16kg Kettlebell Exercises

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 27 October, 2021
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This simple beginner kettle bell workout will blow your mind. Because ours will teach you how to handle a kettle bell using Mega Man and Mario references.

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Don’t forget to download our Beginner Kettle bell Worksheet, which covers the above sequence from Coach Matt. You can print it out and track the amount of sets and repetitions you complete, which will help ensure you progress in your training.

Let’s go over each exercise in the 20-Minute Beginner Kettle bell Workout: Tip from Coach Matt: with your halos, remember to keep the movement smooth.

Grab the kettle bell with two hands “by the horns,” aka the handle. Tip from Coach Matt: for the goblet squat, focus on depth.

It’s more important to practice doing a full squat than to pump out reps. Tightening your muscles will engage your core, offering a fuller body workout.

Tip from Coach Matt: during the kettle bell swing, focus on hinging your hips. The swing is like a dead lift movement, so you should feel it in your hamstring and glutes.

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Pick up the kettle bell by driving your elbow up into your rib cage. Tip from Coach Matt: try to keep your back straight and stomach tight during the row.

This will help engage your legs for stabilization as you pull the kettle bell towards your stomach. Grab the kettle bell with one hand and rest the weight between your arm and chest.

Step your leg back (the same side your kettle bell is on) and lower down until your shin is parallelism with the ground (or as low as you can). Tip from Coach Matt: for the lunges, again keep your back straight.

By keeping your shoulders back, you’ll get a fuller body workout when you come in and out of your lunge. Our spiffy mobile app lets you send video of your exercises directly to your coach, who will provide feedback so you can perfect your technique.

In case you’re still on the fence about grabbing a kettle bell, let’s dig into them a little more. Which one you pick will come down to personal preference, your budget, and your experience with kettle bells.

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A standard traditional kettle bell will be cast iron, and as the weight goes up, the dimensions go up. No matter their weight, competitive kettle bells will have the same dimensions for bell shape, base, and handle width.

In general, pick a weight that allows you to complete a workout with good form. If you’re forcing me to pick one for you, knowing NOTHING about you, I’d say consider purchasing a 16 kg if you’re a male or 8 kg if you’re a female.

You’ll often hear the terms ballistic and grinding in kettle bell workout discussions, for fast and slow movements respectively. For ballistic movements, you might actually want a heavier kettle bell, to help with momentum.

For grinding movements, less weight might be in order to help with control. If the handle has rough edges, you’ll feel each and every one of the movements scrap into your hand.

I’ll end our discussion on handles by saying they are generally standardized at 35 mm for thickness. Not too expensive and decent quality, Cap Barbell kettle bells can be found on Amazon or at any Walmart.

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The Cap Barbell is the most highly reviewed and reasonably priced kettle bell we have encountered. Plus, they offer free shipping in the US, which is nice since you’re essentially mailing a cannonball.

Some call Dragon Door the gold standard of anything and everything kettle bell.” Innit rocks, and they offer good quality bells that are quite popular.

If you’re trying to lose weight, a kettle bell and the workout routine above would be a great part of the plan! As we lay out in our Coaching Program and our massive guide on Healthy Eating,” we believe that proper nutrition is 80-90% of the equation for weight loss.

If you fix your diet AND begin to incorporate our kettle bell routine a few times per week, you will find yourself building muscle, losing fat, and getting stronger ! If your goal is weight loss, you have to eat less than you burn each day.

This can be through eating less and burning more (from the kettle bell workout above) Processed foods and junk food make it really tough to lose weight : They have lots of calories and carbs, low nutritional value, don’t fill you up, and cause you to overeat. If you don’t like veggies, here’s how to make vegetables taste good.

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Soda, juice, sports drinks: they’re all pretty much high-calorie sugar water with minimal nutritional value. Get your caffeine from black coffee or tea, fizzy-drink fix from sparkling water.

No matter what strength training program you choose, start TODAY. Our coaches can work with you to pick up a kettle bell for the first time or to learn more advanced moves.

Whether you are brand new to your fitness journey, or ready to take it to the next level, we have your back! Join our free community with a biweekly newsletter, and I’ll send you our Beginner Kettle bell Worksheet.

Burn fat and work your abs, chest, back and core with this taxing kettle bell workout Kettle bells are by far the most effective and convenient conditioning tool around.

I would choose a single kettle bell over a gym membership any day of the week. You can use one at home if you’re in a hurry, drop it in the trunk of your car and workout at the beach on a sunny day, or take it with you on a week-long boat trip.

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Kettle bells are highly effective for a number of reasons. Kettle bells demand the use compound movements, which work nearly every muscle in your body.

This triggers a dramatic hormonal response that burns a lot of calories both during and after the workout. A 2010 study showed that kettle bell work can burn up to 20.2 calories per minute.

Kettle bell workouts will challenge your cardiovascular capacity when you are in a “flow,” performing back-to-back exercises without resetting. Another study conducted in 2010 proved that kettle bell work can tax both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Moreover, the off-centered handles of the kettle bell provide a continuous challenge for shoulder and core stability. I can’t stress enough how important it is to respect the kettle bell and make sure that you get your form checked by a professional who knows what they are doing.

If given time to learn proper technique, the kettle bell can become your best workout buddy. I’ve had months when I was under a lot of pressure or short on time and all I could do was move around a heavy kettle bell for 10-20 minutes and that was more than enough to get a serious workout for the day.

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The better you get at handling the bell, the more creative options you’ll have with your workouts. The kettle bell gives you no excuse for not getting a workout in even if your day is as busy as hell.

Kettle bells, which look like cannonballs with handles, have become a popular strength training alternative to traditional barbells, dumbbells, and resistance machines. Kettlebellexercises often involve several muscle groups at once, making them a highly effective way to give your arms, legs, and abs a great workout in a short amount of time.

Kettle bells can be used for a variety of exercises that improve both your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Russian strongmen in the 1700s developed kettle bells as implements to build strength and endurance.

You can create a full-body workout using just kettle bells, or you can pick and choose specific kettlebellexercises to add to your strength training regimen. Using lighter kettle bells at first allows you to focus on using the proper form and technique for the different exercises.

Fitness experts suggest using kettle bells with the following weights if you’re at an intermediate to advanced level with your strength training: Aim to add more reps each week, then work toward adding more sets as you build strength.

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Push your hips backward, and bend your knees to reach the kettle bell handles. Firmly grip the kettle bells, keeping your arms and back straight.

This is an excellent exercise to boost both your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. While your shoulders and arms will do a lot of the work, most of the effort should come from the hips and legs.

Engage your abdominal muscles and set your shoulders back. Exhale as you make an explosive upward movement to swing the kettle bell out in front of you.

Squats are an excellent lower-body exercise that work your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, as well as your abdominal muscles. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed out slightly.

Slowly bend both knees so that your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Using your leg muscles, with your upper body still, straighten up to your starting position.

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Alternatively, you can hold a kettle bell by the handle in one or both hands, with your arms at your sides. Slowly step forward with your left leg, bending your knee while keeping your right foot in place.

A great exercise for working your abs and obliques (the muscles on the sides of your abdomen that run from your hips to your ribs), the Russian twist can also be done with a weighted medicine ball or barbell plate. When using a kettle bell, be sure to keep a firm grip so that you don’t drop it on your lap.

Holding the kettle bell handle with both hands, lean back so that your torso is at about a 45-degree angle to the floor. With your heels a few inches above the floor, rotate your torso from right to left, swinging the kettle bell slightly across your body.

When you’ve completed your repetitions, return to your starting position. When your chest is even with the kettle bell handles, exhale and push your body back up to its starting position.

Hold a kettle bell by the handle so that it rests against the outside part of your shoulder. There are many benefits to working out with kettle bells, for both men and women, across all age groups.

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According to a 2019 study, a kettle bell workout is a highly effective way to improve your strength, aerobic power, and overall physical fitness. Compared to resistance circuit-based training, the same study found that a regular kettle bell workout is just as effective at improving cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength.

A 2013 study reported that participants who completed an 8-week kettle bell training session saw noticeable improvements in their aerobic capacity. Kettle bell exercises have the ability to restore muscle mass and improve grip strength in older adults, according to a 2018 study.

According to Harvard Health, kettle bell exercises can also help improve your posture and balance. You typically use your core muscles more with kettle bell exercises than with dumbbells or barbells.

If possible, ask a certified personal trainer at your local gym or fitness center to show you the proper form for kettle bell exercises. A little mild soreness after a workout is normal, but you shouldn’t feel sudden, sharp pain while working out.

Kettle bells can take a little getting used to, but working out with them is a highly effective way of improving your muscle strength and cardio fitness. Another benefit of doing kettlebellexercises is that you can work several muscle groups simultaneously with a single kettle bell.

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Kettle bells are also small enough to use anywhere, and you typically don’t need much space to do a variety of kettlebellexercises. The key is to start slow and, if possible, with the help of a certified personal trainer.

Kettle bells are a great tool to build back strength and muscle. Given that their center of gravity is constantly changing, kettle bells replicate the forces that you might find in real-life activities, improving not only your performance but also your daily life.

Protection against chronic back pain Protection against back injury Maintain optimal posture Increased overall strength Better performance in lower and upper body lifts Prevention against strains and sprains that can occur during sports and daily chores Positive body image Creating a balance between both pushing and pulling exercises is important to avoid any postural or overly dominate movement patterns.

Make sure your kettle bell training includes both pulling and pushing workouts to reap all the benefits of a strong back. The kettle bell dead lift movement pattern mirrors all daily life exercises where you have to pick something up from the floor.

No matter what your goals are, the dead lift should be one of your main exercises to strengthen your back. A singe arm kettle bell dead lift works your posterior chain, including your glutes, hamstrings and lower, mid and upper back muscles.

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As a dynamic movement, the kettle bell swing works both your strength and cardio, and will help you develop great explosive power. Kettle bell supports all kinds of resistance training Heavy Cast Iron Manufacturing Quality-Each Kettle bell ’s neoprene coating is wrapped around a heavy cast iron core to protect the floor and reduce the impact sound.

Our products are designed with heavy materials, which are very suitable for repetitive, high-speed use, so that you are confident to increase an additional 110% in each exercise Kettle bell supports all kinds of resistance training Heavy Cast Iron Manufacturing Quality-Each Kettle bell ’s neoprene coating is wrapped around a heavy cast iron core to protect the floor and reduce the impact sound.

Cast iron has higher durability and concentration than cement-filled vinyl kettle bells, making the kettle bell more compact, ideal for sports that require some space, such as kettle bell swinging and Turkish wake-up Comprehensive exercise- kettle bell training is ideal for exercising muscles through a variety of complex exercises targeting major muscle groups and twitch muscle fibers to enhance functional strength and exercise endurance Our stock kettle bell weighs 16 kg and is suitable for serious athletes and weightlifters Large handle and flat base-The large handle on the cast iron kettle bell is designed to improve grip, stability and control in a variety of motion and movement ranges. Innit's new line of basic kettle bells strike the perfect balance of economy and performance.

The chip resistant coating is smooth enough for long stamina building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture to take gym chalk. Tossing around any old piece of iron may work up a sweat, but only the new line of Innit kettle bells deliver the versatility and performance needed to optimize your workouts.

Effortlessly cool and ready for the most challenging workouts, Innit kettle bells are built with functionality and durability in mind first. Manufactured with a cutting-edge gravity cast molding process, these kettle bells have an ultra-durable, smooth, even finish.

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right kettle bell so that you’ll never accidentally hoist two mismatched weights over your head again. Kettle bell training combines explosive strength with muscular endurance to provide an efficient and athletically optimized full body workout.

Built to last a lifetime, the new and improved Innit kettle bells have the versatility and performance needed to optimize your workouts. An ideal and challenging workout for someone just getting started or even a seasoned vet looking to get a great full body warm-up before heavier training.

Designed to build that He-Man physique and sword fighter dexterity, this workout is particularly punishing for the shoulders, obliques, and thighs. The full quart press is aptly named for the amount of sweat that is going to soak into your clothes when completing this workout.

20 Double Swings 12 Upright Row 15 Sumo Squat 12 Straight Leg Dead lift Repeat x3 Multiple bottles, foods, apparel and gear do not fall under this guarantee, however, they may be applicable for return.

If you have any questions or issues with the verification process, please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Service. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

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Published on Mar 29, 2015 In this video I talk about the techniques and exercises you can use with a 16kgkettlebell to get strong.

Today I thought about doing pistols, but I can’t do enough to warrant putting them into an interval based workout. Anyway, today’s workout was more challenging because I increased the weight of the Kettle bell to 16 kg.

I haven’t done them in a while and, to go from that to performing them with 16 kg was very adventurous and possibly mad (I will know more about the latter tomorrow lol). My workouts don’t always consist of just kettle bells or just body weight (although certain days I will focus on these methods individually).

I wanted this workout to provide a full body session because this is the best type of exercise for burning fat. The addition of some resistance to the workout will increase energy requirements and thus the calories and, hopefully fat, burned.

You can also achieve great results with body weight only workouts, but I feel you’d need to control your diet even more. For me personally I like being strong and I know I’ll have to sacrifice some of that strength if I want to achieve my 15% body fat goal.

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The reason for this is simply the fact that I’d need to cut my calorie intake even more to force my body to burn the remaining fat stores. I am going to try to cut my intake more, but it is proving very difficult because I work night duty.

Creating a balance between both pushing and pulling exercises is important to avoid any postural or overly dominate movement patterns. Make sure your kettle bell training includes both pulling and pushing workouts to reap all the benefits of a strong back.

The kettle bell dead lift movement pattern mirrors all daily life exercises where you have to pick something up from the floor. No matter what your goals are, the dead lift should be one of your main exercises to strengthen your back.

A singe arm kettle bell dead lift works your posterior chain, including your glutes, hamstrings and lower, mid and upper back muscles. As a dynamic movement, the kettle bell swing works both your strength and cardio, and will help you develop great explosive power.

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