Are Kettlebell Swings Ok During Pregnancy

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Continuing your exercise routine into pregnancy has numerous other benefits such as improved mood, increased energy and a more restful sleep. Challenging workouts such as kettlebellswings can be a great way to stay fit and prepare for the rigors of labor, but they are not safe for everyone.

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Due to a hormone called relaxing, your joints loosen during pregnancy, making it easier to get injured. The cardinal rule, or consensus, only applies to women with healthy, typical pregnancies.

For example, you should avoid lying flat on your back after the first trimester because your growing belly puts pressure on a major vein called the vent cave, which can cut off blood flow and oxygen. If your doctor gives you the green light to continue kettlebellswings, it is important to know how to complete the exercises safely.

You should avoid exercises that put strain on your joints, such as windmills, and those that require you to twist your mid-section. Two 20-to-30-minute strength-training sessions per week combined with a good cardiovascular routine will go a long way to keeping you and your developing baby healthy.

“Your body is undergoing major changes, and you are likely to become more fatigued more quickly, so it is not the time to learn new, complex movement patterns. If you feel tired, give yourself extra time to rest and decrease the amount of weight you are using.

Starting around 15-20 weeks, make sure you modify your workouts to avoid any movements that involve twisting or lying directly on your back or stomach. In the second trimester, you will need to start decreasing the weight you use and the intensity of your workouts, Henderson says.

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Hinge the hips back and bend the knees to squat down like you are sitting in a chair that's slightly behind you. Keep the bellybutton drawn in toward your spine the whole time to support your lower back.

Why not toss around the piece of workout equipment that's arguably most like a baby: the kettle bell. Contrary to what some people might think, it's perfectly safe to lift weights while pregnant, as long as you don't get too crazy.

Just listen to your body and remember that this isn't the time to try to PR anything or to aim for six-pack abs, says Amanda Butler, trainer at The Hitting Room, a HIIT studio in New York City. This dynamic kettle bell workout will help keep your body strong.

The movements that recruit multiple muscle groups and keep your full-body coordination on-point-so you can be that much better at chasing after your little one when he or she can finally crawl. A. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding a kettle bell sideways in front of chest, hands wrapped around the bell.

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding a kettle bell by the handle in front of hips. Send hips backward to hinge forward and slightly bend knees to lower the kettle bell between feet.

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C. Tap the bell to the floor (if possible), then press hips forward to return to starting position, maintaining a flat back throughout the entire movement. Start in a deep lunge position* with the left leg in front, holding the kettle bell by the handle in the right hand.

Hinge forward with a flat back to place left elbow on left knee, and lower kettle bell down next to right ankle to start. Row kettle bell up to chest level, keeping back flat and weight evenly distributed between both feet.

C. Slowly lower kettle bell back to starting position. *You may find it easier to balance with your feet wider instead of tight-roped in a very narrow lunge position.

Hinge at the hips to bend over and hold the kettle bell by the handle to start. *You may need to soften your elbows to allow them to rest outside your belly while swinging.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, staggered so one foot is in front of balance. Lower the bell behind head, elbows pointing toward the ceiling.

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*Staggering your stance helps with balance and puts less strain on your core muscles. Stand with feet together, holding a kettle bell by the bell horizontally in front of chest.

Lower into a lateral lunge, sending hips back and bending right leg, but keeping left leg straight (but not locked). C. Push off right foot to return to starting position, then repeat on opposite side.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a kettle bell by the horns in front of belly button. Lift left elbow and circle kettle bell around the head to the right, then behind head, then around the left side and back to starting position.

C. Repeat in the opposite direction, passing kettle bell by left side first. Stand with feet in a wide stance, left arm reaching directly overhead, biceps next to ear.

In the right hand, hold a kettle bell by the handle in front of right hip. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a kettle bell by the horns in front of hips.

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We use all of our experience and training, as well as research and good old common sense to help moms and moms-to-be, intelligently manage their fitness through their pregnancy and after… Let’s start with the end in mind! Increased blood volume and heart rate, making them more prone to being lightheaded.

Pregnant women should perform caution or think about modifying the following exercises: The pelvis is becoming very anteriorly tilted to accommodate the shift in their center of gravity, so deep squats will have a tendency to REALLY cause a butt wink.

Stretching makes you more flexible, keeps your muscles loose, and eases pregnancy aches and pains. Stretching also enhances your body's range of motion, which can prepare you for the rigors of childbirth.

When holding a stretch, continue breathing deeply and slowly. After the first trimester, avoid doing stretches while lying flat on your back.

Use a wedge or pillows to prop up your upper body during stretches that require you to lie down. While seated or standing, rotate your shoulders backward and down in the largest circle you can make.

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This opens the chest, counteracting the rounded shoulders that are common among pregnant women. As you exhale, draw in your abdominal muscles, moving your chin toward your chest as you roll your torso down one vertebra at a time.

Keep your weight centered between your feet, and let your hands hang in front of you. Inhale at the bottom of the roll-down, and as you exhale, roll back up as if you were trying to “print” each vertebra on the wall.

Note: As your pregnancy progresses, you can modify this stretch by doing it seated in a chair with your feet wide apart to make room for your belly. Sitting right on the edge of the chair, inhale, then exhale as you move your chin toward your chest and roll your body forward and down.

Moving slowly, reverse the motion, switching your arms to the right while looking over your left shoulder. Press your hands to the wall and lean forward, bending your elbows as your body tilts.

Lie on your left side, with your head on a pillow or a folded towel. Bend your right leg, moving your foot toward your bottom, and take hold of your right ankle.

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Gently pull the heel closer to your bottom and draw in your abdominal to support your lower back. You should feel a stretch in the thigh and deep hip flexors.

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