of that minute.

Continue performing each exercise and adding 10 Push Ups into the rest periods. The quicker you can perform the Push Ups the more rest you will have remaining!

If you find this too demanding then leave out the Push Ups. The same format as the workout above except with different exercises and no Push Ups during the rest period.

My classic kettle bell workout challenge. You will find it easier to perform each exercise in blocks of 5 or 10 before changing sides.

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Use the same format as the Classic and perform the 300 reps as quickly as possible. Two separate circuits that are performed one after the other with 60 seconds of rest between them.

The first kettle bell circuit is more for strength and the second if for improving your cardio. Another pair of 7 minute kettlebellcircuits that follow the same format as above.

A fun workout to perform either outside or in a large room. Start with the One Handed Swings for 10 reps on each side.

Repeat the One Handed Swing again for 10 reps each side, and also the Walking Lunges again. Rest 30 seconds and repeat for a final time.

Using two kettle bells perform each pairing 3 times, rest for 1 minute after each round. Great for building up strength and also improving your cardio.

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A big circuit that uses lots of fun kettle bell and body weight exercises. Click for More Hearts — Push Ups Spades — Reverse Lunge Clubs — Slow Mountain Climbers Diamonds — Squat & Press

Jack — High Pulls x 10 each Queen — Snatch x 10 each King — One Handed Swings x 10 each Ace — Reverse Turkish Get Up x 1 each Joker (optional) — 1-Minute Rest A fun way to randomize your workouts and keep them interesting also a possible kettle bell Won.

Next shuffle the deck and turn over the top card. Depending on the number and suit you will perform that exercise for a certain amount of reps.

Work your way through the full deck of cards as quickly as possible. 3 Classic circuits that should really flow from one exercise to the next without you putting the kettle bell down.

One large circuit based workout that requires 60 seconds for each exercise or per side depending on the movement. Rest 10 secs after each exercise Repeat each pair 8 times

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Nice and simple but effective Tabatha style workout. Run through all the exercises for 10 reps each side resting where indicated.

Then repeat all the exercises again but for 5 reps each side but without any rest in between circuits. As mentioned earlier, these do not constitute a kettle bell workout plan but rather give you routines that may be used within a 12 week kettle bell workout program.

The bestkettlebell workouts activate as many muscles as possible creating a huge amount of calorie burn, improving movement skills and increasing cardio levels at the same time. In fact, if you choose your kettle bell carefully it can last you for a lifetime of fun-filled workouts.

If your goals are overall fat loss, general conditioning and improvement in strength, then kettle bell workouts are a great choice. Maybe the plateau is physical: your numbers have stopped rising, or weights that normally go up easily are now grinding when they shouldn’t be.

Or your plateau is mental: your lifts are doing just fine, thank you very much, but your brain just doesn’t feel like hitting the gym. You know you’re not over training, but you have been lacking variety, and it’s killing your beast mode vibe.

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But that’s the awesome thing about kettle bells: they’re great for improving your cardiovascular capacity while also stimulating strength and muscular gains. According to one 2017 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 14 participants engaged in different forms of kettle bell swings and had their muscular activation measured by surface electromyography.

(1) The study found that kettle bell swings performed with an adequate hip hinge are excellent at activating the medial hamstrings, and pretty darn good at activating the biceps memoirs, too. And, as serious strength athletes know, strong hamstrings translate into even more powerful dead lifts.

And it’s not just specific muscle groups that kettle bell conditioning circuits can improve: it’s your overall maximal and explosive strength. According to a 2012 study, also published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, training for six weeks in twice-weekly, 12-minute bouts of kettle bell swings (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) dramatically improved participants’ 1RM half-squat and vertical jump height.(2) This translation of kettle bell conditioning into strength and power gains can be very helpful when you’re integrating kettlebellcircuits into your lifting program.

If you’re still concerned about the idea that any conditioning-specific work might negatively impact your strength gains, just go a little heavier with your kettle bells. Even when the total lifting volume remains the same, kettle bell swing circuits completed with a heavier kettle bell induces a bigger hormonal response (meaning more muscle growth for you) than circuits completed with a lighter bell, according to a 2018 study.

(3) Don’t feel the need to go too heavy, though: you want to make sure your muscles are recovering effectively between all your training sessions. All the circuits below will boost your cardiovascular conditioning and help up your lifting numbers, but they all have slightly different emphases.

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Keep your wrist straight (not bend backward toward the bell), and make eye contact with the weight at all times. Microbe/Shutterstock Adopt a slightly wider stance than you normally would to accommodate moving two bells at once.

If it takes you a moment to find your balance with this move, that’s normal: the movement will feel more and more natural (but not necessarily easier!) Since there will only be weight in one hand, make sure your shoulders don’t hike up or down to compensate.

Remember, emphasize your hip hinge here rather than trying to yank the bell up with your upper body. Keep a neutral back, select moderate weights for each lift, breathe, and you got this.

Make sure to set up with a neutral back, and don’t feel the need to grip the bell super tightly. Keep your elbows soft but not bent, and make sure the momentum is coming from your hips.

This is a hard lift to pull off, but your form will be essentially the same as it is for a regular swing. You’ll be a bit winded (and your muscles will be tired) by this point, so form will be especially important.

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Your forearms will not like you by this point (again, hence the shorter time), so pay extra attention to your form here. Baranq/Shutterstock If your focus is really your bench or overhead press right now, you might be on the hunt for a kettle bell circuit that really puts your upper body to the test.

Make sure you’re getting as deep as you can into your squat, with the bells in comfortable rack position across your Delta. The way you start this move will help make sure your forearms don’t suffer at the top of the lift.

If you’re new to kettle bells, definitely start slow and light, making sure your form is locked in before trying to amp up the weight. Don’t forget to breathe, and have fun : that’ll improve your lifts for sure.

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