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Ava Flores
• Monday, 12 October, 2020
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Last year’s reviews were based solely on my own observations from working with various kettle bell brands, looking for the best options for use at home and in my office gym. I’ve also moved away from a single overall recommendation to a 5-point rating scale, since there are several high quality kettle bells available that meet different needs/preferences.

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I've once again provided a summary of the most relevant info below in order to spare you the long and gory details. If you choose to read the entire write-up I'd appreciate your feedback, especially regarding points you'd like to see that weren't covered.

The following five short workouts using various skills form the basis of the kettle bell test plan. Different combinations of workouts are done a minimum of three times a week for a period of at least two months.

My glutes and forearms felt way stronger by the end and my times were way better (see chart). I was pretty worried about getting blisters since I couldn't take a day off, so I used gymnastics grips from the beginning.

Have been doing kettle bell and ring workouts for 9 months or so 5 × a week (pandemic left me with only a 28 kg KB and a set of rings). I decided to do the challenge 19 days before leaving for vacation.

Started with the usual 10-15-25-50 x5 scheme with 1-2-3 reps of the supplemental movement. I preferred that rep scheme, so I mostly stuck with that the rest of the challenge.

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I would focus on just a few points about the kettle bell and find a product that meet them. Most likely all kb's will work, it's just a hunk of iron, but people here will point you to more reputable brands.

The casting on lower end bells can cause you problems with your hands especially when doing snatches. I found the latter on amazon.com and, although the finish is different from Perform Better, I like it just as much, it got good reviews, and it cost less, so that's probably what I'm looking towards in the future.

The casting on lower end bells can cause you problems with your hands especially when doing snatches. I had Dragon door KB's years ago and had no problems with snatches.

I found the latter on amazon.com and, although the finish is different from Perform Better, I like it just as much, it got good reviews, and it cost less, so that's probably what I'm looking towards in the future. I always recommend buying better quality bells from the start, even for beginners.

You never know if this piece of iron will stay with you longer. My first bells were poor quality, cheap, rubber-coated crap. This rubber makes bells unstable for Renegade Rows, and handles were so bad that they were cutting my hands.

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Now I got good quality powder-coated bells from polish manufacturer (Proud). As @MikeTheBear stated, some bells are just “off,” in the shape of the handle, proportions and balance, where they rest on the forearm, etc.

Some other semi-random observations and personal preferences: --Beware of very smooth thick paint. The smoothness makes the handles hard to hold onto and the thick finish tends to chip and leave big divots that look terrible and are very uncomfortable if they occur on the handle.

--Beware of seams and bumps in the casting, which are very uncomfortable and can tear up your hands. --A lot of KB brands, especially in powder coated cast iron bells, including Rogue and Kettle bell Kings, seem to be made from the same generic design, although there will be variations in the molded branding and the texture of the powder coat.

I have no experience with current Perform Better, but they look similar in pictures. I have some horrible older Perform Better bells that are a different design, with thick paint over lots of fillers, vinyl coatings and a rubber bumper on the bottom.

The current generic KB design works fine, but is NOT the same. I have seen a post here from someone who bought a Kettle bells USA Matrix Classic E-coat bell to match a DD KB and reported they were virtually identical.

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--Powder coat can have a very nice handle texture, but is not nearly as durable as the E-coat used by DragonDoor and Kettle bells USA. My powder coated bells from Rogue all have significant chips and peeling, whereas my E-coat bells, some of which are MUCH older, have small dings and wear spots, but no chipping or peeling.

In use, the chipping and peeling is not really a problem since it hasn't happened on the gripping part of the handles and I don't feel it at all, plus the powder coat is thin (a good thing in this case) so it doesn't leave a very uneven surface or big divots when it chips. --I have become a big fan of the Kettle bells USA Paradigm Pro Elite Precision competition style bells.

I now have a few pairs of these, and I ALWAYS reach for them instead of my cast iron (mostly DragonDoor and a few Rogue) bells of the same sizes. The bells rest on a comfortable spot on my forearm, and the texture of the bare metal handles is smooth, but with a bit of grain to it that works well with or without chalk, and isn't slick like some very polished competition bell handles.

Some surprising things about them are that they have more room and are more comfortable for two hand swings than my cast iron bells, and that they are easier to keep from clinking together when using doubles. --Kettlebells USA also has a cast iron Matrix Elite line, which is supposed to be designed with more space for two hand swings and proportional handle windows so that all sizes rest in the same place on the forearm.

Handle thickness and finish texture can vary greatly on non-competition bells. As Steve W. mentioned, the “body” of the bells have chipped, but the grips are still in great shape.

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Perform Better, Kettle bell Kings, Rogue, and a few other key brands all likely produce a comparable product. When I started I bought the CAP enamel coating off Amazon.

This was from me trying to learn the long cycle as my first kettle bell move (I found it on YouTube first. ), however the 60 pound one I have never done anything double with and have owned for nearly 3 years and still looks brand new.

If you stick to single work, and don't crash the kettle bells against each other they will look new for a very long time. I live in Riverside, CA and have a gym supply store near me which sells a brand called Diamond Pro.

It's a definite step up from the CAP brand I have, and is close to the Kettle bell Kings powder coat (I have a 40 kg from them). If I lived in Austin Texas I would just pick up from Kettle bell Kings, and take advantage of the discount they offer for that.

I looked on Alibaba and there are lots of kettle bell products for wholesale where they will put your logo on them and I have a strong suspicion that many brands will more or less just be selling the same thing made in the same factory but with different logos. I also bought some earlier runs of the Perform Better cast irons and was not impressed.

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I also agree that DD KB's had the best dimensions for a cast iron. But they were the most expensive, which is why I started experimenting with cheaper brands, for better or worse. I also like the KettlebellsUSA competition bells.

But they were the most expensive, which is why I started experimenting with cheaper brands, for better or worse. FYI, you can not write DragonDoor as two words on this site, or they will magically disappear, as seems to have happened in your post above, which I infer was intended to read: I also agree that DragonDoor KB's had the best dimensions for a cast iron.

But they were the most expensive, which is why I started experimenting with cheaper brands, for better or worse. Whirlpool is the top choice for a reliable French door refrigerator brand, according to the J.D.

Another notable finding: The Plus report also named Whirlpool as the overall most reliable home-appliance brand. According to Plus’ experts, the most common problems with refrigerators tend to be cooling issues, followed by broken ice-makers and leaks.

And that doesn’t even take into account all the potential money you can lose when all your food goes bad. Power, while Whirlpool was the brand of choice among the appliance-repair technicians who were tapped for the Plus report.

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The study was based on thousands of product evaluations provided by customers who purchased appliances in the last 12 months. According to Plus’ technicians, the most common problem with washing machines (as well as dishwashers) is that they don’t drain properly.

When it comes to washing machines, Plus’ technicians overwhelmingly called out Whirlpool as the brand they recommend to customers. According to Plus, the likeliest issue with this appliance is that it’s not heating and drying clothes properly.

And on the flip side, those bills can go way up if you have to put your clothes through multiple cycles to get them dry. Whirlpool, LG, Maytag, and Samsung took top honors in the Plus report’s list of reliable dryers.

Consumer Reports surveyed people who had experience with more than 29,000 countertop models over the past year, and the results were largely negative when it came to Whirlpool. In fact, Whirlpool’s countertop microwaves performed so poorly in the survey that the publication no longer recommends them in this category at all.

Av anti and Freeware were the two best -performing brands in the same Consumer Reports survey, earning a coveted “Excellent” rating for reliability from respondents. Black + Decker, LG, and Samsung landed one category below Av anti and Freeware, receiving a “Very Good” designation.

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If you’re thinking of making a big purchase, try to be strategic: These the best times to buy household appliances. Repairing a stove can cost you a whopping $1,000, plus $200 or more in additional fees, according to the Plus report.

The appliance-repair technicians who weighed in rated LG the least reliable brand in this category. Plus’ technicians gave GE top honors, naming their stove tops (and ranges) as the most reliable.

This is actually the only time that the brand appears as a winner or medalist in the report’s reliability category. And regardless of cost, you want to choose the brand that has the least chance of breaking down so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Plus’ technicians recommend GE as their top choice for reliable ranges. Whirlpool was hot on GE’s heels in second place, followed by Kitchen, which earned third-place honors.

The technicians add that it’s essential to get a good-quality, reliable range for both safety and cooking consistency. While they based their picks on the reliability of these GE products, they also love that the company offers great options at a variety of price points.

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