Are Kettlebell Swings Safe For Diastasis Recti

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 10 min read

In this blog we’re dealing with the idea of High Intensity Training when Post-Natal and still having DiastasisRecti. So here are the ground rules for doing High Intensity Training when you’re still suffering from Pelvic floor issues or DiastasisRecti.

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A lot of HIIT classes consist of burpees, squat jumps etc. If you do have decent cored engagement though there is no reason at all why you can’t do a HIIT workout consisting of Kettlebellswings, clean and presses and all that stuff.

I am recording several nice High Intensity Interval Training sessions for you now to be released in the next few months, and they are doozies! I go into a bit more depth in the below video but to summarize; If your movement is faster than you need to inhale and exhale quicker.

I also touch on most things listed in this blog so, if you can’t be bothered reading, just watch this One of the key components of a fully functioning core is that it can activate whenever required.

One of the worst things you can do is teach your body it’s OK to cheat as that will undo all the good work you’ve done by doing your daily program. For the kettlebellswings this means that your core has to feel tight at the top of the swing.

If you are still suffering from back-pain, DiastasisRecti, a weak pelvic floor then fat-loss should not be your number 1 priority. Purely twins the place to inspire you to be happy, healthy, fit, and fabulously YOU in ALL parts of life.

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Disclaimer:Purely twins strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Purely twins from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Purely twin's negligence.

In today’s purely training Madison is present. The past videos we filmed early in the morning or late at night so Madison was sleeping and Lori’s husband watched her.

But now that Madison is 10 months we wanted to try filming a workout with her. So please give us honest feedback if you enjoyed having Madison in the video or was it distracting.

Kettle bell fitness is safe for any athletic level. Since kettle bells have off-centered weight, they engage your stabilizer muscles and allow for a great range of motion.

Make sure to leave us a comment down below sharing how you liked this workout. Follow along with her as the workout is safe for diastase.

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Join our mailing list and for a limited time receive our Ultimate Healthy Snack Guide for FREE. Kettlebellswings can be a very good exercise for toning and tightening the core, and the glutes and hamstrings when done properly.

Know how to properly perform a kettle bell swing with solid form for maximal benefits. If you are a mom with diastasisrecti, an abdominal separation common after pregnancy, it is particularly important to know how to engage your core and use your breath to help improve your kettle bell swing.

To check to see if you have Era first lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your head and neck just slightly off of the floor like you are doing a crunch while you press down with your fingers.

The exercises that you should avoid include the following: Traditional abdominal curl or sit up, incline sit-ups, intense abdominal exercise machines, oblique sit-ups/machine, exercise ball sit-ups/ball leg raises, bicycle legs, double leg raise, hanging knee raise, Pilates table-top or “The Hundred” and intense core plank or hover exercises. These activities can increase strain on the upper abdominal muscles which will cause them to separate rather than heal.

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In order to engage the entire muscle and to perform the contraction correctly, the ribs should be flushed with the body wall and the spine and pelvis should be in neutral meaning that when lying down on your back your pubis and pelvic bones are even. Start by lying on your side and then use your fingers to feel your abdominal wall just inside your pelvic bone.

Make sure you breathe normally throughout the exercise and then relax your abdominal wall back to a resting position in between repetitions. To progress this exercise extend the duration of this hold for up to 10 seconds at a time as long as you are correctly able to activate the lower abdominal muscles.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat. Place your fingers on your lower abdominal wall just inside your pelvic bones.

Gently activate your deep abdominal muscles (the same technique as exercise 1). Make sure you learn to correctly activate your deep abdominal muscles before extending the duration of this hold for up to 10 seconds at a time.

Activate your abdominal muscles like in exercises 1 and 2 and then gently lower one leg out the side while keeping the other leg bent and pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Keep your pelvis stable throughout this exercise and try to avoid trunk rotation.

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Return your leg to the starting position as soon as you feel you compensate with trunk movement. Relax your deep abdominal muscles and then repeat 2-3 repetitions on each side and progress to increased reps as tolerated.

Place your fingers to feel your abdominal muscles just inside your pelvis. Gently activate your deep abdominal muscles as you extend your right leg (sliding your foot until your knee is straight).

These are the first four basic exercises to start out with and then you can continue to progress to more challenging exercises including straight leg raise with an abdominal contraction and seated heel slides with abdominal contraction. When I finish explaining to women about abdominal separations, or diastasisrecti, there’s usually a look of shock and horror on their faces.

DR happens when the line Alba, the strip of connective tissue between the two sides of the rectus abdominal, becomes stretched and lax. It happens most often during pregnancy, as the growing fetus pushes against the abdominal wall, forcing the line Alba to widen in response.

Separated muscles and a lax line Alba give your postpartum client a weakened support system, leading to muscle strength imbalances, postural deficiencies, and a greater risk for any number of injuries, in or out of the gym. If untreated, the client’s chronically weak anterior core will force them to rely on other muscles (like the hip flexors) to stabilize their pelvis.

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That’s a recipe for low back pain, on top of the fact they’ll continue to look five months pregnant well into their postpartum stage. And if you try to make progress in training before addressing the DR, your client may end up with an even bigger separation.

First, I always recommend referring your prenatal and postnatal clients to a pelvic floor physiotherapist. The physio can ensure there aren’t bigger issues going on (like a prolapsed uterus, rectum, or bladder), can assess the DR themselves, and can teach the client how to properly activate their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

It’s easy to check for DR, and important to learn if you want to help your postpartum clients make progress in their training. Step 1: Get client to lie down flat on the back, as if they were setting up for a glute bridge.

Step 2: Have them take a couple diaphragmatic breaths and totally relax the abdominal and glutes. Step 4: Get the client to tuck the chin towards the chest and slowly lift their head off floor until you feel the sides of the muscle bellies just start to pull together.

You want your client to keep their rib cage over their pelvis during exercise, so the connective tissue is not continually overstretched. During and after pregnancy you might notice a flaring of the rib cage and an inability to take full diaphragmatic breaths through the whole core.

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We need to retrain the diaphragm and rib cage to fully expand and contract, in ribs over hips position. You might find your client is now in the habit of being in a posteriorly or anteriorly tilted pelvic position.

To quote one of my clients who refuse to do anything that resembles moving quickly or using kettle bells, “Just say no” to anything where you’re creating unmanaged internal abdominal pressure while treating the DR. ), and any exercise where the client is forward flexed and can’t create enough tension to hold the belly in (e.g., conventional dead lifts).

Prenatal and postnatal training is one of the most under-served markets in our industry and these women deserve to be well taken care of by us, as coaches. Jessie Mun dell is a personal trainer in Calgary, Alberta, who specializes in PRE- and postnatal exercise.

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