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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 14 May, 2021
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With apologies to CrossFit, the Marines, and even NASA, there are some exercises that are just plain dumb. You should be able to pass these tests before you hit the bench, squat, do direct arm work, or add more ab exercises.

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Kettle bells, barbells, and dumbbells are tools to place resistance in slightly different ways, but that doesn't mean one is superior just because it's newer and has a lot of hype surrounding it. The way the weight is distributed on a tool comes with both benefits and drawbacks.

While this has its benefit for smooth pendulum-related exercises like the kettle bell swing, it also comes with a host of drawbacks. Being unbalanced makes it inferior to the dumbbell from a strength and hypertrophy perspective.

With a balanced distribution of weight, you can generate more force, use more load, and maintain more control. This is why the dumbbell has stood the test of time and is used far more than the kettle bell in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

They jump up quickly in weights instead of progressing in 5 pound increments. A lot of kettle bell workshops will teach these exercises as if they can't be done with a dumbbell.

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And some people even feel compelled to go out and buy kettle bells when they have plenty of dumbbells already. If you're a kettle bell enthusiast, I hate to break it to you, but a dumbbell works just as good.

Here's T Nation contributor Eric Bach performing the clean, squat, and press. It's easy to take things out of perspective when something is newer, flashier, or “requires” certifications to use it, but a kettle bell is still just another weight.

The difference in shape doesn't create a ton of new, exclusive exercises. Related: 8 Things Coaches Have Changed Their Minds AboutRelated: The Best Dumbbell Exercise You're Not Doing Calvin Hugh is a strength coach and online trainer, working in Southern California.

He helps average guys lift heavy and look amazing. For many purposes, kettle bells can be used interchangeably with dumbbells, however, they present some unique strengths and weaknesses in comparison.

These cannonball-like balls of metal are designed with a flat bottom (so that they don’t roll around) and a handle on top (so they can be easily carried around), and were traditionally used as weights to weigh and measure trade goods. For this reason, even to this day many kettle bells are sold in Food- and half-pood-approximate numbers instead of the traditional 5lb/2 kg increments seen in most dumbbells.

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However, strongmen and other physical culture enthusiasts began to lift and swing these weights as a way of displaying strength and athleticism. Bodybuilding pioneer Eugen Sand ow is known primarily for his classically ripped physique.

The rise of the Soviet Union and the fall of the iron curtain meant that kettle bells were for a long time forgotten. In the meantime, kettle bells grew in popularity as a training tool, and in the 1960s became an official sport in Russia.

With the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of borders, it wasn’t long before kettle bells returned to the west. Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian coach, wrote about kettle bells for the western audience in 1998, and as a result there was an explosion of interest.

He's written for numerous major health publications, including Personal Trainer Development Center, T-Nation, Bodybuilding.com, Autocracy, and Juggernaut Training Systems. During that time he has coached hundreds of individuals of all levels of fitness, including competitive powerlifters and older exercisers regaining the strength to walk up a flight of stairs.

Adam writes about fitness, health, science, philosophy, personal finance, self-improvement, productivity, the good life, and everything else that interests him. When he's not writing or lifting, he's usually hanging out with his cat or feeding his video game addiction.

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If you don’t have the money for books or long term coaching, but still want to support the site, sign up for the mailing list or consider donating a small monthly amount to my Patreon. I'm quite experienced with lifting, running and sports in general, but have taken up kettle bells during COVID-19 lockdown and damn, do they hit you.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Also done a few barbell programs like Starting Strength and Strong Lifts.

Like some other newer people here, it wasn't until March of this year that I began using kettle bells as my only training tool. By the end I was able to do the full routine with a 28 kg bell and could easily press a 32 kg.

I farted around for a bit trying to figure out what I wanted to do next that didn't involve workouts that lasted up to two hours on the heavier days (as was the case with Top). Then I realized I could not even do a Turkish Getup with the 28 kg kettle bell I had just spent so much time pressing.

I started very light and slow to make sure my technique was solid. But because I am going to be drinking tonight I decided, fuck it, I'm going to try to give myself a good reason to celebrate.

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I also lost the desire to put down other perspectives on fitness, now wishing to focus on natural bodybuilding. Nonetheless, if a trainee wants to develop their physique, they would do better with controlled movements that generate more tension, while stressing muscles through a fuller range of motion.

A kettle bell is a cast iron or steel ball with a thick handle at the top. Due to its center of mass extending beyond the hand, it allows for explosive exercises more easily.

These include swings, snatches, jerks, cleans, and presses along with some more unusual choices. Kettle bells first associated with strength through competitions of throwing and carrying heavy odd objects centuries ago in Scotland and for old-time strongmen events more recently.

They marketed and sold it very well, shrouding it with a mystique as a secret weapon for superior results, similar to periodization. In time, the kettle bell became accepted as a part of the regimens for military, law enforcement, and martial artists.

CrossFit aims to extract the best methods from athletics and other arenas (ignoring that individual potential accounts for these successes), so use them for their programs as well. In these ways, the kettle bell forged an association with developing fitness better applied to the real world.

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While this may all look impressive, the history of the kettle bell tells nothing of its efficiency and effectiveness as a piece of equipment. Consider that the needs of those involved in this field depend on factors beyond achieving peak levels of fitness safely.

Perhaps they helped businesses grow as a cost-effective, convenient option for group training. They allowed clients to have fun, experience some variety, and feel like capable athletes.

It matters not whether your goal is strength, endurance, or flexibility, kettle bells will develop neither to their best while risking your safety in the process. The hand travels overhead not because it should handle heavy loads in this position but to allow for mobility.

The Olympic lifts and their variations, any sort of overhead press, and performing swings with the weight stopping too high all jeopardize the shoulder with impingement. Figure-8s and windmills will harm the lower back by moving it away from a neutral posture with twisting and bending made even worse by taking place under a load.

Other exercises such as front squats and lunges that many feels work fine will carry risks, when used with any tool, as well. The contraction occurs too quickly to allow for the maximum amount of cross-bridges to form.

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Most kettle bell exercises must take place quickly, preventing heavy weights. For conventional exercises that do build muscle, the kettle bell limits you either through awkwardness or the amount of weight available.

Two of these would not provide enough resistance for a decent bench presser and not even close to enough for a fair squatter. A barbell squat would challenge all the lower body muscles far better and without the awkwardness.

Just using many muscles in itself means nothing if the work for the majority of them demands a low or medium intensity. The long moment arm between the lower back and the resistance in the hands on some exercises means these muscles have to work much harder than they should.

Good exercises for the lower body should focus on the powerful muscles of the hips and thighs. Kettle bells also lack impact forces to stimulate connective tissue growth.

To truly work hard, good form, while important to learn, should come to feel rather simple with perhaps a few cues to serve as easy reminders. Many make the argument that a good coach can train you to do kettle bell exercises correctly.

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Barbell exercises performed within a power rack keep you safe while working hard. To improve cardio best, you must raise the heart rate and keep it there for enough time by using many muscles to move.

Kettle bells, in addition to inviting danger, allow the best improvement in no fitness category. While you do need to specialize, many make the mistake of assuming that you have to focus on just one quality.

Trying to achieve your best results in each at the exact same time will weaken the stimulus toward improving each one. This is a big flaw in the functional training, CrossFit, and kettle bell practitioner philosophies.

The idea of using simple tools and body weight to get the best results, while also saving money, causes some to embrace poor options such as suspension training and resistance bands. They allow this appeal, bringing factors unrelated to fitness, to overpower their rationality.

While free weights do work best, they do because the right tools meet the criteria for improving fitness. Your body weight best allows you to use many muscles at once for vigorous movement to improve cardio.

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As fixed weights, you may need to buy many to allow for a variety of challenging exercises. Use conventional tools such as barbells and your body weight for strength training and cardio.

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