15 Must Do Kettlebell Exercises

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 19 September, 2021
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Today, trainers have a range of options to choose from and fitness is no longer a mundane activity. Medicine balls, foam rollers, squat racks and utility benches have made exercising a lot more fun.

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Besides, the fact that they all have different functions helps us address fitness holistically. If you’re low on flexibility, nothing better than a foam roller to boost blood circulation and activate dormant muscles.

Similarly, when it comes to strength-training, kettle bells as an exercise equipment are becoming quite popular among people. If used optimally, they can help strengthen your core muscles, improve workout form and expand your body’s natural range of motion.

Chris Wilson is a strength coach at Critical Bench, a YouTube channel dedicated to helping its viewers become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. He swears by kettle bells in weight-training as they’re versatile and work on the whole body if used creatively.

They work on multiple muscle groups including the back, chest and abs and bulk your body up as a result. They help increase arm strength and stabilize the shoulder joints, thus accentuating your physique as a whole.

Bend your lower body forwards without arching your back. They amalgamate stretching with strength training and give you the best of both worlds.

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They eliminate stiffness from the arms, increase your shoulder mobility and strengthen your back muscles all at the same time. Straighten your arms in front of your chest at shoulder level.

Straighten your upper body and return to the starting position. When you swing your arms between your legs, the muscles in your upper body are stretched and as a result, become more flexible.

Bend your upper body forwards without arching your back. Straighten your upper body and return to the starting position.

It also helps you get rid of flabby arms and bulk your biceps up in the process. Although it’s an isolation movement, the surrounding muscles of the neck, back and chest are also exercised at the same time.

Extend your right arm straight above your head in line with your shoulder. Bend your right arm to bring it back to the original position.

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The range of motion of hip joints also increases when you practice squats regularly. It requires you to oscillate your arms from between your legs to above your head in a seamless motion.

Bend your upper body forwards without arching your back. Straighten your upper body and return to the starting position.

They require you to hold a kettle bell in each hand and oscillate them from between your legs to over your head. This calls for immense coordination between your arms and corrects any imbalances that exist in your upper body.

Bend your upper body forwards without arching your back. Straighten your upper body and return to the starting position.

They involve holding the kettle bell with your hands facing downwards and subsequently lifting them up using your upper body strength. Rows are a wonderful way to bulk up your biceps and bolster the muscles of your back.

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Bend your upper body forward without arching your back. Bend your right elbow to lift the kettle bell closer to your body.

Chest presses, as their name suggests, tough your torso to a great extent. Bend your knees and place your feet firmly on the floor.

The repeated lifting of weights works on your arm strength, thus helping you tone flabby areas into shape. Moreover, they increase the stability and range of motion of your shoulder joints.

Bottoms Up Curls are a great exercise for anyone who wants to achieve bulky biceps. Bend your elbows and lift the kettle bells unto your shoulders.

Arm Extensions are the best exercise for increasing the range of motion of your shoulder muscles, as they’re stretched every time you lower the kettle bells behind your head. Besides, they offer other benefits like increased elbow flexibility, toned arms, bulky biceps and a strong chest.

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Additionally, arm extensions work on the deltoid situated on the sides of your shoulder blades. Bend your knees and place your feet firmly on the floor.

It involves movements in every plane, be it horizontal, vertical or transverse and make for a wonderful full body workout as a result. Be sure to replicate the same steps on the left and right side to avoid creating imbalances in the body.

Follow the above steps in reverse until you return to the starting position. It involves lifting a kettle bell and walking across the floor without tilting your body to one side.

Your core needs to be constantly engaged and your center of gravity well-maintained for the exercise to show any results. It’s an amazing exercise for building arm strength and endurance.

This distributes the weight between your arms, shoulders, back and chest and makes for a holistic upper body exercise. Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise for it to generate the desired results.

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Keep your elbows bent and place your palms close to your chest. Not only does this massively increase your arm strength but also stabilizes your shoulder joints and keeps their mobility intact.

While walking across the floor, though, make sure you maintain your center and do not tilt to the sides. Keep your arms straight above your head in line with your shoulders.

An all-in-one fitness tool that offers, arguably, the most variety of any other equipment, kettle bells are perfect for every athlete, regardless of skill level. “The space between the handle lets you do high-repetition exercises like snatches, which raise your heart rate and burn calories quickly.

Its offset center of mass allows you to change the leverage of almost any lift, making moves like the kettle bell clean and press harder, and more grip-intensive.” But researcher from the American Council on Exercise shows that you’ll burn more calories, in less time, if you ditch the regular gym routine and learn some kettlebellexercises.

Flinging around these oddly shaped implements, it turns out, force your muscles to work overtime to compensate, letting you benefit more for every minute with the weight. Like any exercise routine, you’ll benefit most from a kettle bell workout if you do these moves one after the other, with little rest between.

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You’ll also reap rewards from consistency, so aim to do this kettle bell program at least three times a week (it takes between 20 and 30 minutes). How to do it: Stand with feet together, holding kettle bell in right hand, arms by sides.

What it works: Lower back, shoulders, arms, quads Bend knees into a deep squat, leaning forward slightly and allowing the kettle bell to drift back between your legs.

With one powerful movement, straighten legs and swing the kettle bell forward, aiming to reach chest height (allow your torso to hinge from a forward lean to back lean to aid the motion). Straighten to standing, raising bell above your head, arms straight.

What it works: Core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, triceps From standing, crouch down, place hands on either side of the bell, and jump your feet back so legs are straight and body is in an extended push up position.

Jump feet forward, placing them outside your hands, knees bent. Jump vertically in the air to standing, hiking kettle bell to chest height.

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Bend knees, twisting torso to the right and allowing arms and bell to swing over to your right side. How to do it: Using two kettle bells, get into an extended plank position, resting one hand on the handle of each bell.

Shift your weight to the left side and hike the right kettle bell toward your chest, then lower. Shift weight to your right side, and repeat the kettle bell pull with your left arm.

How to do it: Lie on the floor, legs outstretched, resting the kettle bell on your torso with both hands. Inhale, then as you exhale, raise legs and torso off the floor to create a V-shape, lifting the kettle bell above your head as you do.

How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding the kettle bell by the handle with both hands at your centerline. Lower into a squat, letting the bell swing back through your legs, the swing it forward again on a horizontal plain and plant it 2 to 3 feet in front of you.

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