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Credit plans available options Tell us where you are to check stock: Get into the swing of exercising with this stylish 16 kg Men's Health Lutterell.

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It is ideal for strengthening and toning muscles, as well as improving your endurance, boosting cardio stamina and promoting healthy weight loss. The responses from Argos colleagues are accurate at the time of publishing.

Credit plans available optionsSorry, this item is just too popular! Kettle bells are ideal for strengthening and toning muscles as well as improving endurance, boosting your cardio stamina and promoting healthy weight loss.

The customer and brand answers you’ll see above are submitted independently. The responses from Argos colleagues are accurate at the time of publishing.

One of the most effective pieces of home workout equipment, the kettle bell is an all-in-one, full body conditioning tool. Wonderfully efficient, its large, teardrop-like design is perfect for a wide range of exercises, including squats, dead lifts, swings and overhead presses.

While this makes a kettle bell a great tool for building core strength, balance and coordination, it also means it might not be the most suitable equipment for the very young, elderly and physically challenged. This quality, cast-iron range features a wide handle for a super-comfortable grip, color coding for ease of use and offers excellent value for money.

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They're not the cheapest on our list, but the overall design and quality, which will last a lifetime, is totally worth the slightly extra outlay. Vinyl kettle bells are a good choice if you're worried about potentially damaging floor surfaces, with the coating providing that little of extra cushioning.

However, vinyl is prone to cracks and splits, and sweaty hands gripping the material can make for a slippery and uncomfortable experience. No matter what type of kettle bell you decide to go for, watch out for novelty-style molded designs, which break from the traditional ball shape.

Themed kettle bells might look great sitting in your gym, but catch yourself on a sharp edge mid-swing or snatch and you'll wish you'd chosen a more original design. Don't assume they are all the right size for two hand use as some of the best kettle bells are designed specifically for single arm exercises (snatch, push press etc).

If you're going to be using your kettle bell predominantly for exercises like dead lifts, goblet squats and swings, you'll want to go for one with a handle and window that can comfortably accommodate two hands. For efficient training, the idea is for a kettle bell to be light enough that it can be used continuously throughout a workout, but heavy enough that it is still challenging.

Too light and it won't work as an effective training tool, too heavy and you'll more than likely end up with an injury. It might not be easy with lockdown in force across the globe right now, but if the chance to visit a gym and try different kettle bell weights arises before you buy, we would highly recommend it.

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Reasons to avoid The perfect combination of quality, design and value for money, you'd be hard pushed to find better than Tax kettle bells. The ball of the kettle bell has a flat base for easy storage and to help prevent any unwanted rolling or wobbling.

Each kettle bell is marked with a splash of color to help easily identify different weights, and the smooth finish of the wide handle makes for a comfortable one or two-handed grip. There are cheaper items on this list, but if you want a no frills, quality cast-iron design that will last, well, forever, Tax are the best kettle bells money can buy.

In order to adhere to competition regulations, this particular kettle bell range is identical in size, regardless of weight. This is great news if you're short on space, but more importantly, means you won't have to adapt your technique as you build strength and weights change.

The handle remains untreated to ensure a non-slip, comfortable, one- or two-handed grip, and a flattened base offers extra stability. The 32KG kettle bell listed here alone will set you back over £250, however smaller weights are slightly more affordable, with a 12KG option coming in at around £70.

The team over at Men's Health have created their own kettle bell range, and while the design is nothing groundbreaking, they do the job for a fraction of the price of others on this list. In fact, you could grab both a 12 kg and 16 kg Men's Health kettle bell for less cash than just one 8 kg Gorilla Sports competition bell mentioned above.

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The handle is rougher than the smooth finish you'll find on the Tax kettle bells, but not so much to make grip uncomfortable. This would only be an issue if you're planning on owning more than one, and, even then it's more of a mild annoyance, which is quickly eased by the highly affordable price tag.

With each weight wrapped in a vinyl coating, the material acts like a cushion when touching the floor to help avoid damaging surfaces. The compact nature of the Opt Vinyl range also makes them super easy to store.

And the weight range ends at 10 kg, which, if you're using them regularly, may quickly feel a bit too light for most exercises. Växjö is a six-in-one digital kettle bell that enables you to add or remove weight at the touch of a button.

The Växjö solves the problem of having to choose what weight to buy if you're toying between a few, plus it's great if you're short on storage space (although the unit is itself somewhat bulky). The flat base eliminates any wobble or rolling when not in use, and a wide, easy grip handle makes it feel comfortable for use with one or two hands.

Plus, the coated matte black finish with a splash of orange makes for a stylish addition to any home gym. Ballistic (explosive) lifts: swings, cleans, snatches, tossing, juggling.

For ballistic lifts you can use a heavier kettle bell than with slow, grinding movements like get-ups and windmills that must be carefully controlled throughout the entire range of movement and require a smaller bell. Our experience with kettle bells has boiled it down to the following general recommendations for men and women.

All cast iron kettle bells such as the Matrix Elite precision e-coat series change dimensions, including handle diameter, as the weight increases or decreases. Many men have the unfortunate habit of starting out with a kettle bell that is too big for them.

Add the fact that if you have only used dumbbells and barbells for weight training, snatching a kettle bell for the first time may come as a bit of a shock to your system and ego! Men take our advice and don't buy a heavy bell unless you already know you can manage it.

For controlled, grinding movements like Turkish Get-ups and windmills you should choose a kettle bell that you can easily press overhead about 8-10 times. Lifting kettle bells will not make you big and bulky and rob you of your feminine curves.

As with men, for controlled, grinding movements like Turkish Get-ups and windmills you should choose a kettle bell that you can easily press overhead about 8-10 times. Single Cast Mold With No Seams, Ridges or Rough Spots.

A quality kettle bell is cast in a single step into the mold and is finished like a piece of fine furniture. Competition or “Pro Grade” kettle bells are made to fixed specifications.

To find out more about the differences between cast iron and competition kettle bells click here. Well we could certainly could, like so many of our competitors, and make lots of money doing it too, however there is a very good reason that we do not.

Real kettle bells are designed to be balanced in a certain way, and they are actually precise tools. If a kettle bell can be improved by new materials or a new engineering insight or manufacturing process so that real users will benefit then we will do so, however, we are not interested in gimmicks that are solely designed to misinform consumers and take their hard-earned money from them.

We have been in the kettle bell business for some years now, and we will not compromise our principles just to make money off innocent, uninformed consumers. Without proper kettle bell lifting technique you will not get the full benefit of the movement and you greatly increase your chance of injury, and this defeats the purpose of training with kettle bells in the first place.

We recommend that whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter, that you have a few kettle bells in different weights. Also, the high leverage lifts such as Turkish Get-ups, Windmills and Bottoms-up presses, require less weight especially when you are first learning them so having a range of kettle bell weights will give you the required training flexibility need to progress.

If your budget can handle it then buy at least two kettle bells to start with in different weights and then add to your collection as your form gets better and your conditioning level increases. CrossFit aficionados use this term quite a lot as do many old school kettle bell instructors.

At Kettle bells USA® we prefer kilograms or pounds because we think “Food” is a confusingly weird word! Some other aspects of kettle bell design are grip diameter, grip width, ball diameter, the distance from the top of the ball to the bottom of the handle.

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