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• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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Kettle bell Squats and Swings HIIT Workout (Fat Burning Full Body Circuit) Cardio, circuit, fat loss, kettle bell, metabolic conditioning, met con, weight loss Some links in posts are affiliate links.

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This post has been inspired by the following email I received today: It consists of kettle bells 12 kg, 16, 20 & 24 kg bells (only singles of each weight) and a pull up bar.

I note your suggestion of Using 32, 24 & 20 kg bells for swing intervals. I’d love to try it but don’t have bells that heavy at the moment.

I’m keen to make the best use of my pull up bar if you can suggest a use for that with HIIT ?” I like them because kettle bells can often neglect pulling movements so this one is a gem.

The lightly Snatch works every muscle in the body. Once you have mastered the Swing and High Pull then it’s the natural progression.

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Snatch x 10 each side Repeat for 10 minutes Goal 200+ reps If you want to add in the Press then that is fine but for cardio just work quickly with the clean.

The thruster or Squat and Press certainly gets the heart rate up. Again working most muscles in the body it’s highly demanding.

Interval Training is not a time for changing exercises too often, things need to stay simple so you can push hard. Choose a weight that is heavy enough for you to handle and work at a good pace.

Made famous by Mr. Tabatha but developed by the Japanese Speed Skating Coach, this type of training uses short periods of intense exercise followed by a short rest period of half the work interval. Tabatha Interval Training has been proven to increase your Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold much quicker than steady state cardio lasting 60 minutes.

Using just one hand puts more strain on the shoulder joint and also pulls the body into rotation so you get more core activation. Swinging nice and low will enable you to quicken your pace whereas head height will give you more hang time.

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Kettle bell Tabatha workouts are very effective for both beginners learning a new exercise and for the more advanced athlete looking to be efficient with their time. Tabatha workouts have also been proven to drastically improve your cardiovascular threshold and burn fat more effectively than slow steady rate cardio.

Tabatha workouts have been proven to dramatically improve your cardiovascular threshold and burn fat more effectively than using slow steady rate cardio. You can increase your Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold much quicker than using steady state cardio lasting 60 minutes.

Brent Fischer/SpartanWhile you’ve been struggling to not gain the COVID-19 pounds, Hunter McIntyre has been quietly having a breakout year. The 31-year-old Malibu resident first made 2020 waves when he broke the world record for CrossFit’s legendary “Murphy” workout over Memorial Day, led the field through the multi-day Spartan Games, and spoke with The Manual hours after competing in the Hero World Championships of Fitness in Hamburg, Germany.

So don your favorite workout gear, prepare yourself for the gun show, and if you’re lucky, your 2021 fitness goals will be as successful as McIntyre’s own. Photo: Jesse Saarinen / Red Bull Content PoolChipping down one exercise at a time must inspire the name for this workout, since its grueling nature certainly isn’t going to put you in a chipper mood.

Craig Roles / Red Bull Content Guilty say abs are made in the kitchen. Philip Platter / Red Bull Content Poorly for peace after this high-rep beast of a workout.

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Ali Thermal / Red Bull Content Poland Words have come before, but this one is the D-Day for the genre. This half should be performed as a body building workout: slowly, focusing on each contraction.

Markus Berger / Red Bull Content Poland workout that encourages you to not quit before it’s even started should give you pause. Marian Ludovic / Red Bull Content Polymer lungs.

Brian Ching See Wing / Red Bull Content Eleven of’ Lance would run into problems with this suffer-fest. I’ve been obsessed with kettle bells over the past couple of weeks.

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